On Manatee Appreciation Day, the Zoo participated in the successful release of Furbie, a rescue Florida manatee. As population numbers increase, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo will continue our work to care for manatees and to help the public understand that, with simple actions, we can make a difference in their future.

In fact, increased manatee population numbers may mean the Zoo will see an increased number of manatees requiring rescue and care. Despite changes to the conservation status of the Florida manatee from “endangered” to “threatened,” the Zoo’s dedication to rescuing, rehabilitating and advocating for the species remains steadfast. #tlpz

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Calling all First Responders! There's only one week left for to register for your complimentary ticket to visit the Zoo. To learn more, visit

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We got a hippopotamus for Christmas!
We’re back with more Bornean orangutan baby cuteness!
New year, new zoo baby! TLPZ welcomes 2018 with the birth of a rare Bornean orangutan baby born on Jan. 6, 2018! She may be only 3 lbs. right now, but she has a ton of cuteness💕
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Jennifer Barr Williams
· November 24, 2017
While I enjoyed my time at the zoo, I found that it was not very infant friendly. I came twice in one week while visiting family over thanksgiving. On the first visit I asked an employee if there was ...a nursing/mothers room. She directed me past Boomers. When I could not find the room I had to wait in line to ask an employee inside Boomers. She told me it was removed and that there was a small, not very nice room at the front of the park. So I just sat outside and fed my son. On the second trip I was close to the front so I asked at the information desk. This lady said that there wasn't a room and suggested the family restroom, though she did acknowledge that it wasn't sanitary. She also suggested a more out of the way seating area.
Young families are what keep your zoo alive. I would suggest making a designated mother's room. I was very disappointed that there was not one, and that I spent a lot of time away from the rest of my family based on misinformation from your employees.
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Lori Diloreto
· November 3, 2017
I brought family that were here on vacation from Ohio on the 31st. Only 3 rides running. When a parrot flew towards my little nieces head walking down the side walk she reacted and threw her hands up... to protect her head and was yelled at to keep her hands to herself by employee. No notice before coming that there are no manatees. Rode train was told kids could feed giraffes until 4.We were there from 300 to 315 , no employee was there. Went to splash pad to grab a bite to eat like we do every time I bring family, restaurant closed. No other food or drink but vending machines.So I"d really like half my money back since we only got to use half of what should have been available to us. very disappointed, We've been coming for at least 23 years. See More
Ashley Beth
· November 2, 2017
I have annual passes and have been twice so far, once on a regular day this past spring and didn't stay long because it was so hot. I did go recently to the Halloween night with my 3 year old son. I l...iked seeing the monkeys eating pumpkins, and the scarecrow people were adorable! The best part were the dancing mummies! I was however horrified by the prices of food! I wanted to but my son a mummy Hot dog but laughed when they told me it was $8!!!! That is just outrageous!!! I enjoy seeing the animals but with the cost of everything inside the zoo I won't be attending to many more times � maybe if we were allowed to bring some of our own snacks for our children in or at the very least bottled water it wouldn't hurt the pockets so much!! See More
Ann Ezzat Shenouda
· January 13, 2018
I wanted to go to the Zoo on Sunday Dec 31st so I thought to book the tickets online to save some time at the gate. After I put my credit card information and hit submit an error came up but the bank ...sent me a message that the payment was taken. I called them up and the customer service lady asked me whether the payment was pending or not and I said it was still pending so she said it probably won’t be charged and if it was to call again and they’ll refund me. So I went there next day and purchased tickets at the gate. At Monday the pending status was charged so I called them and the lady told me that this happens a lot through online booking and to go to the zoo and explain what happened and they’ll give me the tickets. When I explained that I already went to the zoo and I don’t need another set of tickets and I need a refund she took my number and said someone from the IT department will call me and to this day nobody called. It’s such a rip off!! See More
Mialana Satura Johnson-Dixon
