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At a time when China’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is, in some ways, gaining ground, the lunar new year is also when burgeoning pride meets profound family and social pressure.…/dc4caa3e-0fc7-11e8-827c-51…

During the Lunar New Year, gay men and lesbians pair off to ward off parental pressure.|By Emily Rauhala
Indonesia's Kendeng women call for solidarity Please take a moment to watch this video and share. Original link from:

Good riddance. An adult calling a teenager a “hot piece of ass” is creepy and gross 🤢😡:

U.S. radio host Patrick “Pcon” Connor was fired from his show on Wednesday over sexualized comments he made about 17-year-old Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim.

“She’s fine as hell!” said Connor. “If she was 18, you wouldn’t be ashamed to say that she’s a little hot piece of ass. And she is. She is adorable. I’m a huge Chloe Kim fan.”

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Radio host Patrick “Pcon” Connor was fired from his show on Wednesday over sexualized comments he made about 17-year-old Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim. Connor was appearing on Dialed In with Dallas…

“Our #MeToo campaign in China, it’s full of creativity,” Chinese feminist Li Tingting said. “I think that is the advantage of young women. [They] can be very creative.”…/chinas-metoo-faces-cen…/48366/

The prominent Chinese activist explains how social media users are circumventing censorship by Chinese authorities


In the skit, the host was introduced to his black friend’s mother – who was played by Chinese actress Lou Naiming wearing blackface, with what appeared to be a comically large fake bottom and a basket of fruit on her head.

She was accompanied by a monkey, apparently played by a black performer.

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The show, by Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, appeared to show an Asian woman wearing blackface and fake buttocks to portray an African mother

Happy Lunar New Year!

The Asian Feminist wishes you a happy and feminist year of the dog. Let’s keep channeling our inner bitch (babe in total control of herself)! 🐕🐩

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Boo-hoo, but sorry, you don't deserve any himpathy:

"I can’t say this out loud but this #MeToo thing has ruined a lot of things for Japanese men — like the New Year's party, where I didn’t get to exchange more than a sentence with the female staff, and the cold war going on between me and the wife."…/salaryman-left-blinking-du…/…

One Japanese salaryman laments the changes the #MeToo movement has had on relationships between men and women in his workplace.

The increase in Chinese turning to marriage rental businesses to solve such a problem underscores the enormous pressure facing most single people that have grown up in modern-day China during the decades of the one-child policy. Without brothers and sisters to share their family’s expectations, China’s more highly educated and liberal younger generation are now challenging old traditions – or, through fake marriages – at least delaying their problem.…/fake-grooms-and-brides-hire-chinese-l…

Many Chinese and businesses help desperate unmarried people – many the only child of the family – under pressure from parents wanting to see their bloodline continue

The concert, part of Denise Ho's Dear Self, Dear World world tour, was scheduled to take place on April 14 in Kuala Lumpur.

“Malaysian friends, I am very sorry,” Ho wrote on her social media page. “After our partners tried hard for two weeks, we received official notice by phone the day before yesterday that my working visa was not approved. According to a colleague who picked up the call, it was because of my role in the LGBT community: ‘because she is an active supporter of the LGBT community.'”…/malaysia-cancels-concert-hong…/

Singer Denise Ho says her concert in Malaysia in April has been cancelled because of her active support of the LGBT community. The concert, part of her Dear Self, Dear World world tour, was scheduled to take place on April 14 in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Cantonese-language songs, drama, and pop cul...

Vincy Chan 陳韞, 25, is an up and coming musician in Hong Kong who prefers to use the pronoun “they” to refer to their non-binary, transgender identity.

“Even within the LGBT community, people who have high visibility are cisgender gays and lesbians,” Vincy says. “People find it very confusing to interact with me because they don’t know how to identify me: am I a male or female?”…/pride-and-prejudice-valentines-d…/

Millions of people across the world will celebrate love this Valentine's Day, but what if your government or society doesn't view your love as equal? Five LGBTI activists from Asia tell how they plan to mark this 14 February, and their hopes to end the different kinds of discrimination the LGBTI com...

Back for its fourth year, #SurvivorLoveLetter, the brainchild of filmmaker and media justice activist Tani Ikeda, is here to flood the internet with love for survivors.

“Survivor Love Letter is a declaration of self-love and a call to allies to honor the survivors in our lives. I imagined what it would have meant for my younger self to wake up on Valentine’s Day and read message after message of public support for surviving,” said Ikeda, a rape survivor herself.…

‘Healing from abuse has taught me to believe in magic. How else would we be able to alchemize violence into a loving vision of hope?’

