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February 18, 2013
The Steam Academy added a new photo to the album: Executive Board.

The Benefits of Being Weirdly Creative: Can arts-integration smooth out tough social & emotional issues faced by middle school students? How the arts can make it cool to be awkward:…/26736684:6879742168:m:1:3…

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The Steam Academy added a new photo to the album: Executive Board.

TEDx talk: How to create a “classroom of imagination” by turning lessons into design problems & giving students space to be creative. In a New York Times op-ed The MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media & Learning Competition’s co-director Cathy Davidson said that approx. 65% of students today will end up doing jobs that haven’t been created yet. More-…/video-the-future-will-not-be-multi…/

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Artists Supporting the Arts in Public Schools

Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else. ― Leonardo da Vinci, Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind

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Artists Supporting the Arts in Public Schools

This is what we'll be screaming and tackling on the front lines until we've broken lines of opposition... Please assist us in our efforts, even if simply sharing is all you're able to do. And do know, we're VERY grateful!

Zero Tolerance and School Safety The Time is Right to End ‘Zero Tolerance’ in Schools Zero Tolerance Schools Discipline Without Wiggle Room Zero Tolerance and Alternative Suggestions The above links will lead you to sites on both sides of the debate over Zero Tolerance in schools. I leave it to y

(Arts Integration) brings back student excitement for learning and engagement, while deepening their critical thinking skills. It is human nature to make natural connections between subjects in the world around us. Arts integration allows us to bring that into the classroom and provide opportunities for our students to bring their previous knowledge, new skills and unique learning abilities together under one umbrella of learning. -Susan Riley, Arts Integration Specialist, Founder of Education Closet (a website where arts integration, innovation and education converge).

"The process of connecting consciousness and environment supports the growing movement toward healing the fundamental disease of our time, the fragmentation of the world into isolated parts."

There are many incredible teachers throughout the world. The list would fill pages and pages. They give workshops, seminars and gatherings –...

Should “What is art?” should be replaced with the question “When is art?”…

Goodman's conclusions, on what roughly could be considered the question of what is art as well as on the question of artistic value, follow from his view that aesthetics is really a branch of epistemology and that there is ultimately no sharp division between art and other forms of human knowledge.
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Artists Supporting the Arts in Public Schools

Creativity and Education: Why It Matters
A new and insightful info graphic illustrating Adobe's recent findings on the importance of creativity in education and... it's essential role in the 21st century work force. To be shared far and wide, especially with our friends in corporate business. The Arts In Education advocacy world needs an army of local, national and international businesses to join Adobe in being vocal, proactive arts ed advocates... Our job? To ensure that leaders in business know that they need us just as badly. What do proactive businesses do? Take a look at Adobe Youth Voices, Adobe's incredible organization that works to cultivate and foster creativity and ingenuity in children- through the visual and performing arts. Many thanks to Adobe for the example they continue to set for businesses worldwide, for their recent studies and for this visual representation of their poignant findings:

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Enriching, stimulating, individualized learning experiences that promote original thought and catalyze creativity are essential to the academic success, social and emotional growth and mental health of a gifted student... Giftedness in children and adolescents is not to be treated lightly, nor is it to be overlooked or less prioritized. Giftedness is a special need in education, and it's high time the system began recognizing it as such. With appropriate accommodations, G/T students have tremendous potential to live happy and fulfilled lives- to accomplish, achieve, solve problems and impact the world for good. Without appropriate accommodations? Gifted kids are 50-75% more likely to suffer from depression, dropout of high-school, become pregnant teens, abuse drugs and/or alcohol...

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“My spelling is Wobbly. It’s good spelling but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places.” A. A. Milne “I don’t see any use in having a uniform and arbitrary way of spelling words. We might as well make all clothes alike and cook all dishes alike. Sameness is tiresome; variety is pleasing.
I am not a novice with Social Media, dipping my fingers in various pots; even so, there are still many, many more pots waiting to be stirred. I’m also not a novice in regards to the arts and arts education. I received the following from a FB acquaintance (thank you Susan Shatz), and knew I [...]
Reblogged from bornstoryteller: “You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something, sometime in your life” – Winston Churchill The world is a dangerous place to live – not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. - Albert Einstein The D
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Artists Supporting the Arts in Public Schools

The arts play a critical role in quality education. Research shows that arts education:
*fosters creativity and innovative thinking.
*helps students communicate... a variety of messages.
*improves student achievement in other disciplines.
*advances problem-solving and cognitive skills.
*enhances cultural understanding.
*increases attendance and graduation rates.

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