Chapter 59 She woke up choking for air, strangling. When she opened her eyes she saw it was only that she was tangled in the pale green silk bedspread. She had neglected to turn it down the night b...
Chapter 58 “Raquel, it was absolute mayhem. The little dog took off down the hall after the bunny, and then the charge nurse called Security to help round them up. Of course, Security didn’t have a...
Chapter 57 One of my two post-open heart patients has discharge orders. The better part of an hour is spent reviewing the discharge instructions with her parents, and observing them practice drawin...
Chapter 55 I leave PICU, and report to the pediatric unit. No offense to my pediatric nurse colleagues, but no PICU nurse enjoys floating to pediatrics. Not because you aren’t incredibly goo...
Chapter 54 I am not a morning person. The alarm of my cell phone rings loudly while the device vibrates maniacally against the top of the nightstand. Trying to silence it, I accidentally knock it t...

New Episode! The Adventures of Nurse Niki: Night Shift's Dirty Little Secret (Niki comes to a realization) #NurseNiki

Chapter 53 If you ask night shift nurses they will tell you the truth: There are times we don’t remember driving home from work. It’ s not a case of being asleep behind the wheel. It’s more like getting into a zone or trance-like state. It's night shift's dirty little secret. For me, the way it happens is I get into my car, drive out of the hospital parking lot, and the next thing I know I’m pulling into my driveway. [ 527 more words. ]

New Episode! The Adventures of Nurse Niki: Their Pounding Hearts (parenthood is hard) #NurseNiki

Chapter 52 “Maddie certainly is your daughter, Niki. The family resemblance is startling,” laughs Gerald when I tell him and Liz about Maddie’s pranks. "Gerald, are you calling me a smart ass?" "Uh, yeah." “Amber should lighten up a little,” says Liz. “I’d give anything if Nathan pulled simple hijinks like that instead of staying out all night, and skipping school. [ 526 more words. ]

New Episode! I Hate This, All of It (Maddie Talks to Niki) #NurseNiki

Chapter 51 “Maddie, open the door.” “Go away!” “Maddie, I know you’re upset, but we need to talk.” “I don’t want to talk. I hate you! And Amber, and Dad too!” “Maddie, I’ve heard Amber’s side of the story, now I want to hear yours. Please open the door and talk to me. ” I stand at Maddie’s bedroom door not hearing a sound. [ 501 more words. ]

New Episode! The Adventures of Nurse Niki: Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons & Green Clovers (Maddie Acts Out) #NurseNiki

Chapter 50 Simon and Amber were married. The baby is due soon. Maddie is silent regarding updates about the birth, however. Shortly after the wedding, she stopped talking about home life with her father. I know something’s brewing. Kris married Spider Rodrigo, and left the PICU to tour with Kushion. Her day shift position is open. I wonder if I should take it? [ 739 more words. ]

The Adventures of Nurse Niki: New Episode! At The Raleigh #NurseNiki

Chapter 49 In an upscale restaurant overlooking Santa Monica Bay, I’m standing behind a long table. Every seat is filled with PICU nurses, and staff from other departments celebrating Kris’s bridal shower. Above the chatter and laughter, Kris holds up a… [ 917 more words. ]

New Episode! The Adventures of Nurse Niki chapter 48: You Remember What Night Shift's Like (Niki & Kris Talk) #NurseNiki

Chapter 48 The following morning, I gave report to Kris, beginning with what I hoped she would interpret as an apology, “Kris, I just want to say again that I’m really happy about your engagement. You must be super excited about going on tour with… [ 533 more words. ]

Rashes & Fevers (measles admission) #NurseNiki

Chapter 47 Once I clock in, there isn’t time to contemplate Kris’s engagement, Simon’s remarriage, Amber’s pregnancy, or Corey’s move to Seattle with his family. As charge nurse, I took the call from an ER nurse requesting three beds for immediate… [ 635 more words. ]

New Episode! The Adventures of Nurse Niki Chapter 46: Moving On (more changes) #NurseNiki #PedsNurses

Chapter 46 Taking Maddie and Kaylee out for dinner distracts me from the sadness of saying good-bye to Corey in the mall. We watch movies in the family room until I’m too tired to stay awake. In bed, alone in darkness, I listen to their laughter until… [ 693 more words. ]

New Episodes Now on Mondays! The Adventures of Nurse Niki Chapter 45: Your Problem Arises (Niki Confronts Corey) #NurseNiki

Chapter 45 As soon as I realize I’ve bumped into Corey, I turn to run back into the women’s restroom, but he caught me by the shoulders before I reached sanctuary. “Let go!” I hiss. A woman shoulders past us, looks back, but determines I’m not in danger… [ 548 more words. ]

New Episode! The Adventures of Nurse Niki: A Trip to The Mall #NurseNiki

Chapter 44 I get home from work and fall into bed without showering first. Troubled about Corey, and tired from a long nightshift, I toss and turn through fragments of terrible dreams I can’t remember. After several hours I give up all hope of restful… [ 1102 more words. ]

New Episode! Angst and Cake (Niki's smiling face) #NurseNiki

Chapter 43 “So what happens to Melissa now, Grant?” “The hospital can file a complaint against her with the Board of Nursing if they choose, but that’s unlikely. She isn’t named in the suit, so she’s off the hook for that. Like I said, Dr. Straid filed… [ 981 more words. ]

New Episode! The Adventures of Nurse Niki: An Awkward Silence #NurseNiki

Chapter 42 Melissa took a sip from the glass of water in front of her before speaking. “It was supposed to be my night off, but I came in extra at 11 for an eight hour shift. There was a sick call, and when they got a third admission that night, the… [ 735 more words. ]