February 14 is not only Valentine's Day but also V-Day, the day to end violence against women:

We should also talk about the secondary trauma inflicted on victims and survivors of gender-based violence. Secondary trauma is often caused by the very people survivors trust and expect to help or to protect: family, friends, police, social workers, lawyers and judges.…/in-this-metoo-age-do-not-give-s…/…

Public prosecutor Seo Ji-hyeon, whose sexual harassment allegation galvanized the #MeToo movement in South Korea, first went to her superiors to report she was groped by a senior Justice Ministry official at a funeral in

The court's decision was handed down on the day of the One Billion Rising movement, which calls for solidarity to end exploitation of women – what an irony:

A domestic worker has lost a legal challenge to scrap a rule requiring that workers must live with their employers in Hong Kong.

Domestic workers’ rights organisations have said that the rule leaves workers vulnerable to abuse. Judge Anderson Chow said that domestic workers who do not agree with the rule could choose not... to work in the city.

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A domestic worker has lost a legal challenge to scrap a rule requiring that workers must live with their employers. Since 2003, domestic workers have been required to live with their employers in Hong Kong, with contracts only specifying that “suitable” accommodation should be provided. Domestic...

Thousands of Philippine students take part in the One Billion Rising movement on V-Day

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Students of St. Scholastica's College Manila gesture the "number one" sign as they take part in the One Billion Rising global movement in Manila on Valentine's Day. Over 3,000 students called for an end to discrimination and violence against women and children. AFP PHOTO / TED ALJIBE

#VDay #OneBillionRising

Hundreds of migrant workers gathered outside City Hall as part of the One Billion Rising global solidarity event against exploitation and violence against women in Hong Kong and in their countries of origin.

“We dance, rise and unite in solidarity with women in the global OBRR2018 movement, we raise our voices for our rights and dignity against modern-day slavery and neoliberal policies,” Eni Lestari, AMCB-IMA-HK spokesperson, said.

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By Adrian Lo & Lory Jean Yungco Hundreds of migrants gathered outside City Hall on Sunday as part of the One Billion Rising global solidarity event against exploitation and violence against women in Hong Kong and in their countries of origin. The rally was organised by the Asian Migrants Coordinatin...

Through her life, Pakistani lawyer-activist Asma Jahangir fought for gender equality; in her funeral, she brought men and women together, praying side by side. Mourner Zahra Hayat shares her eyewitness account:

"As I walked into the stadium for Asma Jahangir’s funeral, I initially couldn’t spot any women. I hesitated, and tried to remember the logistics of death: do women even attend public funeral prayers? What if they ask me to leave? Then quickly, sanity returned. Would A...sma Jahangir be having these thoughts? Never, she’d charge right in. So I channeled her, then, as I know I will many many times after today, stood up a little taller, and walked in. And of course, there were so many women. Many were lawyers. A sense of solidarity. We asked each other where the women’s enclosure was, expecting any minute to be directed away from where her body was kept, to a separate female enclosure. There was none. Of course. As we crowded around the front, women and men, announcements began about starting the namaz, and again, we expected to finally be told to step back and form lines behind the men. But instead, the men were asked to move to the back, and the women called to the front. We prayed like that, standing next to some men, in front of others. No one objected, how dare they? It was beautiful, so fitting. I should’ve known - how could the woman who charged alone, quite literally, into all male bar rooms, courtrooms, into all sorts of hyper male spaces, countenance that the women who came to say farewell to her, their hero, be shunted to the back? Such beautiful subversion, in death as in life. Farewell, Asma. Rest in power."

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Bina Shah

Women praying side by side with men at Asma Jahangir's funeral prayers.

You've brought in the revolution. Now rest in peace AND power.

"He raps about being a feminist; a Virgo; living in between AirBnBs, and drinking La Croix ...

It isn’t Rich Brian’s task to speak for this new east and southeast Asian wave, and his reluctance to have his work subsumed under the banner of his race is understandable ... And yet, his rise is intimately and irrevocably tied to a racial matter of another nature: the murky and complicated waters of ‘Asianness’ as it relates to ‘Blackness’, particularly in contemporary America."

Rich Brian raps irreverently about feminism and drinking La Croix on Amen, but the young rapper still has to navigate politics and racial tropes.