· December 17, 2017
Lowry park Zoo is the staple of most elementary kid’s school experience. I’ve accompanied many elementary age kids there and have never received customer service like I received Thursday! Carolyn Heni...ka was extremely rude and abrupt in her communication. She searched the bags of the teachers and began to scold them for being in snacks for there students. This all took place while she allowed parents of children visiting the park in with coolers. She didn’t ask to search their bags. As the teachers tried to find a way to savage the snacks (the bus had left), she returned to the teachers telling them it’s ok for one snack to come into the park. One of the chaperones proceeded to the gate, she motion for his bag to be checked and refused him too because his snack was too big ( individual bag of chips). Mrs. Henika then went into the admission’s box and discuss that matter with the individuals inside. The teachers were talking amongst themselves and she walked out to tell them the should’ve read the field trip email that was sent to the school and the sign that was outside. I’ve never experienced customer service this horrible. Later in the day she told a group of teachers they needed to move from the entrance because people would be able to determine the exit of the park. I will not be returning to Lowry Park Zoo for any occasion and will encourage my friends and family members to do the same. #CustomerServiceCostNothing See More
Cris Ab
· October 28, 2017
We have annual passes and enjoyed every visit in the past. Being aware that it is a small zoo we have our expectations on check but the restaurant is simply awful. I will never recommend eating there,... not just overpriced but the quality of both food and service is beyond poor. They got our order all wrong, after waiting to make it right, the staff needed to be directed in how to make a basic club sandwich. Lettuce was so old that it had brown edges, french fries are not fresh, just reheated in the microwave and the soups are no better than a can of cheap soup you could get at the grocery store. They charge $3 for sodas and $4 for a bottle of unsweetened tea, just simply outrageous, a total ripoff. See More
Kelsey Bennett
· February 17, 2018
I’ve visited a lot of zoos, and this one is my favorite that I have been to so far! There were many rare species that you don’t get to see at most places. I also love that there were lots of exhibits ...where you could get really close (sometimes even touch-like the stingrays) to the animals and see them well. I enjoyed the keeper talks and asked other keeper staff questions. They were all very knowledgeable and friendly. I can’t wait to come back! See More
Jey C. McCombe
· November 27, 2017
This is the 2nd time I've been here. Once with city pass this time paying out of pocket ouch. I am extremely disappointed in price and the innabillity to bring in any food or water being some one who ...has allergies to cirtain foods and a diabetic I have to constantly have granola or crackers with me in case my sugar dropped. At the snack shacks they couldn't tell me what veggies where in the oil since now some company's are using coconut in there fry oil. The attractions closed just said manatees not reptiles. I know they work hard but trying to survive paycheck to pay check its hard. I ended up only spending 2.5 hours here and leaving. I may come back since I got the pay a day get 18 free but every thing inside is expensive and no fl resident or aaa discount. See More
Kristen Wright
· January 25, 2018
We were extremely disappointed with our visit to the zoo today, Jan 25, 2018. As 3 adults with one child, we paid $105 for zoo entry. Many, many of the animals exhibits were closed, as such, we felt t...he amount we spent to come visit the zoo far exceeded the value of the experience. It almost felt like we saw more closure signs than animals. Neither the website or the ticket attendant notified us of how much of the zoo would be closed. We would have appreciated more up front notification of the closures so we could make a more informed decision prior to spending such a large amount on ticket entry. Very, very let down by this experience. See More
Kerry Johnson
· November 21, 2017
The only thing that kept me from rating Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo a 5 was the food prices and the fact that even though you pay a significant entry fee, you are charged an additional $5.00 to feed the g...iraffe. The zoo was very clean and staff was friendly. My wife, granddaughter and I enjoyed it. I recommend the zoo examines the food prices. A family would be hard pressed to spend the day there and pay for lunch. I have season passes for next year but don't know if I will use them. See More
Tiffany Payne
· December 18, 2017
I am from NC where we have the NC zoo that is a lot larger. That being said, me and my 5.5 month old daughter and her papaw/ Mimi LOVED this zoo.

