How the Marshals made new fans in Victoria!
Last night in Victoria there were people from Sodalis at Victoria at the game. Sodalis is a memory care facility that specializes in taking care of patients with Alzheimer's, dementia, etc. Some of their team was there as one of their residents threw out the first pitch.
Once the game got delayed, they decided it was best to load up and head back before the rain hit.
As they started loading up, some of our players noticed this and ...they went over to the van to help them load up the resident and the van.
They asked our players if they could take a picture with them and not only did they say yes but they went ahead and made sure they brought the whole team out for pictures!
The people were really happy and very impressed by the actions of our team! They made sure to send us these pictures and to tell us all that happened!
They wished us luck on today's doubleheader and safe travels for the remainder of the season.
This goes to show you that even little things don't go unnoticed and how our players made good use of the rain delay!
These people might be from Victoria but the Marshals sure did leave them with a great impression!
Good job guys!
Thank you Brittany Janca from Sodalis of Victoria for sharing the story and these pictures with us!
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Here is the Best of Marshals Batting!
First, we start with Jaylon Keys who finished the season with the best avg at .301. In 43 games, he got 43 hits, 24 runs, 3 HRs and 14 RBIs!
Next, we had a tied for most home runs!
Phillip Kunsa (@phillipk14) and Casey Maack (@thecmaack2) hit 4 HRs which is also tied for most in the TCL
Kunsa played 43 games where he got 25 hits, 11 runs, and 21 RBIs!...
Casey Maack did hit 4 HRs but he also had the most RBIs with 29 of them which was 2nd most in the league! Along with those stats, Maack played 38 games, got 34 hits, 15 runs, and 10 stolen bases!
After that, we have Connor Scruggs (@cscruggs15) who was the Marshals' leader in many categories! Scruggs finished with the most hits with 57, which got him 2nd in league. He scored 25 runs which was the most for the Marshals! Also, Scruggs is the only player to have played in all 55 games that were played this season, which of course was the most games played by any player in the league. He had 204 at bats, most in the league. Add to that 2 HRs, 19RBIs, and 11 stolen bases!
Finally, we end with JT Vangelder (@jtvangelder) who had the most stolen bases with 15, which ties him for 3rd in the league! JT played 29 games, and got 28 hits, 12 runs, a home run, and 9 RBIs!
Good job guys! Keep up the hard work with your schools this upcoming season!
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Jose Delmar (@josedelmar21) with the final out of last night's game! Delmar got the save last night. The video starts with a 1-1 count. #GoMarshals #MarshalsBaseball #TexasMarshals #TXM2017 #CollegeBaseball #Baseball #Dallas #DFW #Plano #LovePlano #VisitPlano #Texas
Batting Practice at Graham Field before our game!
BP before tonight's game against the Cane Cutters!

Our previous post had to change because the Victoria Generals had some issues and had to fix stats from our last series against them which changed many of the pitching stats. The changes were made earlier today.
Sorry for the late change!
Here is the updated and correct Best of Marshals Pitching!
First we start with Brandon Talley (@btalley20) who did finish with an ERA of 3.05 which was the second best in the league. He also pitched 44.1 innings which is f...ourth in the team and 35 strikeouts.
Next, we have Jose Delmar (@josedelmar21) was actually the best in two categories. He pitched the most innings with 57.1 and he also had the most strikeouts with 39. He also had a save.
After that we have Chase Morris (@cha53_m0rr15). Morris had the most saves in the season along with 26 strikeouts in 34.1 innings pitched!
Finally, we have Jeremy Hammer who had the most wins with 4, which ties him for 3rd best in the league! Hammer also had a complete game along with 55.1 innings pitched (2nd most in the team, 30 strikeouts and a 3.74 ERA!
Great job guys!
Come back tomorrow to check out the Best of Marshals Hitting!
Once again sorry for the mix up we got a late notice of the stat changes.
#GoMarshals #MarshalsBaseball #TexasMarshals #TXM2017 #Baseball #CollegeBaseball #Dallas #DFW #Plano #VisitPlano #LovePlano #Texas

