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Cari Tillson
· September 15, 2017
Terrible compensation policy after cancelled performers. Will not be wasting my money on this festival again. 2016 was our first and last year attending. If you're considering buying tickets to this, ...just look at the copious amount of terrible reviews its gotten in the last 6 months. A festival that had potential to be good, but has been ruined by money-hungry coordinators/owners. Your money would be better spent just paying to see your favorite artists at their own shows. Please don't waste your money. See More
Ashlee Geier
· August 10, 2017
Drunk kids (definitely not 21) fighting, one almost choked the other one out. Fell onto a tent near us, landing on our neighbor, everyone around us called the cops and they swore they couldn't do anyt...hing. Security didn't remove the kid just told him to go to sleep. Right next to our tent. I'm not usually scared of people but this kid claimed he was a marine and I know they are trained to kill with their hands. I didn't sleep well that night especially because I confronted him and he knew where my tent was. Thank God nothing else happened but my god I can't believe things like this are overlooked. Music was good, despite sam hunt canceling last minute and then not receiving a fair compensation for it. I don't know if I want to go back of it's gonna be like this. Not worth getting hurt over.. See More
Shay Marie
· September 21, 2017
Its very sad that 3 day GA with camping isn't a thing anymore.. when that stopped is when i stopped going. it just got way to expensive, like uncalled for expensive. There's no reason GA admission and... camping has to be seperate now, big waste of money and too over priced.. want us to pay that much, food and drinks should be included. See More
Lacey Lynn
· June 26, 2017
I used to really enjoy going. I've gone all 5 years, and each year it gets worse. The weather I've handled, but it's the drunk jerks that you are attracting just to make money. Hunter Mountain used... to be known for skiing and a more family feel. Now TOC at Hunter Mountain is known as the get drunk for 3 days party. I go there for the music, not the beer. I was hit repeatedly this last event because people walked over me because the designated walkways were full, and I hadn't seen security in hours. Now what would happen if my 5 year old got hurt again there, which happened Friday when he gashed his head on a metal bar there and we had to leave to go to the ER. I wouldn't be able to get him out because nobody was making sure there was a way to walk. And nobody better tell me it's not for kids! Because you used to advertise for the whole family! Willie Nelson put my son to sleep when he turned 1. That was when it was a more respectable event. And now this compensation policy? What is happening to this event? You guys need to revaluate. See More
Rickey Dieter
· April 24, 2018
This is a awesome weekend! I have so much fun here. So relaxing and get to listen to my favorite music and dance. Can't wait!
Cipriana Costello
· June 26, 2017
I really do love this festival and I've been going since the second year that it existed. But it this point I'm just fed up. This new "compensation policy" is just the icing on the cake. Your security... rules as far as what can be brought in to the campground are a joke. The amount of people who underage drink and have no idea what they're doing (thus getting sick and passing out) is a joke. Inviting Sam Hunt back is a joke. The whole thing is just turning into a huge joke and I'm really sad about it. See More
Jan Morgan Rutigliano
· September 21, 2017
Outstanding well organized venue. Last year people were disappointed a headliner canceled, this happens. Hell I've been on cruises for a specific port of call and one reason or another they have to sk...ip the port. You don't get a refund, it's a chance you take when you attend any event. Acts of God happen, people get sick, get real people! See More
Peter Inzero
· December 21, 2017
Went to see Sam hunt and guess what Sam didn't even play and the "money back" was a little bit if money off of next year's ticket which you had to buy those tickets before August or u didnt get your "...special 10% off" � TOC See More
Elaine Woolson
· June 29, 2017
I have been to all the festivals except the first. Every year they change things, and most of the time it is worse. The security that checks your car and parks you (in VIP CAR camping) had absolutel...y no idea what they were doing. No one could answer your questions. Each person you asked a question gave you a different answer. The spaces were marked out but were in no way close to the 10'x30' space we paid for....we measured a few with our own tape measure. When we first got set up we were told we couldn't exit through the building, we had to go ALL around the fenced area to get to the gate. They did change this after many people complained, thank god!! Also, I was told they almost took away access to the indoor bathrooms. What are we paying the higher VIP price for?? Also, they took away the VIP T-shirt this year, which was very disappointing......please bring them back!
