Hill Country Roads
Photographer Jason Weingart is live from a field of bluebonnets outside of Brenham, Texas.
Snow day! You, our fans, have shared some of the most amazing photos of the Hill Country's blanket of snow. Enjoy and thanks for sharing!

This photo of sunrise near Midland was taken last Easter by @Christopher Green. For your chance to be featured on our page, share your best photo of Texas with us!

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Texas Bluebonnets

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Dorothy Crawford
· March 16, 2018
Have been following this page for several years and enjoy it very much. However, the one thing I looked forward to each Sunday was the Texas Hill Country Church’s sign, which is no longer being poste...d. I suppose someone was “offended “ by a Church’s outdoor billboard that had a humorous message each week. Well, I’m offended that you aren’t posting it anymore. The messages were humorous, sometimes double entendres, that were meaningful, and not always “religious”. Sorry, Texas Hill Country, that you must have given in to the few who complained, because I believe the majority of your followers enjoyed them. See More
Michael Cottingham
· November 21, 2017
I wish that this page had the confidence to address vitriolic language and racially charged attacks. I have enjoyed much of this page but their decision to take down a link to a story represented them... kowtowing to my hide who made offensive posts. I hope this approach is not supported by the Texas Hill Country community as we have always enjoyed our vacations there and found the people accepting and warm. See More
Rachel Beauchamp
· October 15, 2017
I'm so sad. I loved this page when I first found it. Daily pictures of our beautiful Texas Hill Country and even had a couple friends pics get shared by the page. What happened? Now it's just random v...ideos and articles that have nothing to do with Texas. So confusing. See More
Peter Crandall Polk
· September 22, 2017
Gone from great to poor.
Last time I clicked on a site, a full screen advertisement for Samsung popped up after reading a couple of lines of type.
They no longer seem to be able to focus on the Texa...s Hill Country.
Let's have some good, independent reports, instead of just a bunch of clickbait and material taken from other sites.
See More
Stacy M. Scott
· February 1, 2018
This page posted clips from tornado movies seeming to emply they where real storms. I commented on the post that it was a fake and from a movie, then I shared a link to the movie trailer and this page... flagged my comments as spam! WTF guys. Be a grown up and own up to your crap but don't be calling people something they aren't to save face because it will blow up in your face! :-( See More
Jenny Kimbrough
· February 15, 2018
What happened? The page used to be so wonderful when it was just about the Hill Country and when y'all weren't marketing so much to us. I recommended it to several friends a couple of years ago and a... couple of others noticed this, too. See More
Rachel Semmes
· January 19, 2018
Get a new adnmin. This one is ruining this page. It has stopped with all the beautiful pictures and interesting stories about this state. Inching to nationwide hooha. Bye y'all!
Tom Burttschell
· December 29, 2017
Pop up ads prevent..not just slow, but prevent the articles from being able to be read. I know it is about ad revenue, but if users stop using then you have zero revenue
Rick Cadden
· January 23, 2018
Way too may dumb ads pop up while reading your posts. So annoying to click them off and they just keep popping up. Why do you do that?
Don Walt
· January 6, 2018
Y'all come on down to a fine place to be.. Enjoy real people and their thinking.
Jean Wampler Crouse
· September 19, 2017
If you are looking for interesting stories about Texas and the people, you might also enjoy Texas Country Reporter fb page. I've watched the television version of TCR for years and love it. It is on t...he ABC station (Abilene-San Angelo KTXS) 6:30 pm on Saturdays. See More
Carlie Robinson Clarke
· March 28, 2018
This used to be a wonderful page focusing on the Hill Country. Now inundated with pop up ads. So annoying! Another good thing ruined by greed. Unfollowed!
Jerialice Arsenault
· March 16, 2018
Thanks for all your support over the years! We’ve really enjoyed seeing our name in “lights” and our business has improved!
Kristi Robertson Baez
· December 16, 2017
Too many ad pop ups that intuitively block an article over and over. I understand the purpose of ads but you shouldn't shove them in people's faces time and again after they choose X.
Matt Pluta
· October 15, 2017
Not what it used to be. I am not interested in what they’ve been posting lately.I originally started following this page because I thought it was going to be about the Texas Hill country.
Brynn Beebe
· October 15, 2017
UN-followed, UN-liked, tired of clickbait that has nothing to do with Texas.... plus I'm tired of the auto-correct on this page, if I type "UN", I don't mean "In"
David Coquat
· September 27, 2017
Used to be awesome. Now it's covered in massive popup ads, and the writers have stopped caring about punctuation and spelling. Most of the stuff they are posting now is only for click bait, or outdate...d articles from over a year ago.

Im very disappointed in what they've let themselves become.
See More
Debra Menesco
· January 20, 2018
This page is not about the Hill Country. But if you want biased views, this page is for you.
Chuck Butts
· January 27, 2018
Gone downhill really fast! It used to have some really wonderful photos & stuff about the Hill Country. No more. Now they're just pushing the liberal ideas & California agendas.
Kelci Ganley
· January 19, 2018
I actually liked this page until today. I thought it was for the TX hill country, not Texas conservatives. Good to know �