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Thanks to our master of film and editing, Charlie Roberts, we are close to uploading the videos from this year's TEDxFitchburgStateU. Stay tuned!


Thanks to everyone for participating today! We couldn't have asked for a better event!

Thanks to the Sigma Pi fraternity for running the livestream room in Ellis White in Hammond tomorrow! For anyone watching the livestream, there will be black screens between speakers -- don't worry, we'll be back on!

Remember, you can watch TEDxFitchburgStateU live online!

Watch TEDx's TedX Fitchburg State U 2014 on

We've posted the program with approximate times, plus the link to the livestream! All 100 spots have been filled, so if you don't have a ticket, please watch online!…/tedxfitchburgstateu-progr…/

Here is the line up for TEDxFitchburgStateU. Watch along LIVE at this link on livestream. Please note that some of the times below may be approximate due to the variability in length of speakers' t...

Even if you can't make it on March 22, you can watch the entire event LIVE at

Watch TEDx's TedX Fitchburg State U 2014 on

What is TEDxFitchburgStateU? It's an independently organized TED conference. How will it open? With this:

TED Curator Chris Anderson introduces you to the TEDx program. About TEDx, x=independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a ...

We are honored to have Mayor Lisa Wong of Fitchburg as our opening speaker on March 22:

Mayor, City of Fitchburg Lisa A. Wong is serving her third term as Mayor of Fitchburg. She was first elected to that office in November of 2007 at the age of 28, and is youngest female mayor...

FSU student Nicole Lucia will be discussing relationships:

Bio: I am an aspiring educator, leaning towards high school English. I have a deep interest in both the welfare and visibility of youth and of the Queer community. I am active on campus in w...

If you would like to join the audience at TEDxFitchburgStateU, the application form is now live. Per TED's rules, the number that can attend is capped at 100.

Only two more speakers left after today! Announcing that Ben Lieberman will be another faculty member speaker:…/benjamin-lieberman/

Banality of Never Again: After the Holocaust it became common to declare “never again,” but the more I hear the lofty phrase the less I know what it means. It appears to mean that we should never h...

Team Comeau will present a tale of sisters and recovery:…/katie-and-sarah-comeau/

About Katie: I’m a senior sociology major with a plan to go for my PhD in sociology. Some of the best experiences in my life happened during three trips to Haiti. I met some amazing people who are ...

Announcing our next speaker, Professor Laura Garofoli:

Laura Garofoli is an associate professor of psychological science at Fitchburg State University. As an educational psychologist and licensed special educator, she is no stranger to the myriad chall...

Our next speaker reflects Fitchburg State's interest in pedagogy and the education of teachers:

BIO: David Lane is an educator with 20 years experience. He has worked in progressive, alternative educational settings as well as traditional public education systems. He has taught adolescents a...

Next speaker announcement: Coelynn McIninch

"The Shape and Feel of Nothing" The human mind has an incredible ability to create form out of nothingness. I am a Sythesthete. All time, data and language arrange itself around me in three-...