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Ok guys we are now officially moving over to a group since Facebook is scaming us out of posting, pls join us at Tarantulas Burrow check comment for a direct link, hope to see you all there E

Oh my goodness! We made a 130 likes! Haha yay never thought it would happen with the page not moving at all, welcome to new guys, hope you enjoy it here with us, we currently experiencing issues regarding posting pics and I prefer posting info with pics so its still available later when someone is looking for it, we have sent complaints, reports etc thru to fb, pls bare with us regarding this matter, hope you all have an awesome day E

Kc's Feeders
I've had my giant white knee for 3 weeks now and she does not want to eat at all since I got her,is there anything that I can do

Whooohooo! Please welcome our new admin Ruan Roy Barnardo! He's just as passionate about the freakish 8 legged lil guys and a very dear friend! Ruan.....have fun E

Ahhh my N Chromatus is blue bums 1st time since I've had him

Herman En Shilo
Hey Hey people i am based in PTA I have MM Avic Avic up for 50/50 breeding loand plz inbox me if you have a MF

Ok was anyone able to see the pic I just loaded? E

Ok so I'm still not able to load pics really sucks I'm gona try and share a few fan pics that is on the wall, crossing my fingers E

Bluefang Skeleton @R3200 (possibly mated, Male was with her for +- 2 weeks)
...Marcel... Contact Me bbm:278C77A4
Or whatsapp : 0714245153

Sooo for some reason I'm not able to post any pics to the page, FB just says Oops sorry trying to get it fixed....yes well right ugh E

Sooo I got 2 new babies tonight! Fiance got me a H Mac and Marius got me a L.Violaceopes, thanx baby, thanx Marius really awesome pressie E

Indian ornamental

My mates big girl! Has a serious attitude, haha

Photo by: joshi boi



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•••Pokie Week•••

Specie: Poecilotheria Formosa
Common Name: Salem Ornamental
Type: •OW...
Temperament:Very fast will bite if provoked
Size: 7 inches on maturity
Temperature: 78-82'F
Humidity: 65-75% All Tarantulas with a leg span of at least 3inches may drink from a shallow wide water dish. Spray once a week.
Housing: Slings can live in a clear plastic deli container with air holes.Add a vertical twig or cork for climbing.
Adults can live in a 5-10 gallon tank. Height is more important than floor space. Add a vertical cork or branch to climb on.
Feeding: Slings O,5cm to 5cm pin head crickets to medium crickets depending
on their size, nymph, meal worms (remember to cut the head off, u can also
cut the meal worm in half since slings only scavenge) Once every 3rd day
Juvi to large: 5cm-10cm med to large crickets, roaches, meal worms and
super worms. Once a week 3-4 depending on the size,you will quickly notice how much ur T eats.
Growth: Fast grower
Uriticating hairs: No
Venom: Strong

****Photo Credits Eve

P.formosa and a few others…


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•••Pokie Week•••
Pls email pics of your pokie to
Please note no handling pictures will be posted! Thanx everyone E

•••Pokie Week•••
A nice pair of pokie fangs
P Regalis MF
Indian Ornamental E


***Photo Credits
Francois Swanepoel

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