Taylor enjoying some play time tonite while unhooked from his medicine. :)
Thanks Lisa the tractor is a huge hit! Taylor loves it!!
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March 1
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Erin Kulpinski

4 years already 💕

Erin Kulpinski

A year ago today the doctors confirmed something that I never thought would happen to my little boy. They told me that the mass in his stomach was cancerous. Th...e mass that was originally thought to be appendicitis was cancer. I was in shock and disbelief the next few weeks were just a blur filled with tests to confirm the type of cancer and the stage of cancer, and the start of his first round of chemo. No one ever expects to hear that their child has cancer, it takes the wind out of you. This week is 1 that I will always remember as 1 that Taylor has overcome so much and shown the cancer who is boss. Let's face it he shows me he's boss everyday lol, that's part of his fighting spirit. I am so proud to say that he is my little boy and hero. Here's to the rough times, sad times, and to the triumphant times. Taylor even though you are still in treatment you are a survivor and 1 of the strongest fighters that I know.

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