What pop punk bands in your area do you want to see us play with? Let us and them know!

If you're going to see Blink 182 tonight, make sure to find our bassist Jeremy and give him those special hugs he likes!


Thanks to all of our awesome fans who came out and supported us last night! Feel free now to post all the amazing pics you took!

Only two hours until we rock the stage at the Fremont Country Club with Sick Puppies! If you weren't able to snag a ticket from us, you can still pick one up at the door! 7pm! Let's do this!~ ★

Thank Gandalf It's Friday! We'll be seeing all of you at The Fremont Country Club tonight when we open for Sick Puppies! The 21+ show starts at 7pm. Come party with us!

Just two more days until we rock the stage with Sick Puppies! We are so stoked and hope to see all of your beautiful faces there! Let's show them how we party; Vegas style!

This is it guys! Only a few more days to get you tickets to see us open for Sick Puppies at the Fremont Country Club on Friday! Make sure to hit up one of us and we'll make extra-special deliveries!

Check out and share this awesome official event poster to let everyone on the facebooks know that you're going to rock out with us when we open for Sick Puppies!

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We have your fresh off the press tickets for The Sick Puppies show we are opening for on Friday, September 13th at Fremont Country Club. The price is just $23.50 for this 21+ event of epic badassery.
Hit up any of the members anytime day or night for free delivery and help us make this the show you deserve!

So who is ready for that awesome news we mentioned?!!

We are going to be opening up for Sick Puppies next Friday ((September 13th))!!

Who needs tickets?

We have some amazing news that we will be revealing soon! Keep next Friday open. Trust us! You'll want to! Be ready!

While t-shirts are obviously needed. What other clothing articles would you like to see with our name on them? We're thinking granny panties.

You guys know that blink-182 is one of our biggest influences and we know almost everyone loves them, as well. This makes us curious.. what is your favorite blink song? Post it below!~ ★

Take the Lead Fact of the Day: Dustyn can twerk better than Miley Cyrus.

Hey guys, Dustyn here! Ever wonder what we do when we're not on the stage? We do the responsible adult thing and play video games, of course! For any of you Xbox or Steam users, feel free to add me so we can play sometime!~ ★

Xbox Gamertag - oXx twilly xXo ((with spaces))
Steam ID - oxxtwillyxxo ((w/out spaces))

When Jon isnt blasting out sexy beats or tending to the needs of his harem, he's pwning n00bz in COD. His Playstation gamertag is Onesandybeaver. He awaits your challenge.

Our drummer Jon is very excited about Shark Week.

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