Halloween toys get better every year! #Halloween #decorations #toys #HighVoltage

Grrr. Had to replace the glass plate on my printer which, despite using PLA, caused the current prints edges to start to warp and lift. Had to scratch up the glass with some sandpaper, clean with IPA, and recover with mega hold hair spray.
Changed angle of print and restarted it, hopefully this time it'll hold. #PrintLife


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Working on a special project based off Travis Willinghams character Fjord on Critical Role .
(Think I'll need more ZYLtech Engineering, LLC PLA to finish though!)

"We Happy Few" Bobby Mask 3D Print Time Lapse

Material: ZYLTech PLA 1.75mm Black
Print Time: 10 Hours
Video Time Lapse Multiplier: 100,000.00% ...

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3D Print of "We Happy Few" Bobby Mask Material: ZYLTech PLA 1.75mm Black Print Time: 10 Hours Video Time Lapse Multiplier: 100,000.00% ======================...

Giddyap Buttercup time lapse print!
Painting video to come!

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3D Print for Giddyup Buttercup Fallout4 prop replica Painting Video coming soon! Material: ZYLTech PLA 1.75mm Black Print Time: 107 Hours Video Time Lapse Mu...

Turns out I can't use the .flv format that I (for some reason) recorded my print videos in so I'm having to convert them before adjusting the time lapse for them, which is taking forever.
To top it off, my ISP is running at 3Mbps, up and down, so uploading is taking hours for a 5 minute video.

I'll be adding a few print time laps videos over the next few days, but they'll be low coming!

3D Print for Atoms Judgement prop replica
Painting Video coming soon!

Material: ZYLTech PLA 1.75mm Black


Print Time: 49 Hours
Video Time Lapse Multiplier: 100,000.00%

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3D Print of Atoms Judgement prop replica Painting Video coming soon! Material: ZYLTech PLA 1.75mm Black Print Time: 49 Hours Video Time Lapse Multiplier: 100...

Beautiful Disaster

Infrared filters are known for creating a weird, eerie mood in pictures, no matter what you’re capturing. That is why taking a filter like that to an already haunting-looking place like Chernobyl might make the scenery pictures you take look even more impressive. Photographer Vladimir Migutin d...

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate.

I think the way we use the internet (or how it works) has changed a lot of things.
I remember early 2k I would visit 50-100 websites a month; each had their own specific topic or purpose. Some of them were chat forums, some news sites, some were even extremely active mailing lists.


Now all that's changed.

ALL my old email lists died out, the websites meant to replace a few of them are dead, and all those groups were replaced on Facebook and are now mostly dead too.

Because sites like Facebook and Twitter are essentially news aggrigates we no longer go to a bunch of websites on our own to find the news.
Because we're instantly connected to people we no longer go to websites dedicated to groups of like minded people, BUT because FB connects us directly TO those people we visit the group pages less because we already know what those people are doing.

The problem is these are not given "word for word"; they are controlled by algorithms that change what you see, sometimes blocking or hiding things IT thinks you wouldn't like, or limiting how much you see from different people. It regurgitates things you've already liked with related things, perpetuating a state of similarity disguised as solidarity.

Our ability to connect TO people is so saturated that we do not actually connect WITH them. We are no longer interacting with each other on the same level we used to.
Our communications have become so superficial we crave deeper meaning in our conversations with no real way to achieve it; what do we have to discuss when everything we know is spoon fed to us from the same sources? How do we hold conversations when we're not being given details backed by facts when even news channels rush to spread the same base info without checking the facts?

How do we reacquire the state of mind where we took time out to really communicate with others, rather than checking our phones every five minutes to drivel pointless useless words lacking knowledge or information?

How do we truly reconnect with each other?

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Mystery Dog Tags are available!
From the hit animated music videos: Mystery Skulls 'Ghost' and it's sequel 'Freaking Out' comes the dog tag of the loveable pup (and occasional kitsune) Mystery!…/57115…/mystery-skulls-mystery-dog-tag


I had to post the listing from my phone since my PC is dead.
I'll try to get a better picture of them later!

#mysteryben27 @mysteryben27 #Mystery #DogTag #animation #prop #replica #MysterySkulls

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Scooby Doo 3.5 tag! This is a 3.5 dog tag perfect for your collection, costumes, and cosplay! Pre-colored Yellow Resin with Sky Blue Enamel! ---

BIG PROBLEM: Over the past two weeks I started having random PC issues (USB loss, internet connection issues, monitor going out) that have progressively gotten more frequent and today it's taken to rebooting whenever I try working in a graphics program... even simple ones.
My PC is old, but I've upgraded over the years enough that it should not be having these issues. Sadly however, I'm beginning to suspect that the Motherboard having issues and I'll have to do a full PC upgr...ade in order to fix it... and that's going to take me a little while.

This means I'll be delayed on being able to rebuild several molds and produce new products. I even had to cancel a project with someone I have been looking forward to.

I'll still be in communication with my phone, but I don't I'll have much in the way of updates for a bit.

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Designs by The Atomic Soul

Testing my new #Resin printer, a Wanhao Duplicator 7 and having issues.

First, Creation Workshop isn't a great program. Support generation is messy and slow. Slow-- as in one support appeared after 60 seconds.

Second, having issues trying to get #NanoDLP to work right. Trying to get it to generate supports is near impossible as simply trying to rotate the model causes it to turn in every direction. l can't seem to get the model to be recognized after uploading to the progra...m and if I upload one with supports I can't get it to rotate and sit on the platform.

Currently testing a #Superman #Dogtag mold section, hope it works right.

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