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ABC's Devin Dwyer has Friday's top tech headlines!

Apple's decision to add a "kill switch" to phones has reduced thefts.

ABC's Devin Dwyer has today's top tech headlines.

Facebook will makes upgrades for the iPad and iPhone apps with sidebars of trending content.

Slingshot is a product of Facebook's Creative Labs Initiative and was born during a three-day hackathon held in December 2013.

Instead of breaking barriers, Facebook is building them with its new ephemeral messaging app, "Slingshot," which catapulted today into the Apple and Google Play stores.

ABC's Reena Ninan has Thursday's tech headlines!

Tweet Deck is back up and running after Twitter took it down to fix a security flaw.

ABC's Reena Ninan has today's tech headlines!

The FAA has approved BP to fly the first commercial drone flight over Alaskan oil fields.

ABC's Reena Ninan has Tuesday's top tech headlines!

Protech has created a new product that could save lives during a school shooting.

Here's a list of the world's most valuable global brands and what you may not know about them!

While a list of the most valuable brands in the world may be familiar names, but they're strong companies for the very fact that they're known for so much more.

With one click and a quick note, users can query friends about the status of their love lives.

As if it wasn't enough to field questions about why you're still single or how that divorce is going, there's now a simple button on Facebook that will do the dirty work.

ABC's John Muller has Friday's top tech headlines!

911 call centers can now accept texts.

ABC's John Muller has Thursday's top tech headlines!

Minnesota becomes first state to require kill switch for smart phones and tablets.

Take a stroll down memory lane...

"All the best stuff is made in Japan," said Marty McFly back in 1990.

Minuum's keyboard app allows users to type using the touchpad or head movements.

No keyboard, no problem. Minuum, a company that makes a single-line Android keyboard app, announced plans to bring its technology to Google Glass.

ABC's John Muller has today's #HumpDay tech headlines!

The Worldview 3 satellite which will launch in August can see one foot long objects from space.

Mark Zuckerberg is worth nearly one billion dollars for every year he’s been alive!

Happy Birthday, Mark Zuckerberg!

ABC's John Muller has Tuesday's top tech headlines!

Microsoft will release the Windows Phone 8.1 on June 24.

JOBR takes a page from online dating app to pair job applicants and recruits.…/jobr-app-aims-employment-tin…/story…

In the future, the solution to all of life's challenges could begin with swiping right.