I have been reading other reviews about how this is ...not infant friendly, but I have to say it's an amazing zoo for kids. Your so close to the animals and it is such an open environment that even the infants can see and watch the animals. There are some parts that you cannot use your stroller at, but that is a safety issue for the animals in that enclosure, an exposure where you are have no protection against the animals and you. It is a pain to take your child and diaper bag out, but those areas are wonderful. And if your child can fit in a stroller, you can carry them for a few minutes. The only advice I would give is to try and have lockers (prefereably free ones) at the "stroller parking" that can hold the diaper bag. Maybe have them times for 1 hour. Regardless though, it was worth the hassle of having to take her out of the stroller for the experience. My daughter adored feeding the birds in their exhibit.

I will agree with some reviews that you do need to better advertise what regions of the park are under construction. I walked to the manatees carrying my daughter only to find them missing. It would be nice if you had a sign at the front saying due to renovations, upgrades, X, Y abd Z are not open to the public. And then you can advertise what Christmas food is at each site because the bulletin only listed some.

Other than those facts, the zoo is great and my daughter loves visiting it multiple days in a row
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Austin Smith
· October 27, 2017
This review is mainly for the Creatures of the Night event, as of around an hour ago. The website and news articles about the event misrepresented it as having a few good spooky events aimed more at a...dults than children. This was not the case. This is obviously a very family-oriented event, with children in mind. For two adults, the overwhelming crowds, loud music and outrageous drink prices made it a very miserable experience and not at all worth the $45 we spent to get in. We had more fun on the 3 block walk back to our car than we did at the park itself. Would not recommend. See More
Chieko Bozek
· November 21, 2017
I had a blast with my family the other day! Went to the zoo for my little boy's, 2 years old, birthday!! I called before I went and asked any do's and don't for the birthday! When we got there, we did...n't know that they had pay for a day, play all year card so we got that as a bonus! Both of my kids had a blast, and we definitely will be back again!! Foods were little pricey, but everything else was great!! See More
Samantha Gonzalez
· October 8, 2017
I always have a lovely time at Lowry park zoo it's always nice to see the animals and the employees are always friendly; however if you're looking to go to the halloween event it definitely is family ...friendly, but only has one attraction as far as a scare zone goes and only one place handing out candy, it was cute but expensive considering it was something that would only be fun for about 20-30 mins not a lot going on, but still it's nice to get out with the family in a safe environment! See More
Angela Cruise Marrazzo
· October 12, 2017
If you want your kid to break their head open make sure that you visit the splash pad. I have been there twice this month and I watch kid after kid fall and hit their heads. My one year old fell and... hit his head three times. I spoke with "management" and that was a joke. One employee told me "they won't fix it anyway." I guess that it will take a serious injury and lawsuit to fix it. See More
Anna Dixon
· November 19, 2017
Beautifully decorated for the holiday and so much work has been done to make the animal enclosures more comfortable for the animals, and to enhance education. Ticket costs have skyrocketed over the few years, but a season pass is totally worth it. I'll be going back often, not just with my university class for field trips. See More
Danielle Flicek
· January 18, 2018
We paid full price, $95, for 2 adults and a six year old. Most of the zoo was closed or they had the animals inside. None of the vendors were open and none of the soda machines had water. They should ...really offer discounted rates when there isn't anything to do! Pretty lame. Also, the signage was so poor, we had no clue which way to go. See More
Cynthia Joy Jones
· February 3, 2018
My boyfriend and I came to the zoo on Jan. 30th 2018. It was a truly amazing experience! I loved how many difference animal species that they had for you to look at! Each habitat had a little bio abou...t each animal. We read over the majority of them and learned a lot about the different animal species. During our stay we attended the keeper talk for the Clouded Leopard, and fed the sting rays and giraffes. Surprisingly, we enjoyed feeding the string rays a lot more than we expected and decided to do it twice! The food was restaurant quality. A lot nicer than I would of expected for amusement park type food and it wasn’t pricey either! Lastly, the photos that they take of you as you are entering the park in front of the green screen turn out great! Definitely worth your money to put them on a USB and take them home! Thank you for the amazing day!! See More
Lisa ProTog
· November 30, 2017
I drove over from Pompano Beach to visit the zoo. I have been an annual pass holder at Zoo Miami forever. I must say I was surprised and disappointed. First, I've never been to a zoo where I first had... to have my bags searched through, and then proceed to the second security area to have a metal wand put around me. Really? They don't even do that in Miami.. Then, it was very hot outside and my sister and I had the hardest time trying to find a concession stand open to get something cold to drink. And the most disappointing part was seeing that the animals in your zoo are caged. When I say caged I'm referring to anything material that encloses the animal. I'm used to my zoo where the animals are not caged. There are moats around the exhibit areas so this way the animals have a "sense of freedom". Honestly, had I known the animals were caged I wouldn't have made the long drive across the state to visit for the brief 2 hours I stayed there at the zoo. The zoo is clean which I appreciated. The animals do look well cared for. Unfortunately, I won't be driving across the state to come back. See More
Jesse Laing
· November 5, 2017
My babies had a great time however I was very disappointed when we were told we had to throw out our cups of coffee and that only unopened bottles of water were allowed. I was also annoyed when I was ...told I would have to have my son walk 3 steps unassisted to prove he wasn't an infant to go on the safari tour... My son is a human child and not a dog..He shouldn't have to do tricks on demand in order to participate. Food prices outrageous... $8 for warm salad.. No thanks... And don't even get me started on what you charge for bottled water... Aside from this we has a good time..probably won't be rushing back though... See More

Need a dose of cute today? Charlotte, our prehensile-tailed porcupine, has you covered today!

