I found this on @v1ctoly instagram. Absolutely fantastic! This is my origami Angel 3.0, it's so good to see your origami displayed so beautifully.
Fiery Dragon V.2 by Kade Chan Origami Studio Tutorial coming soon!
How to create origamis! Tutorial here:

Yesterday I asked which themes would be nice for an origami challenge.
From the ideas i got until now, and adding a few other ideas, I've got these options.

Traditional: Nerd stuff; Japanese culture.
There's a pretty big intersection from these ideas, and it's broad enough to have great ideas. Which one would be better?


Kusudamas: Based on traditional origamis; Spiky; Flowers; Based on a word (for example: hot, cold, dark, etc...); Black and White, etc...

Tesselation: I completely forgot to ask about tesselations. What would be a nice theme? I don't know much about tesselations, so I don't know how far can you get with them.

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I've been absent for the last few months developing some new things for origami.
Later I'm going to make a video talking about it and explaining it better.
Also, I wanted to make a few origami design challenges. Either for kusudamas, traditional origamis, etc... what themes do you guys suggest?

ps: I didn't forget the Tarantula and the Darkness Dragon 3.0 tutorials, I've been busy with this new project but I will make new videos asap!


While I was studying ruby on rails, I saw this ad pop up on my screen.
This is my origami f-16, it's funny how I found it in such an unexpected place!

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So, this is the base for my next tutorial. Darkness Dragon 3.1
It's not a hard base, but as I still didn't teach it, you may find the details a little bit hard to figure out from the CP.
I'll try to make the video asap, but finding the teaching process is taking some time

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After a few suggestions I got on the Darkness Dragon 3.0, I made a few upgrades. Darkness Dragon 3.1
- Head with fangs
- Easier structure, with less stress on paper.
- Bigger wings....
- More details on the neck.

Downside: Smaller horns

The last picture compares the v 2.0 and 3.1

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Darkness Dragon 3.0 (Still adjusting)
This one was an attempt to make a better structure for the dragon, so it's easier to make than the previous one.
I also added more details to the neck, and the face is made in a completely different way (even though it looks the same)

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Sometimes it's hard to understand what goes through a cat's mind.
She drowned my origami Leia for no apparent reason.

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Origami tarantula I created this week. This is the third attempt, and finally I like the result
This is a complex origami, let's see how hard it'll be to make a tutorial for it. The base CP is here if you want to try to fold it!

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Okay, this is my last update on the origami tarantula... I hope it works this time!

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Two days ago I posted the CP for an origami spider I was trying to design, but I was still testing it.
Yesterday, Adam Rai posted the result of the folded CP. Honestly his result got better than mine, and I'm really proud to see how much the origami community has evolved in the last years!

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Second attempt on making the origami Tarantula. I'm still not satisfied with the result

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First attempt on creating an origami Tarantula!
Primeira tentativa de criar uma tarantula de origami! 🕷
#tadashimori #art #paperfolding #origami #origamitarantula #tarantula #origamispider

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I just made the CP for an origami spider but didn't test it yet.
Let's hope it works!

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I finally finished the origami Leia Tutorial!

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.
Posted by Tadashi Mori
Tadashi Mori is feeling relieved.

Finally, after over 50 hours working on it, I finished editing the Leia tutorial!
I'm just finishing the details (intro, final screen, etc) and it's ready to render! It should take a while tho. The video has over 40 minutes.

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Amazing picture taken by @henrypham89 on instagram!
Dancing vase + Phu Tran rose!
Show me the results of your folds on instagram with the hashtag #tadashimori, also, follow me @tadashiorigami

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