This is the video slideshow I made to play during my speech for the Rick Pankow Fundraiser Event on Tuesday.
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Hi TeamGoade! With the weeks leading up to Rich's birth/death day on May 2nd, I would love to remind everyone of our blanket cause to earn money to pay patient's cancer bills!

When we fought cancer we were supported by you -- the best team we could have dreamed of. Many of you even supported us with the bills that seemed so trivial when Rich's days were numbered, but that wouldn't leave us alone.

We can be a team for others in this fight and honor Rich and his caregivers by... purchasing and/or donating blankets.

100% of the proceeds go to pay patient's late cancer bills at St Marks Hospital.

Donated blankets will be used for patients at the hospital.

You can buy these blankets these ways:
1. Click the SHOP NOW at the top of this page and buy with PayPal
2. At my home with cash or check (Mail works too)
3. At the Impact Training Center from Judy
4. Jerry or Ruth in Seattle

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support through the years. We are so blessed by you.

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Makes me happy to see others remembering my Rich. Love never dies. 💜

Thinking of Rich Goade, Todd Lovern and all those affected by Colon Cancer this weekend!

Team iPoop is inspired by Rich Goade, the full-time cancer fighter. ( He's taking down cancer with faith, an excellent team of docto...
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Footprints of Fight is with Ruth Estabaya and 3 others.

Meet our Treasurer Jerry Goade and why he is involved with Footprints of Fight!!
💛In April 2006, my youngest brother, Rich Goade, was diagnosed with stage IV co...lon cancer. Doctors gave him the probability of living two to five years, but he outlived their predictions and lived seven more years. Rich died on May 2, 2013, his 41st birthday. Although Rich spent much of his last seven years at doctor’s offices and hospitals dealing with deteriorating health while receiving cancer treatments, Rich was very quick to point out that he was not fighting this battle alone. His wife, Amy, and their three young daughters fought cancer together. It impacted them all day, every day.

During their seven year journey Rich and Amy were blessed and very thankful for the support system of family and friends that rallied around them to reduce the stress of everyday life so that they could focus on their children, which was the most important priority for them. The everyday challenges that Rich and his family faced became more difficult as they continued their fight against cancer. Through the grace of God, Team Goade was formed - family, friends, neighbors and total strangers stepped up and created meal trains, coordinated house cleaning services, did yard work, took the kids to school, took Rich to his appointments and, along with giving their love and prayers, provided many other generous services. It gave Rich great comfort, courage and strength knowing that his family was supported in so many ways while he focused on his health and his family.

A year an a half after Rich’s passing, our family friends, Jake and Briana Nettleton’s world was changed when their son, Mason Jon, was diagnosed with a rare form of pediatric cancer. We watched as their family began a journey that was very similar to Rich and his family. When Jake and Briana told me about starting Footprints of Fight and their mission to help families reduce the stress of everyday life by providing services for the family and patients of pediatric cancer while going through the treatment process, it was a no-brainer for me - I had to be a part of this foundation. I am blessed and thankful to be a part of this extremely important organization.

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One of our own TeamGoade families created this absolutely amazing non-profit, inspired by their fight with childhood cancer. They really know first hand how to support teams fighting cancer. They fundraise to provide services for sponsored families during their cancer fight-things like house cleaning, meals, etc.

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Footprints of Fight is with Sarah Walton and 5 others.

The families that inspire us everyday!! These 5 FOF Families continue to Fight as a Family and courageously tackle cancer one day at a time!!

Our mission is provide services for the family and patient- the purpose of these services is to reduce the family's stress of everyday life through which increased levels of courage, optimism, strength, and resiliency will form to help the family conquer cancer in the present and future!

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Thanksgiving is coming! Time to get your Team Goade Blanket and Support St. Marks and Teams fighting cancer! They are perfect Christmas presents too! Only $30 + shipping! Click the shop now button in the banner above and get yours on paypal now!

If you're local, private message me and we'll arrange something without shipping charges.

I'll also be in Seattle for Thanksgiving and I'd love to hand deliver!

This Friday night, my beautiful friend Caroline celebrates 3 years of life after her stem cell transplant! She puts on this free concert every year for anyone who wants to celebrate with her! This year it's at our friend Steve Price and Rebecca Woolley Price's house and we'll be listening to Goodbye Gilford.

$5/person or $20/family. You can also purchase a lantern for $5 and write a loved one's name on it to send off after the concert and donations are welcomed. All proceeds are going to a family who's facing financial challenges from cancer!

Bring the family and a chair or blanket and enjoy one of our last beautifully warm evenings with great music and a great cause. I'll see you there!

Fri 6:00 PM MDT13023 Blackberry Circle Draper, UT 84020
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Hey! We just added a "SHOP NOW" button to the Team Goade page! Yay! It's at the top on the banner! Now you can buy your own Team Goade blanket to support St. Marks and Teams fighting cancer.

Show us how you love your TeamGoade blanket! How are you greater than cancer? Post your pictures and tag TeamGoade to honor Rich for the anniversary of his birth and death on May 2nd! Message me if you want to buy one for $35. (All proceeds go to pay patient's late cancer bills). Thanks for this pic Bri!

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Today just keeps on giving! The long awaited Team Goade blankets are here! In my hands!!! We are so excited to honor our Rich Goade , his caregivers and everyone who fights cancer! They are the softest, light weight, twin sized blankets known on Earth and only cost $35!
1. 100% of the proceeds will be used to pay medical bills for cancer patients at St. Marks Hospital!
2. All donated blankets will be used in the blanket warmers at St. Marks Hospital!
3. These make great gifts... for families fighting cancer. Keep a few/donate a few! Create a team for families in this fight.
Ways to buy!
1. Bring cash or check to my house and pick up your blankets right then.
2. Judy at the Impact Training Center has a stash and you can buy directly from her.
3. Message me and we can arrange anything.
Special thanks to our friends at for donating these blankets at cost!
Together we are greater than our challenges! Let's fight cancer as a team!

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I have had such a great time working with these beautiful people and being #thankful for the gifts and blessings in our lives! #changedforgood

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FYI, I just got word that the TEAM GOADE blankets have been released from China! They have been stuck in customs or something for a really long time! I'll keep you posted when they arrive!

This little boy is part of a very dear, inspiring and powerful family and I'm so proud to be their friend! If you feel like opening your heart and being changed forever, follow this page. Their love is bursting out of it. We love Team Mason!

Updating friends and family on how our favorite little guy is doing!

Mason(4) was diagnosed w/Stage 2 Wilms tumor (kidney cancer) August 16, 2014