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"The Favored of Ra”
Magi Planetary Geometry…/hesyracsmographija2.…

При превышении скорости света “пространство ломается”, пространство становится временем, время обращается в пространство. Тогда начинаются новые условия, характеризующиеся мнимыми параметрами. Это иной мир — мир идей. Повелитель времени Хеси, воплощающий солнечный свет бога Ра, рассекает пространство золотой пропорцией и обращает его во время. Это таинство хранит высота Великой пирамиды, преображая небесную ось в ритм цикла прецессии….

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"The Favored of Ra”:…/…/my-pictures2251.jpg
In Ancient Egypt, we see how all knowledge of the time was encoded in the temple—in its plan, in sculpture, in the bas-reliefs on the walls, and in the placement of hieroglyphic texts…...
Osho: "Gurdjieff has divided ART into two categories. The modern ART he calls subjective ART The ancient ART -- the real ART -- the people who made the pyramids, the people who made the Taj Mahal, the people who made the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, they were of a totally different kind. He calls that ART objective...
Objective ART means something that helps you to become centered, that helps you to become healthy and whole... Objective ART is possible only when somebody has attained to a higher plane of being; it is created by those who have reached the peak. They can see the peak and they can see the valley both. They can see the height of humanity, the beauty of humanity, and the sickness and the ugliness of humanity too. They can see deep down in the dark valleys where people are crawling and they can see the sunlit peaks. They can manage to create some devices which will help the people who are crawling in the darkness to reach to the sunlit peaks. Their ART will be just a device for your inner growth, for maturity..."

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Through the Eyes of Ancient Artist, The Three Musicians, New Kingdom Ancient Egypt, Art by Ziad Nour Per Ankh, recreating the past ...

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Through the eyes of ancient artist, two ladies smelling Lotus flowers at a banquet at the house of Nebamun. Scene from the tomb of Nebamun, Thebes. 1350 BC art by Per Ankh.

Nebamun (c 1350 BCE) was a middle-ranking official scribe and grain counter at the temple complex in Thebes. His tomb was discovered in 1820 by a young Greek, Giovanni ("Yanni") d’Athanasi, who was acting as an agent for Henry Salt, the British Consul-General.

The tomb's plastered walls were richly and ski...lfully decorated with lively fresco paintings, depicting idealised views of Nebamun’s life and activities. D’Athanasi and his workmen literally hacked out the pieces he wanted with knives, saws and crowbars. Salt sold these works to the British Museum in 1821, though some of other fragments became located in Berlin and possibly Cairo. D’Athanasi later died in poverty without ever revealing the tomb’s exact location

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The Flute Player, Egypt. Recreating the Past. Tomb of Nakht,Thebes 1340 BC

Art by Ziad Nour Per Ankh

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"The Favored of Ra”:
The Priest of Horus
The Keeper of Secret Knowledge…/asdfgthgfdsa.jpg
As Above, So Below...


Ba (bA): Soul. Bau (bAw): plural form , Souls
or power. Is our eternal essence, that does not die. The only way a ba can die is if it is fed to Ammut. It can create another ka and reincarnate or live in the afterlife. In this sense, inanimate objects could also have a 'Ba', a unique character, and indeed Old Kingdom pyramids often were called the 'Ba' of their owner, and it is sometimes depicted as a human-headed bird flying out of the tomb to join with the 'Ka' in the afterlife...
The Bau of Ra have the heads of falcons...In later Egyptian dynastic times, Ra was merged with the god Horus, as Ra-Horakhty ("Ra, who is Horus of the Two Horizons")- the Falcon-god Horus...
Кулак, прижатый к груди жреца Гора, и кулак у Груди бога Гора (в позе ликования хену, символизирующего душу рода города Буто — Уаджет, название которого, в свою очередь, символизирует «Глаз бога Ра»), приветствующего восходящее Солнце (возрождающегося бога Ра), очевидно, представляют «бау» Ра («бау», B3W, множественное число от слова ба, означало что-то похожее на «власть», «космическую мощь» божества). «Отмеченный богом Ра» восхваляет жертвенные дары, рассекая их золотым сечением. «Бау» Ра питаются священными подношениями на жертвенном столе. Хлеб Лотоса — Цветок Жизни на столе жреца Гора, исполненный божественной мелодией луча Творения, приобщает бау возрождающего бога жизни вечной…
Хеси-Ра является хранителем тайного знания, хранителем тайн Великой пирамиды...

