Kevin and Danielle are at it again at Blustag (US). This time they are getting slightly more violent and even taking dogs from local rescues and not letting actual rescues save the pup and get him to surgery, and we all know what they do with their dogs.
Luckily a group of Shiba rescuers in their local area is now actively behind shutting down this place. Please continue to sign and pass this petition along, it can help us go a long way to stopping these people!

Danielle and Kevin Settineri of Salisbury NC have owned and operated a puppy mill formerly known as Right Puppy Kennel. After being arrested for falsifying dog health records they reopened under the names Blustag Tamaskan, My Shiba, and Yadkin Wolfden. These two have been breeding sick dogs since 20...

Missing dog in UK. Please share and help reunite with their family.

Casey Green shared a post to Tamaskan Rescue's timeline.

Please can you share? Max the tamaskan has been missing for 24 hours:

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Casey Green added 5 new photos — with Josh Lindley and Becky Lindley.


Huge thanks to everyone for all your help


We have another great announcement to share.

We are only 2 kits off 100 kits ordered- and when we hit that 100th kit we have a few new and fun things to announc...e for those who have already tested, those who may want to test, and even for any of our supporters (Tamaskan or not).

Have you been waiting to order because of the price? Well this is as good as it gets. With the completion of our last batch we have confirmation of a new price.

We are now able to offer our Embark kits at $129 USD (135.29 USD international). This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in testing their Tamaskans or approved outcross as this kit retails for $199 with Embark and we can offer you that full kit, updates, and support through the TDDP. So check out all our great info about testing your dog and order your kit today!

P.S. Anyone who orders today will be included in our current order. That means kits will ship is a week or less. If you wait you will be in the next batch (when we hit 10 kits) and that all depends on you guys.

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If you are a registered breeder with any of our approved registries (Tamaskan Dog Register, Tamaskan Germany, Nederlandse Tamaskan, and Tamaskan Dogs produced prior to July 2017 registered with Interessengemeinschaft Tamaskan) we have a special set of forms and ordering process just for you. Check o...
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At this time we are nearing 100 kits ordered for Tamaskan Dogs and approved outcrosses and know that at least 80 of those dogs have submitted their swabs back t...o Embark for testing. We are happy to announce that with every 25 dogs who submit data we will update these graphs so that you can see and share genetic data on the Tamaskan Dog breed.

We are also happy to announce that we plan on adding a few new submission portals for additional data in the future. That way we can see data for statistics such as the predicted adult weight of dogs next to actual weight of these same dogs. We hope this (and other data) can also help Embark by being able to compare the two pieces of data to each other. If you want to order a kit for your Tamaskan Dog or approved outcross you can get more information by messaging our Facebook page or checking out


There are a few important points we want to cover about this data:

- If you, the owner of a dog who submitted data, want to post/share and state that you submitted data we encourage this, but we, the TDDP, will not identify any of the dogs or their owners for these graphics. These graphs show averages and percentages of all submitted dogs and we will only update in large batches to protect the anonymity of any individuals who submit data to the TDDP.
- These are not subjective statistics, but they do not and can not offer a completely accurate picture because the pool of submitted data is not a large percentage of the population at this stage. This is 25 dogs out of an entire population and while the Tamaskan Dog breed is still small, it is not that small.
- This is not a representation of the TDDP's currently tested or even submitted dogs. We are nearing 100 Tamaskans tested and getting new submissions every day. If you have tested your dog with Embark and the results are available, please submit your results at…/…
- Identifying a dog out of the data pool that you do not own will result in a ban from any and all TDDP pages/groups. We chose not to identify participants and expect that courtesy to be extended by followers.

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Tamaskan Dog Diversity Project

We have two great announcements and another great post incoming within the next few minutes.

First is that we are only 9 kits short of ordering 100 Embark tests... through the TDDP. Please like and follow our page to find out what we're going to do when we reach 100 kits ordered and to celebrate with us!

The second announcement is that if you are on a computer (sorry this doesn't work on mobile devices) you can click on the new "Test Your Dog" tab. It brings up our website right here on our Facebook page so you can check our counters, get more info and view our entire website without ever leaving Facebook. How cool is that!

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Donna Wall is with Laura Serab at Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter 6851 Van Buren Blvd Jurupa Valley, CA 92509 (951) 358-7387.


MASON - #A1384976 (AVAILABLE 8/11)
I am a neutered male, brown and white Siberian Husky....
The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Aug 11, 2017.
For more information about this animal, call:
Riverside County Animal Control - Riverside Shelter at (951) 358-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A1384976

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*Courtesy Post*

Siberian Husky needing rescue.

Mary Meier-Smith shared Sal Valdepeña's post to the group: H2M2 NATION - OPERATION: TRANSPORT.


