Happy national puppy day to this swamp dawg, and all the other swamp dawgs out there. 🐶 #nationalpuppyday 🐕

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If you see this post in your feed, that means you've done your research.
Music I wrote for the Varsity Punks film exit credit music.

Music inspired and written for the movie Varsity Punks. Written, played, and arranged by AJ Gallardo
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Been told to take myself more seriously.

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In my teenage bedroom I got an 'A' in daydreaming.

My mother was a dancer... and now I can dance too.

There's no time like the right time, and baby the right time is now!

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Every little nothing is some kind of something.

Tiny dudes at the bottom.

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'We are all guilty of anger, pain, envy & greed... to the recently found innocent... we all will soon be freed.‘

Thank you Jesus.

When Prince was one of the world's biggest and greatest stars, he released all his music on Warner Bros. But in the early '90s, Prince and the label fell out.

Facebook suggests that my next goal should be "100 Likes". Who cares... Lars likes me.

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ESPN Video: Tristan Saether of Los Angeles club The Cha Cha Lounge discusses the second annual Cha Cha Indepdendent skate film festival.
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4340 is feeling hungry in La Puente, California.

We're playing a house party (this) Saturday March 22nd in La Puente.
Come on out! The water is warm!