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If you liked the Fariidinus series by L.E.Parr, you're sure to love her new book, Sirenhawk Book 1: Misborn of the Snowy Reaches. It's got humor, heart, and the world-building you love from Parr. Check it out now!…/

Howdy everyone. If you're looking for a decent fantasy to start off your week, look no further than Jeff Kish's Runics Series. The second book just dropped over the weekend, and to get you started with the series, book one, Diamond Bonds, is free for a limited time!…/

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If you like the concept of hurtling through space and time to another world abound with fantasy, you'll love William Long's Timecrack. It's such good fun!

The fifth book in the Fariidinus series is upon us. L.E.Parr brings us more lethal fairies and a character who can manipulate the Heartland sea in this awesome follow-up. Check out our promo for Fariidinus Book 5: Wings of the Sea.…/

#XBOXE3 Coverage from Everything is Awesome's Kev! His coverage includes State of Decay Game, Sea of Thieves, Life Is Strange, and more! #videogames #e3 #microsoft #xbox #xbone #xboxone #4k

Kev shares his coverage of the Microsoft and XBox conference at E3.|By DJ T-Delly

And on the third day of E3 Expo, Mike (from Tellest) gave us his Nintendo coverage! #videogames #games #nintendo #mario

Mike is back once again to cover the final day of E3 conferences, with his coverage of Nintendo!|By Tellest
Today, we are speaking with artist Matt Hughes (and his wife Hope). Matt is an artist who, among other styles, works in the art nouveau style.|By DJ T-Delly

Mike DeAngelo (Tellest) is back to talk about day 2 of E3 Expo with his coverage of the Ubisoft conference and the Sony PlayStation conference! #E3 #VideoGames #Games

Hey folks! Mike here again, bringing you your second opinion piece from 2017’s E3 presentation. While the weekend focused on Microsoft, EA and...|By Tellest

Kev shares his thoughts on the EA - Electronic Arts conference at E3 Expo yesterday! Are you excited for EA Star Wars Battfront II? #videogames #starwars

Kev recaps the EA 2017 E3 conference for That’s Entertainment.|By DJ T-Delly

Mike DeAngelo (Tellest) covers day 1 of E3 Expo w/ EA - Electronic Arts, Xbox, & Bethesda Game Studios! #VideoGames #E3 #EA #XBox #Bethesda

Mike DeAngelo’s coverage of what happened with E3 over the weekend with EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda!|By Tellest

On The Zombcast—Kev (from Everything is Awesome) and Steve (from Saturday Detention Podcast) chat about #horror movies and the framework that makes a truly great film. #Podcast #PodernFamily

Before we start covering Fear The Walking Dead, the guys break down what they think you need to make a good horror film—the framework if you will....|By DJ T-Delly

#ICYMI: The Zombcast boys, Kev (Everything is Awesome) and Steve (Saturday Detention Podcast), chat about Jordan Peele's Get Out! Does it live up to the hype? Is it an instant classic? #PodernFamily #Podcast #Movie #Review #Horror

Finally… it’s been teased for weeks, but the guys finally sit down and chat about Jordon Peele’s instant horror classic, Get Out. Does the film...|By DJ T-Delly

Are you into viking and norse tales? Then Olaf Tormund's Swordless Warriors will appeal to you!…/

Hello folks, and welcome back to our scouring of the Otherworld for stories from beyond our time and place. This is our last promotion before our...|By Tellest

We're running down our month of Dar Tania on behalf of writer Eric K. Barnum. It really is a great story. Despite clocking in around 100 pages, it goes on to tell so much about his world of the Forsaken Isles!

Hey folks! We’re winding down what I’m calling the “month of Dar Tania,” but it’s not too late to pick up this awesome book! Eric K. Barnum’s...|By Tellest

Steve Conroy (you may know him from one of our many That's Entertainment Podcast Network shows LIKE Saturday Detention Podcast, Nerd Gym, #TheLastCapaldiPodcast) and Kev (from Everything is Awesome) discuss their favorite horro movies from their childhood! The '80s meets the '90s as the two sides of #GenerationX go back in time! #horror #film #podernfamily

The guys talk about the horror movies from their childhood!|By DJ T-Delly

Eric K Barnum's debut story came out just last year, but you'll swear he's been writing for decades. Dar Tania is a great first look at Barnum's Forsaken Isles, and it establishes the world in so many great, fun ways. Check it out!

Hello folks. It’s been a couple weeks since our last stop in the Otherworld, but we have a doozy for you today. If you’re a fan of the Tellest...|By Tellest