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Sal Valdepeña

Update - Killed

• Baldwin Park Animal Care Center
• (626) 962-3577
• 4275 N Elton St Baldwin Park, CA 91706 ...
• Very HIGH intake shelter
• Spay or Neuter
• Be part of the solution not the problem


Animal ID: #A4798924

My name is Persephone and I'm an approximately 2 years, 7 month old female siberian husky. I am already spayed. I have been at the Baldwin Animal Care Center since July 27, 2017. I am available on August 11, 2017. You can visit me at my temporary home at B417.

The staff/volunteers here haven't had a chance to really get to know me yet. Please visit me at the animal care center and ask about spending some one-on-one time with me.…/po…/acc/our_animals/detail…

Came in with

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Inna and Mikko are geriatric rescue Tamaskan Dogs. They were 2 of the first Tamaskan Dogs imported to the USA. They were rehomed because the orig owner had medical issues and could not care for them anymore. The first adopter DUMPED them at a local shelter. The current and forever adopter has found that they came with some major medical problems... tumors, cauliflower ears and a golf ball sized growth on her Labia (Inna) sore joints (on Mikko). Please help! Every $5 or $10 donation will go a long way. 100% of the money raised will go directly to the current adopters. By the way, the adopters are too proud to ask for help, but I am not.

Inna and Mikko are geriatric rescue Tamaskan Dogs. They were 2 of the first Tamaskan Dogs imported to the USA. They were rehomed because the orig owner had medical issues and could not care for them anymore. The first adopter DUMPED them at a local shelter. The current and forever adopter has...

Follow Inna & Mikko's adventures with their new family!

Inna & Mikko's photo.
Inna & Mikko
14 talking about this

With the effort of our volunteers and others, we can't thank you enough for helping! Mikko and Inna are now on their way to their new home, where we know they will be very happy with their new family.

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The older bonded pair of Tamaskan Dogs are now listed on the shelter site. Inna does not look well, her ears are now all funky and she just looks sad. Please feel free to contact the shelter directly BUT only if you are 100% interested in adopting them. Be prepared to travel to the shelter, as I do not expect the shelter to offer transport.…… National Adoptable and Lost & Found database. Animal Shelter adopt a pet; dogs, cats, puppies, kittens! Humane Society, SPCA. Lost & Found. Data from hundreds of animal shelters in the US and Canada. Breed Search, Lost and Found pet matching service.

The applications sent out an received for the older pair of bonded Tamaskans will be precessed and reviewed. Please be patient with response time.

Don’t miss this chance to SAVE MORE and HELP MORE!

Today through May 22, 2017, order 25 of any one of these booklets and get an additional 5 for free! You can h...elp shelters and rescue groups by donating copies to your favorite organization. We’ve already substantially lowered the price on these booklets to make them affordable to give out for free. Let’s partner together to keep dogs and cats in their forever homes!

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An article caught my eye the other day. It told the story of a vet, Jian Zhicheng, who worked at an animal shelter in Taiwan. She had euthanized 700 animals in two years – many of whom were healthy and perfectly adoptable. The fact was there was no space to keep them and no one to […]

Hmmm let's try this again. We love Tamaskan Dogs... show your support by wearing a shirt! 50% of the proceeds will go National Mill Dog Rescue and 50% of the proceeds will go to Tamaskan Rescue!

Discover I Love My Tamaskan Dog! T-Shirt, a custom product made just for you by Teespring. With world-class production and customer support, your satisfaction is guaranteed. - We love Tamaskan Dogs... show your support by...


Husky mix in need of rescue

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UPDATE! Tagged by rescue!

At BARC yesterday I saw this STUNNING girl and simply cannot get her out of my head. She is on the euthanasia list because she is owner surrender and because of her breed. She is perfectly healthy! Please share to find a rescue or foster! She was extremely sweet and gave me kisses through the bars of the kennel. She doesn't deserve to die
Houston, TX

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Do you have a TDR Registered Tamaskan? You can show with the American Rare Breed Association! First East Coast show of the year:


Sat...urday, April 22, 2017 | All day or non-timed event

Location: Monmouth Battlefield State Park map weather

Category: Dog Show


This show is hosted by the American Rare Breed Association for the "Rare Breed" dog and by Kennel Club USA for ALL Breeds. This is a conformation unbenched dog show.

Pre-Entries for the show will be accepted until 5:00pm on the 22nd of April, 2017. Day of show entries will be accepted at a higher entry fee.

Other classes offered are Canine Good Citizenship, Rally, and Obedience.

Our Judges are from the American Rare Breed Association, American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, and the Federation Cynologique Internationale as well as other recognized organizations.

Contact: Robert
Phone: 301-868-5718

Location Details
Monmouth Battlefield State Park map weather
347 Freehold Road
Manalapan NJ 07726 US

Location Contact: Robert Slack
Location Phone: 301-399-9888

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place a description for your webpage here

Tamaskan in UK

Located London, Uk.

Looking at Kenai @dogstrust #rehomeadog