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Technologies Changing The World is for everyone from kids learning to deciding on their career path to the average person who never heard about some of the newest technologies. If you would like to get involved in spreading the word and finding out where were headed. Please contact us at

Is virtual reality the future of learning?

A University of Saskatchewan study shows virtual reality improves learning among first and second year students at the College of Medicine.

How technology can change the future of health in America

All of these developments in health technology will ultimately benefit patients and have the potential to reduce cost of care.

How Are Different Generations Using IoT?

The generation gap seen in current IoT utilization is surprising.

Use Your Brain: Artificial Intelligence Isn't Close to Replacing It

A mind-uploading startup shows how far we are from true artificial intelligence.


Machine learning, which is bringing about the most dramatic advancements in artificial intelligence, is a data intensive technique. Lots of data is required to create, test and train the AI. As AI is gaining importance in the business world, so is big data.

The housing industry is on the brink of a design revolution, and it’s disrupt or be disrupted.

What do today's renters want? Desire for personalization and less stress, integration of AI and IoT into apartment infrastructure, concentration of 35+ age groups will drive multifamily in next 12 years.

FINANCIAL MARKETS - Do You Have What It Takes To Successfully Trade Financial Markets?

Can individual traders beat the markets? A wealth of evidence suggests that trading talent exists but is rare and is grounded in personality and cognitive strengths.

EDUCATION - This 27-year-old MIT graduate explains why she gave up a promising career in tech to help kids get vital job skills

Meet Netia McCray, who's helping solve a problem that's getting worse every year.

DATA SCIENCE - Why building the right data science team for your business is crucial

Algorithms don't change the business, only teams that understand the business outcomes with data will be able to scale up, experts say.According to SAP, only 17 percent of the global businesses unders...

HYPERLOOP - What is Hyperloop? Everything you need to know about the race for super-fast travel

Hyperloop technologies could revolutionise travel: here's everything you need to know about the technology and the companies involved.

BIG DATA - Big data is going to shape our future cities. Will it treat us all equally?

We create data every day as we move around our cities. Should it be used for urban planning?

How Blockchain Technology Will Drive Clients To Your Law Firm

Blockchain technology is the new black of technology. You have probably heard of blockchain in relation to bitcoin and how it’s bitcoin’s underlying technology. But what exactly is blockch

5 Things You Need to Know about Big Data

There’s a lot of social media and general internet buzz regarding Big Data, but what exactly is it? Here are 5 interesting things to know about Big Data.

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning not just for geeks; they can help SMEs, traders too

Banks in India should start conducting POCs (proof of concept) in this DLT (distributed ledger technology) to get a deeper understanding of its (blockchain technology) implications from the dimension of deployment in trade finance.

Living In A Jetsons World: Predictions For Smart Homes In 2018 And Beyond

Smart homes are becoming a reality across the country, but what will they look like in the years to come?

Five Technologies That Will Transform the Future of Commercial Banking

Business banking is now also catching on to this growing trend and in this article, we select five of the most important technologies that are going to transform the future of commercial banking.