5 Hour Zombie
The boys countdown the top ten movies from Marvel Studios. There will be disagreements…. and not just about the movies!
The boys chat with J.M about the story that constantly tops the polls as the ‘Greatest Spider-Man Story Ever Told’
Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead is covered by the foremost authorities in horror and The Walking Dead!

#ICYMI: Saturday Detention Podcast discuss two of the most influential #superhero movies of all time—1978's #Superman and 1989's #Batman!

Luke and Steve go head to head in a ‘Friday Night Cape Off!’ It’s Superman 1978 vs Batman 1989 in a no-holds barred battle for superhero supremacy.

If Shapeshifter Fantasy is in your wheelhouse, you'll love the Sirenhawk series. The second book is very close to a release, which means you can get a head start with the first book, Misborn of the Snowy Reaches:…/

Hello again, fantasy fans! I’m so happy to say that this year has been awesome for us and our collaborators. We have a handful of the most...

Michael DeAngelo conducted his (second) interview with Eric K. Barnum, the author of Dar Tania 2, among several other awesome fantasy books. Dar Tania 2 follows an awesome pair: Syliri, a good-hearted medusa who is facing her inherent "monstrous" nature, and Bruce, the ranger who loves her. Check out what makes Barnum tick, and what makes his books incredible!…/

One of our favorite promos we've run over the past few months was for Eric K. Barnum's Dar Tania. Well, great news: the sequel is here! Check out our new promo for Dar Tania 2: Set's Dream, which stars a ranger and his love interest, a medusa!…/

If you liked the Fariidinus series by L.E.Parr, you're sure to love her new book, Sirenhawk Book 1: Misborn of the Snowy Reaches. It's got humor, heart, and the world-building you love from Parr. Check it out now!…/

Howdy everyone. If you're looking for a decent fantasy to start off your week, look no further than Jeff Kish's Runics Series. The second book just dropped over the weekend, and to get you started with the series, book one, Diamond Bonds, is free for a limited time!…/

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If you like the concept of hurtling through space and time to another world abound with fantasy, you'll love William Long's Timecrack. It's such good fun!

The fifth book in the Fariidinus series is upon us. L.E.Parr brings us more lethal fairies and a character who can manipulate the Heartland sea in this awesome follow-up. Check out our promo for Fariidinus Book 5: Wings of the Sea.…/

#XBOXE3 Coverage from Everything is Awesome's Kev! His coverage includes State of Decay Game, Sea of Thieves, Life Is Strange, and more! #videogames #e3 #microsoft #xbox #xbone #xboxone #4k

Kev shares his coverage of the Microsoft and XBox conference at E3.

And on the third day of E3 Expo, Mike (from Tellest) gave us his Nintendo coverage! #videogames #games #nintendo #mario

Mike is back once again to cover the final day of E3 conferences, with his coverage of Nintendo!
Today, we are speaking with artist Matt Hughes (and his wife Hope). Matt is an artist who, among other styles, works in the art nouveau style.

Mike DeAngelo (Tellest) is back to talk about day 2 of E3 Expo with his coverage of the Ubisoft conference and the Sony PlayStation conference! #E3 #VideoGames #Games

Hey folks! Mike here again, bringing you your second opinion piece from 2017’s E3 presentation. While the weekend focused on Microsoft, EA and...

Kev shares his thoughts on the EA - Electronic Arts conference at E3 Expo yesterday! Are you excited for EA Star Wars Battfront II? #videogames #starwars

Kev recaps the EA 2017 E3 conference for That’s Entertainment.