As we expand into other games, here is a funny video of one of our mods who can't drive for sh*t

The first of a possible series. Like and Subscribe to die instantly, or to help motivate me to upload more videos of stupid stuff like this. Twitch (I random...

Remember, don't be like this idiot who gets into an argument with the automatic response system for only having one response. Bring your questions and concerns to our forums, instead!

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Just a reminder that all TeamExtreme-related questions and concerns (including ban appeals) NEED to go on our forums at

We cannot and will not help you with server-related issues, here. Our facebook staff will not answer your questions and concerns seriously or at all.

TE = TeamExtreme Is a massive Minecraft Network. Forums.

Show us your TE builds!

TeamExtreme V3 has been up and running for a week, now! So here's a run-down:

There are three new build worlds with a lot of fresh wilderness to start a faction and go mining!

PVP fanatic? Love to game? We have also added a "Nether" world with mini-games and an absolutely massive, multi-section PVP arena designed by our awesome builders and devs.


Like to mine? We now have a mining world with three dedicated animal farms (plus a fourth just for VIPS!) and four different mines. If you're lucky, you might even get a collectible loot chest with prizes worth thousands in in-game cash!

Sucker for nostalgia? Not a fan of change? Don't worry. The old map is still there and you may continue playing there if you wish! It is called "Build 4" now.

Maybe you just like to explore. We will also be working on a showcase map called "Gaia" over the coming months. It is a custom rendered map that will showcase all of TeamExtreme's finest works.

Log on and use the /portal command to check it out! A full FAQ and change list for V3 can be found here:…/42006-v3-update/

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TE is in the progress of updating to V3. We will be down for a bit but will be back better and stronger than before.

Minecraft 1.9 has been released!

Remember that you will still have to use a 1.8 profile to connect to TeamExtreme.

Now, on the other hand, 1000 blocks are needed to equal a kilometer (or 1600 for a mile.) If you want to fill just one cubic mile, you would need around 10,000 chunks of land.

No one gets 10,000 chunks of land.

Did you know, that Team Extreme is gluten free!?!

Realistically, Minecraft houses are HUGE.

Think about it... A block is a cubic meter. three of those stacked is a single story. Most of our lovely and probably structurally-sound builds would be absolute mansions in real life!

By the way I'm vegan...

We have taken the forums and server offline for maintenance while we investigate a security vulnerability. This is merely a precaution, though standard procedure always suggests to change passwords once you're back online

RaineHeartsong's new backpack. Cute, but demonic af, just don't tell Reaper024 that it talks to her.

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Just a reminder, if something goes wrong....blame 2Piece

KingStevey, RaineHeartSong, Reaper024 & Chewy0ne are chowing down in Nashville!

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KingStevey, RaineHeartSong, Reaper024, & Chewy0ne chowing down in Nashville TN!

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Aerryl and KingStevey

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