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Campaign Video: Who Is Taft?

I will not miss the #RNC. They may have dodged Hurricane Isaac, but they still have to endure the hot air of Hurricane Christie. #GOP2012

Apparently there is a sale on TAFT 2012, the recent book about me, that ends today. $3.99 for Kindle and Nook. Oh, this digitized age.

HE'S BACK. AND HE'S THE BIGGEST THING IN POLITICS. He is the perfect presidential candidate. Conservatives love his hard-hitting Republican résumé. Liberals love his peaceful, progressive practicality. The media can’t get enough of his larger-than-life personality...

"A man wears a mustache because there's something he wants to conceal, a spiritual defect," wrote Ayn Rand. To the devil with Ayn Rand.

A superb review of Taft 2012! I must get around to meeting this Heller fellow at some point...

Did FDR backdate the Depression three years? Have those who long for the days of Calvin Coolidge — and at times even Herbert Hoover — ever heard of “B

Taft 2012 has won the first round of Fantastic Review's Battle of the Books! If only the election were that easily won!

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and more. Featured Book or Magazine of the Week. Story Recommendations. Battle of the Books.

I shall be off to see the motion picture The Campaign this weekend. I hear the documentaries these days can be quite illuminating.

Of all the institutions I find morally unsavory, why does one have to be @ChickFilA? I shall miss those sandwiches. #ColdTurkeyOnChickFilA

Leave it to @MittRomney to perturb England, our closest ally. With a president like him, who needs enemies?

I have long been a member of the NRA. However, like my fellow Repubs Nixon and Bush Sr., I hereby resign. #ReasonableLimitsOnThe2ndAmendment

@MittRomney calls @BarackObama "extraordinarily foreign." I'll say this for Romney: He's finally learning his dog whistles.

I have been booed more than once in my life. Never, though, have I grinned like a ventriloquist's dummy as it happened.

Many thanks to the Millbury Historical Society for offering this beautiful Taft Christmas ornament! Splendid.

<p>MILLBURY, Mass. — The Millbury Historical Society is selling a very special Christmas ornament this year featuring "Millbury's So ...

This @Morning_Joe program on @MSNBC is doing a week-long segment on The American Presidency. I am quite looking forward to Taft Day!

Happy 4th of July to all! Now if only the Democrats would take a holiday. 103 in the shade? They've taken this global-warming hoax too far.

With this morning's decision, perhaps we can refocus and move forward--friend and foe alike. #SCOTUS #AffordableCareAct

In case there is any doubt: Let me assure America that I have no problem whatsoever when it comes to identifying donuts. #MittRomneyGaffe

William Howard Taft brings to the table a hefty range of executive experience. Unique among today’s crop of untested pre...sidential contenders, Taft has actually served in the highest office of the land as President of the United States. During his term as the 27th Commander-in-Chief, he steered the nation through crisis, calamity, economic woe, and political gridlock—all of which we face today.

Having also served as the U.S. Governor-General of the Philippines under President William McKinley and Secretary of War under President Theodore Roosevelt, Taft knows how to bring the full weight of government to bear while neither oppressing nor intruding upon the fundamental rights granted by our great, free society.

Taft’s deep passion for balance and justice stems from his Midwestern background and values. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Taft honed his homegrown morals at Yale University, then later as a justice on the Ohio Supreme Court, as a federal judge on the United State Court of Appeals, and as Solicitor General of the United States under President Benjamin Harrison.

Having served in the administrations of three presidents, Taft learned statecraft from a multitude of platforms and perspectives. With his strong judicial ethic always guiding his hand, he understands that governance is not a matter grandstanding or gamesmanship. It is a sacred trust placed upon him by the American people—the populace he proudly embodies.

Why Taft? Why now? America is as strong as it has ever been, but it has strayed from its foundation. Not to belittle the youth of those who oppose him, but Taft came of age in an era when the world’s problems were not considered insoluble. He has not been incubated in the 21st century’s morass of entitlement, irony, and cynicism.

He knows what it means to make sacrifices, to hold true to one’s convictions, and to survive in the face of adversity. Throughout his long life, he’s accrued wisdom that no other human being—and especially no other politician—has ever achieved. There is no better person to steer this great nation, to lift the mighty United States of America out of its current quagmire of inaction and insolvency. Taft rose once, and he will rise again.
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