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Relax and rejuvenate at the return of “Yoga in the Wild” with Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, where you can pose like your favorite animals!

- For beginner, intermediate and advanced Yogis
- Led by instructor Lisa Wilson, E-RYT from Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation, a four-time winner of "Best of the Bay."
- Entry for Zoo Members is only $15 and $40 for non-members - both include Zoo admission....
- Arrive at 8:30 a.m. before class for a special animal mingle!
- Yoga in the Wild supports the Zoo's animal care and conservation programs.
- Yogis can now save their spot for future Yoga in the Wild classes for $114 - includes a Zoo Membership valid for 1 year!

Ommm in the morning and then namast’ay at the Zoo after your practice! To learn more, visit

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Sat 9:00 AM ESTTampa's Lowry Park ZooTampa, FL
Fitness · 231 people

There are only 10 days left for Florida residents to buy and use your special offer to visit the Zoo with Adults-at-Kids prices! To learn more, visit

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We are proud to be a part of this amazing journey leading to the successful release of this Florida panther!

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

The cat is out of the bag!
A Florida panther is enjoying his newfound freedom today thanks to a cooperative effort that started last summer after it was hit by ...a car. Our panther biologists and veterinarian responded to the scene of the incident and transported the injured male feline to the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida & 24-Hour ER in Naples, where he underwent surgery to repair three fractured legs. The two-year-old panther was then transferred to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo for rehabilitation. Once his injuries healed, he was taken to White Oak Conservation Center where he had a larger space to exercise and recover. This week, veterinarians cleared the panther for release! Biologists will continue to monitor this panther as he transitions back into the wild at Dinner Island Ranch Wildlife Management Area and surrounding areas. More photos:

This rescue and release was made possible by our partners mentioned above as well as funds from the Protect the Panther license plate and donations to the Florida panther fund at the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this cause.

Purchase your panther license plate today at

If you live, work or visit panther country, there are steps you can do to enhance your safety and that of your friends, family and animals. More info:

Photo by Carlton Ward Jr., FWC

#Florida #Panther #News

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Want to know more about baby orangutan, Dira? Check out this lovely article from Woman's World! #tlpz

Her name means “lovely redheaded girl," and it's so fitting!

March 8th.


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We’re celebrating National Hippo Day with the pygmy hippo crew! #tlpz

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You can enter to win tickets to Wild Kratts Live! at the Mahaffey Theater PLUS lots of other prizes including a family 4-pack of tickets to the Zoo! To learn more, visit

Image may contain: text

It’s time to reveal the name of our baby orangutan!

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We asked for your help and you delivered! With over 1,000 total votes, we will reveal the name of our baby orangutan tomorrow at 10 a.m!

Join us at the Zoo or on Facebook LIVE as we reveal our baby girl's new name. Which name did you choose for her? Only one way to find out! #tlpz

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Hey Zoo Members! Looking for the perfect Galentine's Day? Grab your girls and come kick it with us at the Zoo for an exclusive painting class after ZooU!

Grab a complimentary glass of champagne and choose to paint a design inspired by our African painted dogs on your own stemmed wine glass, stemless wine glass or pub glass!

Visit to learn more on how to paint the town!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, drink and outdoor

There are new dogs in town! We are thrilled to welcome a pair of African painted dogs to TLPZ - male, Hatari, and female, Layla! You can see meet these two in Ituri Forest, located in the Africa area of the Zoo.

ZOO MEMBERS - On February 13, you can get a special peek of the pair at the next Zoo University with General Curator, Chris Massaro. PLUS, cap the night off with an upgraded exclusive experience - a painting class inspired by the new painted dogs

To learn more, visit

It's clear that our baby orangutan is special and now she needs a name to match! Our Animal Care Team has selected names they think are best and now we need your help to choose one! 💕

To cast your vote, visit Voting ends at midnight Sunday, February 11. We will announce her name soon - stay tuned! #tlpz

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Already thinking of the weekend? Come relax and rejuvenate with us and Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation at Yoga in the Wild on February 10!

Ommmm in the morning and then namast’ay at the Zoo after your practice! To learn more, visit #tlpz