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Patsy Airington
· February 16, 2018
My husband was sent by ambulance to tmc because his doctor thought he was having heart problems. He layed on a small table for 20 hours out in the hall way of the ER . All the flu and other sick peopl...e spreading there virus to heart patients, finally his test all came ok. They said they where waiting on the heart doctor to release him. Doctor came by while my husband was down for a he wasn't coming back, so that mint my husband was going to have to stay the night. Last night he was put by a 2 ton door that open and shut every few minutes, he had enough, he leaves. Last night my daughter seen another man leave,because of the conditions at the hospital and treatment he was getting . It is horrible place to be. And to be sick on top of it. He told me he felt sorry for the people that where so sick they could leave.. So if your sick you better think about going somewhere else. Lord what is our health care coming too. See More
Connie Gatlin Kolb
· March 9, 2018
This is by far the worst hospital ER it looked like a third world country after a major disaster. I am beginning to believe their inability to move us to a room has nothing to do with their not having... one and everything to do with our good insurance. At least if you are going to trap people in your ER you should have made the beds bigger and put a bathroom in the room. But at least insurance gets you a room at least 40 old people were stuck in the hallway or waiting room last night. The nurses are good. I definitely believe this is an administration problem. See More
Ashley Nicole Lamberth
· January 24, 2018
Thursday morning last week we took my 15 month old son to tmc cause he had severe vomiting and diareah and was getting dehydrated and tmc staff barely acknowledged my son. Sent him home with no fluids.... Barely checked him out.... We took him to wnj that day and they had to send him to children's because he was so dehydrated his kidneys were starting to fail. He spent 4 days in ICU and is currently still in the hospital at children. If he would have gotten fluids in time his dr said this may never have happened. Tmc denied my son that. His situation was an emergency and it got ignored and now we are having trouble getting him stable. He deserved y'all attention and care. This was not okay by any means! I will never go back and a complaint will be filed along with the medical records to show y'all what this baby is going through See More
Giselle B Pacheco
· February 8, 2018
my grandmother has been at tmc a few months back ago, the ER was filled with lots of people including the doctors and nurses. i was super pleased with one of the nurses from the 8 floor that was in the ER that morning was super nice and sweet to my grandmother came in check on how she was doing or if she need anything every time she pasted by. Also back in march 2016 my mom was ready to welcome my little sister, one of the delivery nurses was extremely sweet and kind during the deliver and also one of the nurses from the nursary was really kind as well and took really good care of my sister during the night. i was very satisfied with some of the staff from the 3 floor and the ER See More
Anna Rutledge
· December 13, 2017
I have to say with the state the ER is in I was impressed with how they handled the overflow of patients coming in. Everyone was great when I came in from check in all the way through. Thank you for t...aking such good care of me. Blessings and merry Christmas See More
Kirstin Nicole Cox
· March 6, 2018
We had an amazing experience with the birth of our first child; the staff went above and beyond and were phenomenal. The maternity floor was clean, and we felt so secure having spent a week there with... our pre-term baby. Can’t say enough how much we loved our nurses and lactation consultants. See More
Luke Bright
· September 20, 2017
Laying here in my make shift bed for the night, as my wife lays next to me in her hospital bed, breastfeeding our beautiful little baby boy. Just can't help but be so thankful and blessed for such an ...incredible hospital stay. These labor & delivery nurses are the most amazing people you could ever meet. With so much compassion and support for my new family. It's incredible how much they care for people they've just met, how encouraging and helpful they are, how they just go above and beyond what you're expectations would be.
We will be forever thankful, for such love, support, & care.
Special thanks to our Registered Nurses, Marcelle, Jami, Alanna, Irene, & Our Nursery RN Michaela. & of course our amazing Doctor, Dr. Alexander.
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Sarah Whitworth
· January 22, 2018
My grandfather had heart surgery and the staff in ICU was great. We were pleasantly surprised with the therapy staff also. They worked diligently with him each day including on the weekends when I tho...ught no therapists would be available. The one thing I was not satisfied was the use of washcloths for helping him with his hygiene when he was incontinent. This is very unsanitary and I am shocked that a hospital this big that is expanding can't afford to buy disposible wipes for patient care. Please fix this! See More
Sean King
· December 28, 2017
This hospital and the staff within are world-class. I've unfortunately had to spend way too much time here since getting sick, but after having been taken care of by dozens of nurses and aides I can d...efinitely say that these people bend over backwards for patients and love what they do. Thank you guys/gals ❤️ See More
Sheryl Dean
· March 26, 2018
Nothing like showing up on time on to see your Mother whither from lack of nourishment fasting for a procedure you all put on hold because you all went to lunch. Thank You! Thank You for allowing her... to suffer and wait while you stuff your faces and not schedule properly. See More
Tatianna Briscoe
· December 23, 2017
whatever you do do not go to Texoma Medical Center in Denison they are so rude and have the worst bedside manners they refused to help me and I still walked out with glands that are as swollen as golf... balls and they were making faces and making rude mocking noises at me. And I'm not the only one they treated horribly. I got more that a few screenshots of some others they treated poorly even my own mother.. See More
Benjamin Mitcham
· November 17, 2017
