In-store healthy eating advice: opinion is divided as some feel its a bit 'nanny state'. Interested to know what you think - good idea or food police?!

Waitrose are to start providing nutritional help for its customers by introducing "healthy eating specialists" onto the shop floor. This announcement comes following research conducted by the supermarket chain, which found that half of people would say that they don’t feel like they take enough ca...

I’m coming to Finchley for Spring! I’ve got my very own private room we can talk in - individually or in small groups.

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🍼Not sure where to start with weaning?


😤 Frustrated with a fussy eater?

👫 Worried your child isn’t getting what they need?

🙋‍♀️ Want some space to focus on YOU and get your own diet and wellbeing back on track?

Get in touch and let’s chat about how I can help:

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Gotta hand it to those parents...that is a pretty funny April Fools' stunt. But, on a separate note, I can't help but feel a bit cross that fruit is being used as the trick. It's basically like saying "HaHa you wanted chocolate but you got grapes, gutted!"

Fruit & veg should be presented to kids on as even a playing field as chocolate and sweets, so as not to encourage food hierarchy whereby one type of food is seen as more valuable than another.

I'd have preferred to see pong balls wrapped instead - though maybe the shape would've given it away... Anyone got any non-food egg shaped ideas you can store up for 2029?

(PS. apparently that's the next time Easter falls on 1st April, in case you were wondering...!!)

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Brussels sprouts disguised as chocolates are dished out as Easter Sunday falls on April Fool's Day

Could advertising get us eating more veg? Hmm I don't know but its sure worth a good try. Sounds like we all need to watch this space...

Advertisers are the experts at persuading us to eat burgers, crisps and fizzy drinks. But what if they tried to sell us something healthier?

FREE fussy eating tips from the fabulous Nicole at The Kids' Kitchen. Sign up for her webinar on April 5th at 8pm and learn how to create family foodies!

Mar 27 - Apr 5The Kids' KitchenLondon, United Kingdom

Who else is doing the Family Foodies 5 day challenge with me? These daily mindful snippets from are a great way to refocus and put fussy eating back into perspective!

It's good to be reminded now and then that kids' meals don't need to be complicated to be nutritious.

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The Wellthy Plate

🌈🌈🌈 Doesn’t this kid’s plate make you want to happy dance? All those colors + less than 10 minutes to throw together. We’ve got grilled cheese + bell peppers, g...reen beans, blueberries and carrot salad. And one happy camper, which make one happy/less stressed mom. Kids meals don’t have to be rocket science to include all the vitamins and nutrients they need. #eattherainbow #eatveggies #eatrealfood #kidsmeal #kidsnutrition #kidfood #easymeals #familymeals #healthyfamily #healthykids #foodmatters #nutritiontips #momapproved #rdapproved #fiveaday #growhealthykids #childrenshealth #weeknightmeals #whatkidseat

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Who's joining me in this FREE 5-DAY FAMILY FOOD SOS CHALLENGE?

Led by the fabulous Nicole from The Kids' Kitchen, you'll get a motivational message to your inbox every day this week.

Sign up now to make sure you don't miss out - today's tip is a GOOD one, trust me! (see link to join below...)

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The Kids' Kitchen

SO excited to launch this next week!I I have a free 5 day challenge to help you on the road to better family mealtimes. Many of you struggle (as I did – that’s ...why I set up the cooking school) with fussy eating so this challenge is all about quick, simple and practical things to think about and do to improve your family’s relationship with food AND there will be a space on my new 12 week Family Foodies SOS group programme up for grabs too. To join in, just click the link…/family-foodies-5-day-challenge and you can add yourself to the Facebook group too

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Great tips from Kidadl founder Hannah about juggling work and parenthood. Nice to see meal planning gets a mention 👍 plus the importance of looking after your own health and well-being too.... (anyone let this fall by the wayside??)

More about wellness coaching for mums coming SOON 🤗

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Great to hear some inspiration on how to manage a hectic job and life as a mum of 3 from our co-founder Hannah Feldman who shared her top tips with Motherhood: The Real Deal. Click here to read the full story !

New 'Caffeine Calculator' can help pregnant mums track their caffeine intake compared to recommended levels during pregnancy

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Start4Life Information Service for Parents

Too much caffeine during pregnancy can be bad for baby, but it's sometimes hard to know where the limit is! Tommy's have created a 'Caffeine Calculator' to help you know how much you're having compared to the recommended limit of 200mg a day. Check it out here:

It's Salt Awareness Week and this year the campaign is focusing on families!

Eating too much salt during childhood increases blood pressure which can then track into adulthood and later life, increasing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Its best to just not let children get into the habit of liking (and expecting) salty tastes to begin with.

6g of salt per day is the maximum recommended limit for adults -for little ones its even less. Here's a great infographic showing ...6 ways to 6 grams...

Find out more about salt from the Action on Salt website:…/salt-awareness-week-2018/

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Love this idea for a healthy Easter treat!

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My Fussy Eater

Easter Egg Breakfast Popsicles - healthy enough for breakfast, fun enough for dessert! From Eats Amazing

Full written recipe here:…/healthy-easter-egg-breakfast…

Front row seat @gailsbakery really makes me want to do #baking! Don't think I've ever stuck to a cake recipe, always experimenting to reduce the sugar (sorry kids, can't help myself haha!)
My top tips for healthier baking?
🍪Swap half plain for wholemeal flour
🍰Cut the sugar (most recipes can usually take at least a 20-30g reduction without too much noticeable difference in taste)...
🍇Add raisins or chopped dates for extra natural sweetness (along with a fibre boost)
🍌For banana cakes always use over-ripe ones - the blacker the better, they're much sweeter. (I always add an extra one if I've cut the sugar...)
🍍Use apple purée or drained tinned pineapple (in juice not syrup) for extra moisture
🍠Experiment with weird and wonderful combinations that pack in a bit extra nutrition - e.g. sweet potato brownies, or chocolate & black bean or beetroot cupcakes - my fave 😋- what's yours...?

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A worrying number of parents of overweight children in England think that their youngsters are a healthy weight, a new survey has found. Figures uncovered from a Health Survey for England study published last month by NHS Digital, reveal that parents are struggling to pick up signs that their childr...
Experts with children share their recipes and tips for fellow parents.

New government campaign launched today recommending parents give children no more than 2 X 100 calorie snacks a day. Public Health England says parents will appreciate this 'rule of thumb' guideline - do you think it's helpful? Would love to hear your thoughts on this...

Parents should only allow two healthy snacks a day, a health body says in new year drive.