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The Texas Marshals would like to thank the fans, sponsors, and players for everything they did this season!
To the fans, thank you for coming out to Graham Field each and every time to support the team and cheer them on! We really appreciate all the support and all the help you have given us! From helping run the scoreboard, buying from concessions, helping with the grill out, and supporting the team, we thank you for it. Also, if you were a host family this season, we apprec...iate it so much and we know the players do as well!
To the sponsors, thank you for the tremendous help that you gave us throughout the season! Whether you provided rooms for the visiting teams, team meals after games, etc. we thank you and we don't know what we would have done without your help.
Finally, to the players, thank you all for the hard work throughout the entire season! We are still getting many positive comments from people in Victoria for your help during the rain delay, who knew we would end up getting so many fans in Victoria! We are happy to have had you play on the Texas Marshals! We wish you the best of luck with each of your colleges! Hope you all have a great season!
Here are a few pictures from different points in the season! There were many good moments so it was hard to narrow this down!
Hope to see you all back next summer!
#GoMarshals #MarshalsBaseball #TXM2017 #TexasMarshals

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Due to the weather in Louisiana, the Marshals-Cane Cutters game has been cancelled.
It is a shame since the Marshals started getting hot this inning, scored 3 straight runs, and had the bases loaded with no outs!

The game is under a lightning delay.
The game is in the top of the 5th, with the score Marshals 4-5 Cane Cutters, no outs, and the bases loaded for the Marshals!

Sorry the wait everyone, we were working with the Cane Cutters to get the link to the stream.
Here is the link, enjoy the game!
It is currently Marshals 0-1 Cane Cutters in the bottom of the 2nd.

The newest team to join the Texas Collegiate League. The Acadiana Cane Cutters is a summer collegiate wooden bat team. We feature players from various universities who all have a bright future. Check us out and see tomorrow's star today!

Alright everyone, here we go one last time!
Here is tonight's Wyndham Garden Starting Lineup for your Texas Marshals!
Let's go Marshals! Let's end the season with a win tonight!
And yes you read that right, Casey Maack is tonight's starting pitcher!
#GoMarshals #MarshalsBaseball #TexasMarshals #TXM2017

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Due to weather, the Marshals-Cane Cutters game is now scheduled to start around 7:25PM

Final: Marshals 4-7 Cane Cutters
The Marshals will play the Cane Cutters once again tomorrow in the final game of the season.
First pitch is at 7PM

After 2 innings, the score is Marshals 2-3 Cane Cutters
#GoMarshals #TexasMarshals #TXM2017 #MarshalsBaseball

Check out tonight's action happening in Louisiana in the link below!
Let's go Marshals!
#GoMarshals #TexasMarshals #TXM2017 #MarshalsBaseball

The newest team to join the Texas Collegiate League. The Acadiana Cane Cutters is a summer collegiate wooden bat team. We feature players from various universities who all have a bright future. Check us out and see tomorrow's star today!

Here is tonight's Wyndham Garden Dallas North Starting Lineup for your Texas Marshals!
Only two games left in the regular season, including tonight's game!
#GoMarshals #TexasMarshals #MarshalsBaseball #TXM2017

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Marshals WIN!!!
The Marshals win both games in today's doubleheader against the Victoria Generals!
The first game ended Marshals 5-1 Generals
The second was Marshals 2-1 Generals!
The Marshals will travel back to Acadiana tomorrow to take on the Cane Cutters in the final series of the season!...
#GoMarshals #TexasMarshals #TXM2017 #MarshalsBaseball #CollegeBaseball #Baseball #Dallas #DFW #Plano #VisitPlano #LovePlano #Texas #WeWantPlayoffs

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The Marshals and Generals are currently tied 1-1 in the top of the 5th!
Reminder, we only play 7 innings since it is a doubleheader!

Here is the link to the live broadcast of the Marshals-Generals game!

The Victoria Generals are a member of the Texas Collegiate League from Victoria, TX.