After 6 years I have decided to close the doors on Tardis, since Bailey's death I have found it so hard to be on there and with working a huge amount of hours a week I no longer have the time to dedicate to running her.
I would like to thank each and every user who ever came through her doors there are thousands of you and I hope Tardis touched your life in one way or another. From the DJ's to the staff team to the normal users.
Thanks for 6 amazing years and the many friends I made along the journey, to all my ex staff members thanks guys for the time and effort you put into making Tardis one of the longest running hotels.
I wish everyone the best in their lives and I hope you have a really good long happy life.

I am sure a lot of you have been getting the friend requests from the fake Bailey Tardis, The fact someone has even done this or is doing this makes me sick, I have no understanding of how you can sit on a computer and do this to people only a month after Bailey was killed. You are a cruel heartless creep and may karma be sent to you as quickly as possible. To everyone else having to put up with this it's very simple as soon as you get the request or see the comment block them. They are clearly doing this for attention to entertain their fucked up selves. We need to stand together and all hit the block button.