If you receive an email or Facebook notification claiming to be from Chuck Feeney and offering you money out of the blue, please disregard it. It is a scam. More info on our website here:

A phishing scam is currently circulating on the internet claiming to come from Chuck Feeney or an Atlantic representative and offering funding.

"The most powerful stories are stories we tell ourselves about who we are." - Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of ColorOfChange and one of the first #AtlanticFellows

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Giving While Living: Making a Difference
Incredible Years Programme Promotes Positive Behaviour
The Social Change Initiative

Looking for communications case studies? We got 'em! Eric Brown writes on school discipline reform, the AIDS crisis in South Africa, abolishing the death penalty, and marriage equality in Ireland. The Atlantic Philanthropies

It's wonderful to see this progress. Atlantic was an early supporter of research into the potential of immunotherapy to treat cancer. Learn more in this report:

Adding immunotherapy to standard chemo treatments can halve the risk of death for people with the most common type of lung cancer, a new study shows.

The Good Friday Agreement, signed 20 years ago today, was an incredible achievement, bringing peace to Northern Ireland. Atlantic's grantees helped secure and maintain that peace. Read the full story here:

This book tells the story of Atlantic’s grantmaking in Northern Ireland, where it helped promote peace, reshape education, improve public services, and strengthen organizations to promote and protect ...

"There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return." - Nelson Mandela (via Nelson Mandela Foundation) #GivingWhileLiving

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The question is not if Rev. Dr. King has anything to teach us today. The question is, "Are we prepared to learn?" AFRE Global partner john a. powell:

The faculty, staff, researchers, and affiliates of the Haas Institute work together with multidisciplinary approaches to learn, research, and construct solutions for society's most pressing issues. Our programs and initiatives are all designed to effect transformative change.

With today's landmark settlement, the NYPD has agreed to stop engaging in surveillance on the basis of religion or ethnicity. Watch this short film for the dramatic story of how ten New Jersey plaintiffs came together with the Center for Constitutional Rights and Muslim Advocates to fight for equal protection under the Constitution - and how they won:

In August of 2011, the Associated Press published leaked documents that revealed a vast program of surveillance by the NYPD, carried out by a secret “demogra...

Executions in the U.S. fell sharply between 1999 and 2016. Learn how advocacy helped build momentum against the death penalty:

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"Inmates that pursue further education have lower rates of recidivism, and often go on to become productive, taxpaying members of society." #CJReform

A plan that allows incarcerated people to take classes from state colleges helps lower recidivism–and the prison classes often have higher GPAs than the students on the outside.

Care is vital to our seniors, and we need a care infrastructure that works for everyone. Watch "Right to Care," a short film about our domestic workers:

A proposal to change the immigration system from family-based to skills-based could shrink a primary source of workers for the growing senior-care industry.

Atlantic founder Chuck Feeney believes buildings have the power to dramatically alter the lives of people, communities and even nations: #LayingFoundationsforChange

Imagine having the resources to dramatically alter the lives of people, communities, even nations. Then imagine an unassuming man and his philanthropic organization making it a reality. <br>That’s what this book is about.

"People with dementia also need adventures. They need to get out.” Museums in Germany have started offering guided tours for people with dementia:

A growing number of museums bring stimulation and solace to dementia patients through regular tours.

"I think we have to challenge our own biases every day," said one middle school principal: #SchoolDiscipline #RacialEquity

The Trump administration is highlighting the struggles that Minneapolis and St. Paul face with disparities in school discipline, and putting a thumb on the scale.

Striking photos from photographer and filmmaker Johnny Miller, one of the #AtlanticFellows for Social and Economic Equity, showing how #inequality has manifested in U.S. infrastructure:

From highways carved through thriving ‘ghettoes’ to walls segregating black and white neighbourhoods, US city development has a long and divisive history

Rolling back hard-won #SchoolDiscipline reforms - under the guise of promoting school safety - will only bring back discriminatory zero-tolerance polices that harm our kids. This case study has the story:

This book offers three case studies on how Atlantic advanced opportunity, dignity and equity for people around the world by engaging and partnering with government.

"Empathy isn't mushy. It is hard science." Learn how empathy works in this new video from Citizen Brain with Josh Kornbluth, one of the #AtlanticFellows for Equity in Brain Health #BrainAwarenessWeek

The first episode in the "Citizen Brain" video series is about how empathy works in the brain -- and how it can save the world. Hosted by Josh Kornbluth,…