Also, the VIP viewing area was so much smaller this year. You could barely get near the stage.....they opened a large part of our area to the general admission, which made our viewing area VERY cramped.
We were so very pleased that they kept the same food caterers. Their food was AMAZING and their staff so pleasant and courteous. There were long lines at times but they moved quickly. I would suggest putting a few of the tables back as it was sometimes hard to get a seat.
The line up was okay, not as good as other years. We really enjoyed Kip Moore's performance and wished he would have been allowed to perform longer since San Hunt cancelled. (Am also surprised you are having Sam Hunt scheduled again for next year.) I really don't think the compensation you are giving is fair to everyone either.
See More
Cheyane Milano
· April 24, 2018
DM me if you have a parking pass! Preferably bear creek car
Jennifer Adele Delora
· April 10, 2018
Doesn't respond to messages about ADA accessibility & their links to emails about it, don't work. Making the festival non compliant regarding accessibility & specifically regarding qualified sign musi...c interpreting specialists. "Volunteer" interpreters ate not qualified and non musical specialists aren't either. Yet, there's NO WAY TO CONTACT THEM REGARDING ADA ACCESS. See More
Nicole Molnar
· June 26, 2017
Been to Taste of Country every year but one. Each year it gets more and more expensive yet the quality of the concert itself hasn't improved. The latest development is downright disgusting. After 1/3 ...headliners Sam Hunt was unable to perform this year, the "compensation policy", if you can even call it that, is 10% off for weekend pass holders if you purchase the same tickets next year. So not only is there no actual compensation for 2017 weekend pass holders, you only get 10% off WHEN you commit to going again and are essentially paying twice for the same headliner. Looking for a full refund for my 2018 tickets after this BS. RIPOFF! See More
Holly Fulton
· September 23, 2016
I don't understand why there are all the extra costs all of a sudden. We're staying at the Hunter Highlands & the past 3 years we've been allowed to cut through the camping area & NOW we have to buy ...a camping pass with our admission tickets? The condo's are expensive enough & now we have to purchase camping tickets too? It's not right. Some people while not handicap cannot walk up that huge mountain at the end of the night & we shouldn't have to pay extra .... See More
David Neff
· April 13, 2017
Went the 1st and 3rd year.. I will not be going again. Not that the music wasn't good or the fact that it rained both times. The mountain can be a little tough to get up but the biggest problem BY FAR... is how many people I feel were getting drunk for the 1st time and had no clue how to act. Not to mention they oversold it and you couldn't move. See More
Jean LaFalce
· May 10, 2017
Had a great time all 3 days last year, it was a bit cold the 3rd day but your on a mountain so you kinda expect it. I couldn't believe how amazing the staff were and even though the crowd getting out ...was a bit difficult I had an amazing time. Can't wait to be back at it on June 9th, this Aldean Army Member want's front row!!!! See More
Neil Woodger
· June 13, 2017
Had a great time, shame about Sam Hunt, but it did not spoil my weekend. Weather was great, line-up was excellent, food and drink was pretty good and overall I thought the venue was well set up.

Can... someone give me an idea of the cost of RV parking, preferably the parking lot VIP, walking distance to the venue. See More
Zach Jacobs
· May 7, 2018
Looking for car camping message me if you are selling!
Anthony Jahoda
· June 26, 2017
This festival is garbage. Overpriced everything, and after Sam hunt cancels the day of the show we are told we get back $35 .. We spent $120 per ticket and came just for him. I'm not a big country fan..., but we justified the proce bc we really like Sam Hunt. Ill never come back to this b.s. festival. Thieves.. TOC can GIFS See More
Jimmy McGrath
· May 15, 2018
Best festival all summer! Get your tix & camping passes early! It sells out FAST!!!
Debra Saltarelli
· May 19, 2017
Went last year. Had fun. It was very cold Sunday. Kid Rock should have never been booked for this venue. Love him but not suitable for this kind of festival. Unfortunately, can't make it this year. Th...e lineup is incredible. Hopefully next year the performers will be as awesome as this year. See More
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