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Writing out a detailed message to a potential client and my PC FROZE.
I hate technical details and now I
OH THANK GOODNESS Shapeways saved my message!

2018 Lost in Space Reboot Prop

If anyone is curious the camera Will is using is an action cam from 2015: Pentax RICOH WG-M1

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Apparently trying to put spot putty over enamel is a VERY bad idea.
Now I have an even larger spot to fix.

Critical Role Fjord Falchion

I was slowed down by the weather but work is moving along!
I am going to do another pass to the blade surface to make it a bit smoother but only a couple spots need it. Once that's done I'll be able to make a mold!
(The final version will have a day glow aqua color in places!)

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For the most part I have been using Etsy as my sole store front, but recently I was reminded I had a StorEnvy account.
After looking through it and how they now manage payments I've decided to reopen my store there!

It will be a mirror of the Etsy store for both items and prices, but now gives more options on where you can purchase my products!

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See what's for sale by TheAtomicSoul on Storenvy, the home of independent small businesses all over the world.

Function Test: always check that parts fit together before shipping things out!

I was preparing a Bioshock Plasmid bottle to ship tomorrow and found out one of the arm holes was sealed up in a way that makes it near impossible to fix (for anyone else than me.) Not even sure how it managed the extent it did.
So, delaying that order shipment to redo the part, but should have it go out Monday.

Got my resin printer running today since it's a warm day; testing out clear resin with a couple of D&D models from thingiverse and shapeways.
If it works well I'm going to test it with neon color tints, and if that works I'll try it with Glow-in-the-Dark powder!

It's got an 8 hour print time for the two minis though, so it'll be a long "wait and see".


In the meantime, finishing up a couple orders I've got and gonna see if a new mold I made will be able to replace the current one (much better quality and faster turnaround.)

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Celebrate #PieDay and the passing of a brilliant speck of stardust.

#NeverForget #KnowledgeIsPower
#MemberBerry #stephenhawking #hawking #RIP #TooSoon

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I had to do it; made a shirt from the Critical Role "Regular Gnoll" and "Nine/ Nein" memes.…/regular+gnoll+nein-A11003757…

Regular Gnoll - Nein is a faux band album based off the verbal memes on the hit show Critical Role

With all the tech we have today, can we PLEASE have a resurgence in classic Holographic Images?

Holograms are photographic recordings of 3D scenes. Unlike a camera, which captures one view through a small viewer focused by a lens, holograms capture an e...

Finally able to try out my resin printer; I had to hold off on using it because of the extremely strong chemical smell.
Hopefully it'll work right overnight; I'll have to wait till the morning to find out.

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February 25
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Well crap; two parts of a model I've been working on fell and broke while painting; now I got to make them all over so I can mold them.