On behalf of my and my son we would like to thank Nurse Jenn and the rest of the nursing staff that worked the ER last night. You guys are truly amazing people. Not only were you guys kind and to all of our questions. But you guys were diligent in finding answers to questions that you couldn't answer at the moment. We really do appreciate everything you guys did for us! Thank you!!! See More
Christy Lee Walden
· August 30, 2017
My mother has been to TMC a lot her the past month.. The nurses on the 4th floor are rude and in such a rush that they arent even listening to the patients.. They hurt my mother when she asked them to... be easy with the leg she had just had surgery on.. The second time she was there she was put on the 8th floor and they had the upmost respect for her.. She was crying and they sat for 30 mins with her to asure she was in good hands.. The 8th floor nurses were amazing.. 4th floor needs to be retrained.. See More
DeDe Okflip Cavanas
· October 2, 2017
I just came from the Texoma Care Physicians building next to the TMC hospital in Denison. I was getting lab work done for Dr Restrepo whom I respect and admire. The story i want to share actually is more reason I prefer driving from Durant. OK to Texas for my care and it has to do with the husband of a nurse there. I didn't get her name but believe her husband Jason said she did lab work for one of the doctors.
Now to the humorous story. I was leaving on the full elevator and the young man in the front put on a khaki colored back pack. I really liked it and commented that I did. I think he said people have called it a man purse. I commented it looks like a lady purse and before I could get the TOO out everyone on the elevator broke out in laughter. I was mortified and was trying to explain I liked it and finally just said I'm 68 what can I say. Actually I've never had a filter but age is a good excuse. I get to the back door to go to my truck and oh my goodness that young man is holding the door for everyone to exit. I stopped at the doorway and told him he could close it in my face he had every right. Instead he held the door and then gave me a big hug. That hug meant so much because I don't get them very often and they are good medicine for older people. He didn't let go until he walked me all the way to my truck which I had a hard time finding. I told him he didn't have to go to that trouble and insisted I believe saying it's a hospital courtesy but I knew it was the courtesy of a kind young man.
I would like to say that his wife (the employee) is very lucky to have him.
It's sometimes the small things that keep people coming back.
I was also a patient at the hospital from September 21 for a total of five days on the 8th floor where I was treated very well. Yes I had to wait in ER for an extended amount of time but they were bombarded with an enormous number of walk in patients. My doctor, Dr Wynn, took the time to come to the ER lobby to talk to me and prepare my inpatient orders. Things like this, the small and the large (the doctor going above and beyond) is the reason I continue to make that drive from Durant.
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Tammy Thomas Pendleton
· August 31, 2017
I was sent to the ER by my employer spent 2 hrs a chair in front of the nurses station .talked to 3 people and only one of them seemed to give a shit .she was a RN and she was the only one spoke to me instead of at me.and she got down and so ole to me low enough so no oneles could the between all the VS I could hear everything about out her people cause the other Nurses didn't seem to care about Violating the hippa law and would talk about them and call them by name and what their problems was..I highly recommend you worry more about the hippa law and less about the add on to the hospital . See More
Kevin Rothrock
· January 28, 2018
This place is amazing. They have taken such great care of my grandmother. Words are not enough to describe how pleased I am with everyone here.
Jennifer Chancellor
· October 17, 2017
I was yesterday and tonight they were very good to me and when I needed something they where on the spot and I got 3 shots and for my hip Bc it was shaking and they did a rxay on my hip tonight and I ...have a bad torn muscle and busis hip and the shots are helping and they gave me something for pain at home and I had a awesome rn and Dotor tonight thank y'all so much for helping me and thank y'all so much See More
Tracy Jean Garner-Williams
· October 18, 2017
I have always had pretty good luck with TMC. I went to Day surgery yesterday for a PD catheter. Everything went good. Usually when I go in the hospital I'm on the fourth floor because, I do dialysis ...and dialysis is on the fourth floor. The nurses are usually pretty good on the fourth floor but,when I had my sleeve surgery I got to be on the maturity floor, the nurses were awesome. See More
Stephanie Layne-Stewart
· August 19, 2017
My mother and 7 year old daughter were in a car accident last week. It was terrifying because my daughter could not see. As you can imagine Laci was beyond scared from the accident being on a back boa...rd, in a neck brace and practically blind. All while getting an IV, CT scans, her eyes "stained" amongst all the other necessary procedures and precautions.

Dr. Lindsey and the entire TMC-ER staff were amazing. All the way down to the attendant out back of the ER who helped park my car!

I would like to say a very special thank you to the nurse (who wasn't Laci's nurse) that took the time to go down to the gift shop and by my daughter a rainbow/tie-dyed colored dog. Even though she could not see the dog it was very comforting to her and she has not let go of it since the moment you put it in her arms. I know you spent your personal money on "Yodeler" and I just cannot thank you enough! ♡

My mom had surgery on her foot and was able to come home yesterday which is also the day that Laci finally opened her eyes!

TMC-ER all ROCK!!! ♡♡♡
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Steve Cobb
· September 9, 2017
I had an emergency surgery based on a doctors visit next-door and every person I came across during my stay was friendly and positive. Nurses, food-service workers, custodial staff, transport lady, ev...erybody was great. The nursing and aide staff on the sixth floor was friendly, skilled and caring. Considering I've never been in the hospital before and had to have surgery unexpectedly, it was a very good experience. See More
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