Precision Ag technology
Taking data layers to the paddock
Water for Profit | 2018 Statewide Irrigation Event

Come and join us at Agfest 2018 to find out about our research – including the science behind the perfect pasture, how planting techniques impact the yield of green peas, and opportunities for food innovation in Tasmania.

We are at Site 401, Fourth Avenue.

Our scientists will be in attendance and it’s a great opportunity to meet them and have a conversation about agricultural research.


If you or anybody in your family are considering a career in agriculture, this is a great opportunity to speak with our scientists about what it’s like to work in the sector.

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The fermented milk drink 'kefir' has been produced for centuries in Eastern Europe, and has now made its way to Tasmania.

Honours student Nina Rosenzweig has been working with Tasmania's Westhaven and other Tasmanian dairies to figure out the best way to make kefir in the factory.

Any kind of milk can be used to make kefir, but what is the ideal ratio of kefir culture to milk? Find out in today's article in The Examiner Newspaper, Launceston...

Tasmanian research scientist and dairy processors collaborate on kefir development.