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"The Favored of Ra”:
The Keeper of Secret Knowledge
Magic Wands:

At the beginning of the 20th Century Quibell’s expedition to Saqqara discovered the tomb of an Ancient Egyptian architect from which they extracted a set of wooden boards covered in carving....
Judging by the number of niches in which the panels stood, there were originally eleven of them.
The order in which the panels were placed in the tomb of Hesy-Ra follows what is known as the Lucas sequence. They are the figures obtained from adding and subtracting the ordinal numbers that form the Golden Section sequence. The images presented on the panels follow the same pulsating rhythm or, as the Ancient Egyptians themselves said, the KA–BA rhythm.

The panels in question have proved to be something unique. Several layers of information can be traced on them, providing the key to recognition of the fact that the Ancient Egyptians knew all about the Golden Section long before Pythagoras.
Today we know from measurements that have been taken that the principle of the Golden Section was used in the construction of all the Great Pyramids…

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Magic Light
Abu Simbel

Photo: Nigel Fletcher-Jones

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Magi Planetary Geometry
"not for the Egyptologist"
The Great Pyramid Models the Earth /The Wooden Panel of Hesy-Ra: the HELIOCENTRIC MODEL?


Hesy Ra, is made up of Ra , the sun god, and hesy, meaning favored, thus "the favored of Ra". It is one of the first times that the term Ra is used to allude
to the sun god by writing it with two signs, r and a, and not with the solar disk. It would also be the first mention of god in the name of a person that was not

Hesy RA,
Priest of Horus:
The Heliocentric Model

365 elements of the wig of the priest, the embodiment of the solar god Ra, symbolize 365 days of the solar year, his writing instrument represents the earth's axis, which, shifting in the precessional cycle, indicates THE POLAR STAR OF OUR TIME...

365 элементов парика жреца, воплощающего солнечного бога Ра, символизируют 365 дней солнечного года, его пишущий инструмент представлет земную ось, которая смещаясь в цикле прецессии указывает на АЛЬФУ МАЛОЙ МЕДВЕДИЦЫ - ПОЛЯРНУЮ ЗВЕЗДУ НАШЕГО ВРЕМЕНИ! В её сиянии нашему взору открывается невероятная космогоническая схема на которой происходит возрождение солнечного божества Хеси РА - зто предсказание жреца Гора, исчислевшего ход небесных сфер и сроки нашего изумления... Если мы полагаем, что Великая пирамида представляет картографическую проекцию северного полушария Земли, то не станет противоречием полагать, что погребальная панель Хеси Ра представляет Гелиоцентрическую модель мира…

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Stairway to Heaven
Dreaming like an Egyptian

Hethert's (Greek name: Hathor) temples, especially that at Ta-Netjer (Arabic Dendera) were centers for both healing (with a hospital/sanatorium on-site) and midwifery. Priests in the temple of Ta-Netjer conducted oracles with Hethert in trance rituals held in crypts underneath the sanctuary, and any person could sleep on the temple roof and hope for a dream, which could be interpreted the next morning by the priests. Even today, on...

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The titles of Hesy Ra

1. wr ibH(w) swn(w) (Ssrw)
Head of physicians and dentists.
The title is written in an abbreviated way and includes the words: wr with the...

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Wooden statue of the God Anubis
the end of the New Kingdom
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Photo: Viktor Solkin

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Mirror Case found in the Treasury Room of the Tomb of TUTANKHAMUN.
Carter 271. Egyptian Museum Cairo - photo Hans Ollermann

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Necklace with Pectoral in the form of Wedjat Eye from the Tomb of TUTANKHAMUN. Egyptian Museum, Cairo - photo Hans Ollermann

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