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We are supposed to book 6 Redmi 1s in next sale, out of which 2 are already booked. If you want to get one*, please let me know.

After sale we can place Flipkart's COD order at your desired address. And after your receive oder confirmation you can make payment with net banking.


Thank You!

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This list explains terms used when discussing BitTorrent clients, and in particular the BitTorrent protocol used by these clients.
I would like to share with you how to check Digital Copy or UltraViolet or Blu ray releases on IMDb & download them for free. Avoid falling for CAMrips now

I started writing this blog…/
on 14 June, 2012 @ 11:14, but never was able to complete one, IMDb always blocked my tricks which I was supposed to share, finally I found one around a week before. When I started writing blog once again I found out Google Chrome extension IMDb Links was removed from Google Chrome Webstore, so I finally decided to make my own extension, but publishing it at Google Webstore would cost $5 a...nd even was not sure if it would be removed by them.

So I made extension "IMDb Download.crx", but fuckin' problems won't stop. When extension is donwloaded from any other source than Webstore, chrome returns the error : "Extenions, apps, and user scripts can only be added from the Chrome Web Store."

Discovered another way to add extension although it came by overcoming lots of errors, I remember I was damn frustrated and was going to quit, but the last error I found out was just due to damn missing comma(,).

Finally everything went properly, but while making video tutorial found out my mic wasn't working then made video with captions, and finally after siting straight 6 hrs here is my final blog. Feeling so happy

Inspiration for this was my Dad. After 6 months only because of him it got possible and got a lesson with inspiration you can do any fuckin' thing in this world.

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After a long long time I would like to share this new trick with you my friends, I hope you would like that…/

When IMDb blocked all google chrome, extension, from where we can download movies? You can still download movies from IMDb with the new Chrome extension.
Now a days if you see every 3G plan provided by any Internet Service Providers is suppressed by Fair Usage Policy, where they provide us High Speed 7.2/3.2 Mbps internet connection till some fix Data Usage considered to be 1GB, 2GB, max to max 30GB after that speed is capped down to 256Kbps and the...
My lots of friends asks me from where to download movies, lots of friends don’t have concepts clear about torrent so I can’t explain everyone the complete process every time....
Many of you know but for whom those who don’t know First of let me tell you What is TeamViewer? Its is an software which allow you to connect remote...
Those who don’t know about RATIO: As is torrents data is not present on any server, its on various PCs(seeds) and to keep torrent alive for long day its very...
Demonoid Registrations are open today be hurry friends and get your if on damonoid as soon as possible otherwise registration would close and you would miss the chance!
First of all let me tell you What is torrents and how it works? In lame language Torrent is a small file which contains the information required for an torrent...
I personally use Google Chrome because of its all features which make it best of any other browser in market. The very first thing which impresses the person are...
Hi Friends on my very first post I would like to let you know about a very fantastic mobile social networking site called as MSPN, which is complete free to...