Look what just beamed up to The Arcade...Star Trek: The Next Generation! Had a few issues that needed resolved when we got it. The F103 fuse was blown causing a ball to endlessly auto launch, multiple loose/missing screws/hardware, and some of the bulbs were burned out. It’s been heavily modded including LEDs and a Color DMD which really adds to the experience in my opionion.

Got all the issues resolved, did a full factory restore to reset all the settings and scores to default, cleaned the playfield, gave everything a final look over, and it’s ready to go, just in time for our Pinball Tournament this Saturday. Hope to see you all there! Make it so.


FOR SALE: We are selling our Pengo machine to make room for new, more popular titles. If you are interested, please send us a message or post here. Here are the details...

Original Pengo Arcade Machine - $995.


The machine is all original, including the PCB, but it began glitching up on us back in December shortly before we opened, so we installed a multi-board that has Pengo on it so we could have the game up and running for everyone to enjoy. The original game board is still in the machine, but not hooked up. The multi-board in running Pengo just fine, so we simply left the multi-board installed. It's currently set up to run just Pengo, but can be set to run a total of 26 games.

Everything on the machine is working perfectly. Should provide no issues for the buyer for a good long while, but as with anything electronic, especially with age, we can not guarantee anything. Please understand. But of course, we are reasonable, so if you get it home and it's not working, we will be willing to help get it going again, but if it stops working after a lengthy period, we can offer to repair it but not for free. Thank you for understanding.

Here is a list of the games available and if you are interested, we can give you a full tutorial in person if you so wish. Thanks - The Arcade

The Video...

The List...

-) Ms. Pac Man
-) Galaga
-) Frogger
-) Donkey Kong
-) Donkey Kong Jr.
-) Donkey Kong 3
-) Galaxian
-) Dig Dug
-) Crush Roller
-) Mr. Do
-) Space Invaders
-) Pac Man
-) Ladybug
-) Burgertime
-) Mappy
-) Jr. Pac Man
-) Pengo
-) Qix
-) Super Pac Man
-) Pac Man Plus
-) Congo Bongo
-) Ms. Pac Man (Faster)
-) Galaga (Faster Fire)
-) Pac Man (Faster)
-) Jr. Pac Man (Faster)
-) Pac Man Plus (Faster)

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Exandrea Morehouse
· April 16, 2018
The Arcade is in a perfect location for their setup! Reminds me of Tron a little bit. All the games have been in tip top shape the few times we have went. I love the signed posters around the place, k...eeps me busy looking around. Loved that they were playing 80’s and 90’s movies in the background TVs, it took me to the past. The staff is very pleasant and friendly. Do we need alcohol to have a good time as adults? NO! Get over it and walk your happy butt to a bar and come back! This place is amazing and I recommend it to all. See More
Shane Farley
· February 11, 2018
Top notch place run by people who know their stuff. Terrific collection of games that’s growing all the time. I hope you never get 720 degrees or I’ll probably have to move in there. � I’m irritated the reviews I see from these people who seem to have every answer for how to run your business. Keep up the good work. Booze or no booze, with all my favorite games or without some of them, you’re easily deserving of 5 stars. See More
Quincy Brown
· March 19, 2018
what a great idea and even better execution! You pay one flat rate and get to play all of the old-schoiol arcade games you want (and even some you probably don't want to play, but they're there and i...ncluded, so why not?!?). The pinball machines cost a quater or fifty cents but I didn't mind. And almost ALL of the machines were working with hardly any issues that I noticed. I don't understand why every city doesn't have one of these! See More
Brad Turgeon
· March 25, 2018
Had a blast! Took my 21 y.o. son to introduce him to the games that I used to play. Even though I hadn't seen these games in nearly two decades, I was able to knock the rust off my previously ha...rd-earned skills after just a few plays. My son became aware that his old man must have dropped some serious quarters in his day! Some games that I would love to see in the future would be Discs of Tron and Race Drivin' / Hard Drivin'. I used to spend so much on those, I should have just bought them. See More
Michelle Waugh Lloyd
· February 19, 2018
One of the best birthday party venues in Wichita! Very easy going and helpful staff made our experience wonderful at The Arcade. The games are a lot of fun and they have a bunch of them. I would hig...hly recommend this place for anyone looking for a fun activity in Wichita or if you are throwing a shindig of sorts, your guests will not be disappointed. See More
AJ Barnes
· February 12, 2018
We had an awesome time! We took 7 boys and several adult family members. We got to play tons of games. With our kids being nonprofessional gamers they loved the unlimited play. They didn’t have to “wa...ste tokens” on games they didn’t yet understand how to play allowing them to try it all! And our adult gamers got to enjoy reliving some childhood memories of their own. I’m excited to watch this business grow! Thanks for having us we can’t wait to come back! See More
Tanisha Gammon Truett
· April 16, 2018
My daughter and her best friend had their Unicorn Magical arcade party here and it was the best! Best pricing in town for large birthday parties. All the kids had a blast and my family loves it here w...hen we come downtown to hang out for a few hours. Great family fun for a minimal price! See More
Matt Weimer
· February 17, 2018
I had a good time here tonight. If anything I wish there was a food truck outside. Nothing heavy maybe a hotdog or nachos. I'm glad they don't serve alcohol.
I would like to see the Harley Davidson p...inball machine and the old school Wwf arcade with hulk Hogan and the ultimate warrior added. Oh and time crisis 2 would be great the gun games here are busy.
I'll go again!
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Cory Laflin
· April 16, 2018
This isn't just a place to pass the time, this is a museum of gaming. This is a shrine to the nativity of video games. The Arcade should be required attendance for anybody wanting to get into game d...evelopment as a career.

