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Narrows Rd. is open! We recently followed the trail from Big Bend Road to the arch (did not get all the way to goat hill because it was starting to rain and we were on foot)... Thanks to the work of some unknown people who have been back here barriers have been removed and there is a continuous, passable trail. Looks as though any vehicle on 33s with lockers could make the trip... Might be one or 2 spots where some winching would be needed but over all not too bad!
I intend t...o go ride with bikes ASAP and encourage everyone to run the trail with whatever vehicle you have... This is progress!

One final note: If whoever has been riding out there follows this page: Thanks... I know that being the first out there after such a long closure is a personal risk and I applaud you for taking it in the name of protecting our rights to access our pubic lands... The battle is won but not the war... The feds could still repair barriers or step up enforcement in the area... Now what we need is TRAFFIC. We need to show them that WE are the users of public lands and that keeping us out is a lost cause... Let's all go out and ride!

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To all who have asked about a map or location of Narrows Rd:
The Big Bend Rd entrance is at Lat 37°44'34.78"N, Long 83°41'16.11"W. The picture below shows the road path near as I can get by memory. It is just under 3 miles long.

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Narrows road was the crown jewel trail in the Lee/Powel county trail network and as such it had a huge impact on bringing tourism dollars to Lee and Powel counties... It's closure caused real harm to the people of these counties, OHV recreation as a sport as well as other stakeholders such as rock climbers that used the road for access to certain climbing routes.
I would also like to remind everyone that this closure was ILLEGAL for the following reasons:

The road in county road inventory of both Lee and Powel counties and has had taxpayer money spent on it recently enough that, according to state law, it is still legally a county road.

No environmental impact statement was done before the closure and it is hard to imagine any real impact as narrows road crosses no creeks or streams.

There was no public comment period before the closure.

For these reasons I advocate that anyone who is so inclined go and run this trail... If you are stopped I suggest that you politely but firmly advise the officer that you believe you have a legal right to be on the road and that it's closure was unlawful. If you are cited or arrested I personally pledge to use this page and any other means available to me to solicit donations to cover any legal fees, lost time, etc as well as make a donation of my own money.

Finally: I plan to run this trail myself as soon as I can get out there... I believe that if we make enough trouble to keep it closed than they will be forced to back down from this illegal action.

Who's with me?

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I have not made a post to this page in ages mainly because efforts by others were supposed to open narrows road without any show of "civil disobedience" by members of the public. Also partially because I no longer live in the area and am not able to easily establish what the actual situation on the ground is. Worse I have been wheeling and riding in Jackson County a lot and have not even made a trip to slade in quite some time.
Can anyone who has been to the area recently provide an update on the situation at Narrows road? I am presuming it is still closed with barriers up?
If so who thinks it's time to make a real push to show the feds that arbitrary and unlawful appropriation of resources including roads and right of ways will not be tolerated by we the people?!

Hey all, take a look at this short video or at least read the description.
It tells how some courageous individuals in Colorado stoop up against overreached by federal authorities and ultimately prevailed at preserving they're right to access their public lands. This is a similar situation to what we have out at the narrows.... Thoughts?

For a short 3 minute summary of road opening details: What is RS 2477? It is a provision of federal law supporting the actions of...

Hey guy, quick update: As far as i know the forest service did not respond by their deadline of the 26th but Anderson has reason to believe they will try to throw up some legal barriers. The law is on our side but in an effort to stay out of court and have a strong ally should that effort fail Anderson is trying to get the state on our side. They are friendly to our cause... Just slow to act as I understand it. Additionally arrangements are being made for the maintenance of this and many other county roads in the area to unsure that federal authorities cannot say they will be stuck in charge of upkeep. I will try to keep everyone updated with the latest.

Alert: Two big pieces of news... Congressman Barr is now involved in the effort to reopen the narrows and, after a meeting, reports a positive response from top forest service officials. It appears that political will within the forest service may be collapsing... Please show your support for congressman Barr! Second is that three counties (Lee, Powel and Estill) have teamed up to to purchase 3,000 acres of land to create a multi-use off road park. In the sand lick area... I not sure of specific boundaries but I know it includes widowmaker amount other things. Park will be pay-to-play but I am told the fees will be quite reasonable... This will compliment narrows rd and many other trails in the region. This and some additional initiatives going on that will combine to make the sand lick area the go to place for OHV tourism in the state. Keep your eyes open and don't let off the pressure folks!

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Hey guys stuff is still in the works so I can't say more but behind the scenes very good progress is being made. We should have something to report very soon... Keep up the pressure and keep trying to build awareness of this important issue!

A good article in the Clay City Times. This is the primary newspaper in powel county. This was a front page story!

A good article in the Clay City Times. This is the primary newspaper in Powell county. This was a front page story!

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Hey all for those who might be interested here is a run down of media coverage so far (in order of appearance):…/u-s-forestry-service-and-powell-co…/…/powell-county-judge-executive-and-u…/


We have tipped LEX18 about this page so they can follow along with developments and encourage anyone to tip any other media outlets about this page and the event on the 20th. Arrests are far less likely if the media is there so coverage will definitely help us out! Please continue to share this cause with everyone... Just imagine the look on the feds faces if 100+ vehicles show up all at once!

I also encourage you all to contact any politicians you feel like. I will be in touch with the Powell and Wolfe co sheriffs as there presence would be a MAJOR help.

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UPDATE: The Powell county judge has cancelled the Take Back the Narrows event for tomorrow morning. There are issues concerning how statues are read. In 2006, the U.S. Forestry Service closed Sand ...

Hey guy, lots of people have been in touch wanting to show support but many say the 20th would be a better day. So the new official date is the 20th of this month. Please spread the word and let everyone know that this time we will not back down! I will continue to be in touch with the media to make sure they are kept informed... I am sure there will be plenty of coverage on the ground at that time.

I would also just like to mention that this in no way detracts from the excel...lent work judge Anderson is doing. I am confident he is trying his very best and will continue to do so but without support from some other levels of government his hands may be tied. Who knows maybe he does come out on top and the road is open... Maybe our drop dead date will force those in opposition to back down. But in the mean time I say we plan to go at it alone because I suspect that's what it will come down to.

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UPDATE: If the issue is not resolved or heading to a definite conclusion by Saturday the 13th of this month I personally plan to take direct action and open the road myself. The outragous overreaches of the federal authorities have to stop and regardless of how the Is are dotted and the Ts crossed it seems to me the PEOPLE have the right to determine the use of their own resources. I urge all of you to join me at 9am on the 13th of this month where we will give the authorities a day to remember! Who's with me?!

I am trying determine from several sources if this is a FUD tactic.
currently the only information I have is that the inter-county agreement giving powel county permission to work on Wolfe counties portion of the road was not voted on (though not sure what sort of issue this would cause) and that the statutes on co road abandonment have apparently been challenged.

ALERT: Wednesday event has been cancelled!

Details are scare but co road crews will NOT be there and pressure has been applied somewhere. Keep an eye on this page for updates... I am looking for info now.…/u-s-forestry-service-and-powell-co…/

first media coverage of this event has appeared. Congrats to wcoyfm for breaking this important story!