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Feng Shui for the OM

Happy {almost} New Year!!

2018 is expected to be amazing! The Feng Shui forecast shows positive transformation, BIG opportunities and massive prosperity {espec...ially for women!!}. It’s a Master Number year (11)...which opens our connection to incredible support from the Universe, taps us into our intuition and makes manifestation unfold at lightning speed!

Here is a list of everything I personally do Feng Shui-wise to make sure that every year is happier, healthier, more successful and more prosperous than the previous year!!

I hope you enjoy this Feng Shui goodness from my heart + home to yours!!! ♥️🍾🙌🏼🎉

Before midnight on New Year’s Eve:

✔️Clean your home as if the most important house guest ever was coming!
✔️Clear dust, dirt, cobwebs and stagnant energy by intentionally dusting, sweeping and vacuuming (I play music and make it light+fun)
✔️Deal with petty annoyances. WD 40 any squeaky doors, refill or replace anything nearly empty & replace all burnt out lightbulbs
✔️Take out the trash & recycling
✔️Clean out your wallet. It’s the symbolic container for your wealth and influx of potential $$$. I like to sage my existing wallet or better yet, invest in a new wallet.
✔️Go to the bank or ATM to fill your wallet with actual cash. I make my wallet fat & happy with lots of paper money to magnetize increased wealth (works like a charm!!)
✔️Sprinkle ground ginger & add a small piece of citrine to my wallet.
✔️Pay off or down a debt to set the intention for financial freedom.
✔️Move 27 things to shake up and transform your space and release old patterns
✔️Buy a healthy plant, orchid or fresh flowers to invite health, vitality + self care in 2018
✔️Add a bowl of satsumas or oranges to the dining room table. The color orange invokes joy, the round shape invites manifestation, the scent brings happiness & it symbolizes money+ perfect health! 🍊
✔️Write your intentions or theme for 2018 in red or purple ink. I like to plant the pieces of paper with my intentions in actual soil and add either seeds or a plant to “seed” my 2018 wishes!
✔️Make lots of noise!! Bang pots, play music, sing, laugh or squeal with glee!
✔️Open up your doors and a window or two close to midnight to release the burdens, sadness and low vibes of 2017
✔️Stand at the threshold of your front door with outstretched arms to welcome the new year with a smile & infinite potential!

ON New Year’s Day:

🍾Speak kind words, share compliments and spread love
🍾Share a meal with friends or family. A full table, happy belly & overflowing heart signal bounty to the Universe, which only invites more of the same!!
🍾Walk in Nature to sync up with the natural rhythm of Mother Nature and take time to appreciate the beautiful reminders of life, potential and cycles.
🍾Bake or buy sweet treats and/or refill your sugar canister to ensure a sweet year ahead

The first day of the new year sets the energetic tone & vibe for your whole 2018!!

Important things to AVOID On New Year’s:
Cleaning your house (it’s thought to sweep away blessings, luck & wealth)
Arguing or pettiness
Looking back (you’re not going that way!)
Speaking negatively, judging or gossiping
Cursing or mean words

Sweet Feng Shui family—-I wish each + every one of you the most AMAZING 2018!! I am rooting for your success, happiness, health & big time LOVE!! Thank you for following my Feng Shui journey, sharing my posts & making my heart SO full of gratitude. I have never had more passion for my mission & I am insanely happy to share my love of Feng Shui with all of you!!!

Much love,
Tanya 💋

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