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Jason Christopher Frilot is feeling grateful with Jamz St Jamz and 19 others at Iberian Rooster.

Much love to everyone who came to last night's Freelow show at The Iberian Rooster! It was packed with smiles and amazing energy all night. My favorite part was all of it. Thank you! Much love!

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We open at 7pm and open late today! Don't eat all day and come eat tonight!

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Holy Nacho Burrito, Batman! A New Menu?! Buffalo Shrimp! Buffalo and BBQ Wings and more... Open till 2am every night. Why would you go anywhere else?

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We now have delicious chicken wings, fried, BBQ and buffalo shrimp, mini corn dogs, jalapeño poppers, and cheese sticks. Wahoo!

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You can now get delicious wings late night every night (Sans Sunday) until 2am. Coming soon: Boneless wings, chicken fingers, buffalo fingers, The Bird, and the Ring of Fire.

The wings are good.

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Coming soon to Taste Buds:

"The Bird" - Sliced turkey, egg, swiss cheese, strawberry jam on a kaiser roll.

"Ring of Fire" - Pulled pork, spicy bbq, Jalapeno's, and a pineapple slice.


WINGS! Still working on sauces... We will be having a few more side items as well!

Be sure to like us, share us, and come eat when you are out on Dickson needing a sponge in your belly!

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Let us tell you a true story... Once there was a man walking in the desert. Nobody knew how he ended up there but his story lives to this day. He traveled past many people who offered help and food, he refused it. He would walk into villages and small little towns, his stomach shrinking from hunger. He finally fell to his knees in front of a market in the middle of a small village. He was approached by an old man who had a look on his face that was as comforting as his bed back home. When the old man asked why he refused food for so long the man said, "I'm saving my appetite for Taste Buds."

You don't have to walk through the desert. You just have to come to Dickson Street. We are open till 2am. Come and get it.

Feeling like today is Nacho day? It is so cold outside that it makes one want to burritos into the sandwich and relax. If you are wondering, "oh queso, is he taco to me?" I'll tell you once and I'll tortilla again, come get some tongue tickling Taste Buds tonight and take a food vacation from the usual. Ryan "Count Spatula" Smith will be makin it rain pork on your buns and chips. Open tonight from 7-2am on Dickson. Don't be a bar-b-fool, eat some bar-b-cue and sit at the bar-b-cool in Bugsy's.

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Taste Buds! 7pm-2am. If you haven't tried us, you are missing out! Come and eat our treats.

It's colder than a polar bear's paws. Did you know that it is a fact that Taste Buds, when eaten, makes your insides glow a fluorescent yellow and warms your whole body and showers your heart with happiness? We are open till 2am. Come devour our morsels of delectabiliciousness.

If you haven't had our sliders, come get a million of them tonight! We are on the back patio of Bugsy's, across the street from Georges. Open till 2am!

We are open until 2am. Come and get it!