It isn't just nostalgia, it is the shoulders that all video games stand on. It is our culture, preserved and painstakingly cared for.
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Lance Edward Vaillancourt
· April 17, 2018
Excellent selection of games that will keep you and the company you keep busy for a few hours! They have stuff for everyone! Sports nerds, fighting-game aficionados, and classic arcade cabinets like G...alaxian, Tempest, and even Tetris! I'd recommend this to anyone, even my worst enemy! :) See More
Courtney Sendall
· April 16, 2018
I attended an event at The Arcade and had a great time. The staff is friendly and the variety of games can keep you entertained for hours. Will definitely return with friends and family. Thank you for... adding a different option for entertainment in our city! See More
Daniel Archer
· April 16, 2018
Great place to have local. Would be nice to have pinball on free play like most other arcades I’ve been too. But overall it’s great to play so many different games in one place.
ML Lowe
· April 16, 2018
After dinner and drinks we walked to The Arcade and it was awesome! We were there for a couple of hours and we played everything we wanted to play and then some. Great deal at $10 all you can play! Hi...ghly recommend. See More
Sadie Roebuck
· April 21, 2018
It is the most awesome arcade I have been to in many years. Has a ton of retro games and really fun pinball machines. For now on, every time I visit Wichita, I will be stopping in at The Arcade. It is... now my most favorite place. See More
Dexter Pham
· April 16, 2018
I took the family to the Arcade and it was a joy to walk into such a nostalgic scene. A crazy mix of kids and guys in their 40s! Played some pinball, missile command, and tempest. Told the wife to pic...k me up at closing, but she wouldn't have it..;-) See More
Andy Stout
· March 12, 2018
VERY cool place! I'm an 80's/90's kid and these games almost brought a tear to my eye. So much nostalgia and happy memories. I was able to introduce my 11 year old son and my daughters to the games... I grew up on without breaking the bank. Well done! See More
Omaer Chaudhry
· April 23, 2018
This place is amazing! Nothing but nice things to say. As a big fighting game fan, I've always wanted to play the early Mortal Kombat games on their original arcade machines but never thought I'd ever... get the chance. Not only were they in pristine condition but also signed by the actors that played the characters in the games!

I will definitely be coming back for more!
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Sarah Solt
· March 26, 2018
Amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better experience and the price to get in was on point. My 6 year old son and my 34 year old husband were both giddy :) mama was equally excited ;)
Zack Adamkaiser
· April 16, 2018
Loved it. Granted first night was busy but that’s expected. I’m trapped in the past and this is a great addition to our city. It can only improve. Maybe one day it’ll add more store.
Megan Darting-Richardson
· March 25, 2018
My husband and Kids had a blast here yesterday our first time there. We were there for more than 5 hours and they would have stayed longer but I made them leave so I could watch the Kstate game! Good, good prices and great service. We will be back soon I’m sure See More
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