Israelis practiced scenarios "where Russians made trouble"

The Israeli army quietly conducted a military exercise last week that simulated a multi-front war where Russia intervened to prevent Israel from attacking Syria, Haaretz reports.

Clearly, the Russians are politically engaged, and clearly the vast majority of them trust and like Putin. It is easy to understand why.

Russia is thriving, and its driving globalists crazy ...

Orlov is one of our favorite essayists on Russia and all sorts of other things. He moved to the US as a child, and lives in the Boston area.
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Alan Barnes
· September 21, 2017
Looking forward of following and hearing more from "The Colby Report".

An irrelevant West.

As the election result clearly shows

Essentially, the West should be horrified not because 76% of Russians voted for Putin, but because this elections have demonstrated that 95% of Russia’s population supports conservative-patriotic, communist and nationalist ideas. That means that liberal ideas are barely surviving among measly 5% o...

Where is the media on this one? Oh that's right, they won't report anything that ruins their twisted agenda.

No contest.

The Russians have rallied behind Putin against the west

Here are the preliminary results with only 76% of the votes counted (but the outcome is already obvious) explained in simple, plain English:

Kremlin accuses the UK of “incomprehensible, unreasonable slander” against Russia.

Boris Johnson has dug himself, and the UK, a very big hole.
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Posted by Raheem Kassam
Raheem Kassam

Today at Speaker’s Corner this Muslim asked why Britons have a negative view of Islam... WATCH what he does next!! (hint: it answers his own question)...

Authorities in Thuringia, Germany have discovered an antifa-linked cachet of chemicals, high-explosives, and a mobile bomb factory believed to be intended for domestic terrorism, according to local media. Welt Am Sonntagw outlined the haul which authorities suspect to be tied to hard left extremists...

He's seriously popular ...

Sounds like he has big plans for the next 6 years.

-Assad has won
-The Iran deal should stand
-Saudi Arabia uses American weapons without accountability in Yemen

We doubt this congressional testimony will be reported by mainstream media..

David Hogg isn't handling rejection very well. I guess that's what happens when you're an entitled liberal whose put on a pedestal.

Getting rejected by the college of your dreams is a difficult pill for anyone to swallow, but if you're David Hogg, it may be near to impossible. David Hogg, one of the survivors of the Florida school

More news on Avangard. Yes, it is real.

Testing of Avangard hypersonic system confirmed and complete, serial production contract signed by Russian Defense Ministry

Groups of students destroyed shops and stole from them during the March For Our Lives school walkout.

The media isn't covering this, and they're definitely not telling us that the vast majority of these students were black. That would be "racist."

During the March For Our Lives school walkout that occurred Wednesday, things weren't entirely peaceful as the mainstream media would have led you to believe. In Chicago Illinois, several students exceeded their 17 minutes of protesting by looting stores,

"Forgive me for seeming callous, but it’s a little hard, in the first place, to give a (expletive deleted) one way or the other about the poor Skripals. Being a double agent carries some serious occupational hazards. This is generally understood among observers older than age six."

The US apparently wants to commit suicide ...

The author is a prominent American social critic, blogger, and podcaster, and we carry his articles regularly on RI. His writing on Russia-gate has been highly entertaining.

“President Duterte’s war on drugs is as far from a ‘crime against humanity’ as one can get. Duterte is helping to eradicate the scourge of narcotics that has ripped communities apart and turned areas of the country into a war zone where the reality of human rights is non-existent. In fighting drugs, drug culture, the drug trade and the financing of terrorism implicit in the drug trade, Duterte has done more to promulgate the basic human rights and social progress of his countrymen than any other leader in recent Philippine history.”

Duterte has set a precedent that African leaders can and should follow

The deeply politicised International Criminal Court, of which none of the three global superpowers (China, Russia, US) are members, has long been associated with the prosecution and persecution of African leaders. In fact 90% of all defendants brought before the ICC have been Africans. In 2016, the....
Dee Snider Is Not Gonna Take It! For those unaware, the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) was a group founded by Tipper Gore that was designed to provide censorship and/or warning of offensive material in regards to music albums that had things that parents would find offensive such as profanity