Just how many decades of broken policy and promises does it take before people finally realize that access to guns (aka: freedom) simply does not cause, nor even correlate to violent crime and murder?…/london-murder-rate-beats-new-y…

London overtook New York in murders for the first time in modern history in February as the capital endured a dramatic surge in knife crime. Fifteen people were murdered in the capital, against 14...

Kindergartners did not "Plan Protests". Their teachers are using them as political props to protest against civil and natural rights.

We've (re)entered a point in history where people are being convinced to vilify and dehumanize their political opposition and believe themselves righteous for doing so.



All Americans need to be reminded of history and why we must not do this ever again. That it is teachers and schools who are repeating the history they've clearly failed to learn and teach is even more frustrating. This use of children as political props to justify the destruction of liberty is the hallmark of all the murderous regimes of the past century and we must not and will not mince words when we remind you of this.

Academia, you have failed and are now a weapon of politics following a well-worn path to oppression, violence and unimaginable atrocity.

I know there are many good teachers out there equally frustrated by this, but the fact remains that the institution is not just allowing this, it is complicit and active in its proliferation. We can no longer afford to ignore it or be polite "for the children". It's time for some brutal truth and reminders of where this road leads while there is still a chance to talk as equals under the law and free people.…/like-the-big-kids-kindergartens-plan-…

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If children in kindergarten can practice active-shooter drills, then they can also walk out to call for safety, some parents and educators say.