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For the more outgoing types, CareerTrends used data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the 10 highest-paying careers in arts and entertainment.

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Hierarchical organizational models aren’t just being turned upside down–they’re being deconstructed from the inside out. Businesses are reinventing themselves to operate as networks of teams to keep pace with the challenges of a fluid, unpredictable world.

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The highest paying jobs in the film industry aren't the most glamorous ones. Learn all about the 5 highest paying jobs in the film industry in this article.

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To survive the rapid transition to a direct-to-consumer future, companies across the E&M sector need an effective fan-centric strategy — or risk decline and irrelevance.

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Top 5 Fastest Growing Occupations

The top five fastest growing occupations in the US according to the United States Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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We recently visited the Art Institute of Sacramento for their Annual Portfolio Show, and had a pretty good time looking at some of the talented work from their students.

Here are just some of the highlights!…/327

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“I’m #working #with #my #hands, thinking with my hands, coming home and having my son go, ‘You made that today? That’s awesome!’” Marshall says. Per Allison Joy, #Comstock #Magazine.

“That #first #freelance stint is when I learned what I’m good at," says Casey Marshall via Allison Joy--#Comstock #Magazine.

Allison Joy says . . . "tinkerers, thinkers, developers, designers and storytellers are shunning the ever-elusive gold watches and hefty retirement packages of corporate employment and riding the wave of the recession from cubicles to coworking spaces and coffee shops."

Allison Joy for Comstock Magazine: Independents' Day--Look out 9-to-5, the freelancers are coming.

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