you have a right to choose so you better pick a side there's a line in the sand under the stars and stripes you've got freedom in your voices you've got freedom in your eyes you've got a blinded misco
mother do you know what i've done mother do you know what i've become i sent you a picture from the front lines today i hope you're receiving father the youth they want to be me father i tied that wom
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This is the backing video for a song we have played only a handful of times live. Even though a small few of you know it well, I didn't put it on either of our first two CDs, and it's actually never even been recorded until yesterday. Nice to finally track it. You can listen to the high-res version of the song on my previous post! or you can click
if i believed there was a half a chance if i believed anything nobody listens nobody understands what is happening to me we lived our lives in disarray never thinking of the end now you just turn an

Flesh Welder asked if The Holocaust Humanity would be interested in doing a remix of their song Zipper Cunt. Couldn't refuse. Deconstructed it down to nothing and built something new! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks

from the album Zipper Cunt

Listening to the new Pyrroline CD fresh via Luftpost from Germany! Fantastic. Completely authentic. Reminds me of why I wanted to play aggressive synth music as a kid.

Rumor has it that track 12 is a HolocaustHumanity cover!

Honored. Thank you Pyrroline.

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Some great music from some great friends across the pond!

CD/Album: Klangdynamische Bewegung Vol. I (Compilation, Limited Edition) Released: 2007 hhtp://

Provided the music for this opening theme. Take a peak!

A Choir of Angels© is a graphic novel web series created by Erick Moya. The dark sci-fi fantasy is created by photographing live models following a tradition...

Had someone request an old song that really no longer exists. I knew I had a rare live version. Finally found! Written shortly after the tornado hit downtown Fort Worth in 2000. My Dad's warehouse was leveled. This song is about the experience of entering that building only minutes after it struck. Love you Very much Dad. (recorded live direct off the board in Dallas)

Thanks to all for a fun evening @ Elysium on Friday night. We were honored to be a part of the Evil Mothers return. Saw friends we hadn't seen in a while, and made some new ones too. My math was correct, but I don't think art is dead just yet. Thanks

We had a great rehearsal today, working out last minute fixes and squaring away for June 10th. We haven't played at Elysium since Das Ich so if you do the math, it's been a little bit! After a rough first run today, we were back on the bicycle by the second. Ready

Hope to see all of you out there Friday! I would be lying if I said there were plenty more chances this year. Maybe so. Maybe no. Love and Thanks

I hope you are ready Austin! We start rehearsals tomorrow for the June10 show. Evil Mothers, Bit Rot, and THH. There won't be another one like this for a while. Come and support Texas' finest!

Thanks for the support everybody! Can't wait to hit the stage at Elysium. It's been too long. We are proud to be a part of Evil Mother's return! Our friends in Bit Rot will be here too, and rumor has it, some surprises are in store! See you guys soon

Very pleased to announce that The Holocaust Humanity will be playing with Evil Mothers and Bit Rot @Elysium June 10th. Outstanding lineup! You better bring your boots!

So many changes, I don't know where to start. To anyone who "likes" or supports the band, you have my sincere gratitude. Never been more musical than right now, never as cut-off. I can assure you, I'm creating what will be the best record we have made.

I'm sharing a demo of a song that will be on the album. It's gone 1000x beyond this, so stay tuned! Contrary to popular belief, we are very much alive.


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