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Surreal CES show in Vegas right now - power is completely out & this giant tech showcase is totally in the dark. #CES2018

Seven months after kicking off our Beautiful Together Orphan Prevention Care Center Project in Ethiopia, many of the mothers in this program are well on their way to transforming their lives. And four months from now, they will receive a certificate from the government in Addis Ababa that states that, after receiving nearly a year of vocational training in kitchen & restaurant servicing, they can work in a number of promising jobs - in a restaurant, a guest house, a hotel, an...d more.

The entire time they have been working hard to improve their current life circumstances, their children have been safely cared for at the daycare in their community. The peace of mind they are able to have, knowing their children are fed well, read to, engaged in interaction and cared for makes a tremendous difference to them. Without that possibility, they could not leave their children to take on this endeavor - most would need to resort to hard labor, begging, or other tough choices. With the work they have done to date, they aren't just changing their own lives, they are changing the lives of their children - from a family about to break apart due to extreme poverty to a family that can stay together, with a future of financial stability and great possibility.

You can read more about this project, and our expansion of it, here:…/extend-orphan-care-center/

Happily, this program is in good shape, and we are able to close out our funding efforts for this now. So our next project, which we are very excited about, is kicking off SOON, by the end of this week.
More to come on that very shortly!!!

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Our new series of reDefine Show - Animal Edition!, for Adorama TV, is as much fun as it is work. Also just a bit nervewracking ; )

Overcoming a long-held fear of bees proved to be as satisfying photographically as it was mind-shifting. They really are sweet little things. That can just happen to cause you a lot of pain. But mostly sweet. And furry! All 70,000 of them that we met on this shoot.

And I never knew how many backyard beekeepers there were, so many of whom are to increase the bee population, something far more important to our eco-system than many people know.

Photographed this shoot with the Nikon D850 and D500, with the 105mm f1.4, 105mm f2.8 & 24-70mm f2.8.

A big thank you to Mark Powers, the President of our regional Beekeepers Association, for the thorough walkthrough - and, even better, the protective gear. Awesome job, Rhesa Versola, for setting all this up - and thank you, Miriam MJ Beckman for the great videography / still grabs from video!

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