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Good Evening everyone🌻 How excited we are to be in Construction of our first of many Greenhouses. This will be a starter house, for use while concrete forms are put in place for the 70 ft greenhouse for the Vegetables.
The family loves coming together to make ideas manifest. What great ideas are you manifesting in your backyards? We all hope spring is hopping off to a great start for all of you, chins up to a productive year indeed. Live, Love, and Sustain 💕 Madrona


We Welcome Spring back to the Homestead. The Pacific Northwest is full of life just starting to burst open. We have so many exciting things in store. We can hardly wait to show you!
Our good friend Bob came over to start on the construction of this year's garden! We have been blessed with very nice days and very chilly nights, but we are hopeful that planting weather is just around the corner. So we thought we would share a little of the Joy that we have been having in the last couple days.
Wishing all of you the most blessed Spring full of growth, abundance and Life!
Live, Love and Sustain 🌱🌾🌳💖 ~Madrona

One of our only snow days and the beauty of this chilly February is breathtaking!

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February 19
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Hello Friends! It is I, Denise your homestead feathered friend, to remind you Spring is just around the corner! So don't get your tail feathers all ruffled by snow and Cold. Start planning now all the great things you will do when the cold winter days have past. Live, Love and Sustain 💫 #pacificnorthwest #thebackyardhomesteader #featheredfriends

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Time... Love....and Devotion of Everyone involved in this dream.
This is the house that Love built. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Curtis has been amazing. Working a full time job and building this house from ground up, so amazed at what this man has done for not only our Family but also his Community. A huge word of Thanks to the little ones too, our Kids put soooooo many hours into the building of this house.
Our Community has rallied around us, worked along side over the last two years, helping with not only in the Building the inside and out. Also in the Farm, going from a scrap pile with overgrown neglected land, into a lush fertile land that gives abundantly. We couldn't have got here without all of you! Tusen Takk.

At last it is time for us to move in. We are Thankful and Humble that we are going to have a great place to showcase what The Backyard Homesteader can do, will do and plans to do. A warm home to come home to.... A place where there is always a place for you at our table.
Live, Love, and Sustain 🌱🌾🌳💖
Madrona Teresa De Long

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House is ready for Move in. Harvest is in full swing. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped this dream become a reality. Community supports Community and that is what makes us strong as people. With compassion and understanding, even those in struggle can find Hope and Support with Love. Thank you for. sharing our campaign we are over half way to our goal and look forward to opening the door to our farm for Community. Much Love and Thanks

Live, Love and Sustain
The Backyard Homesteaders

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The Gardens are producing and we are planning for what projects we are going to take on for Fall. Thought we would share some of the bounty of the farm. Is everyone is having a great Sunday? We sure are!
To all of those watching the eclipse tomorrow hope it is everything you wished for. Remember Live, Love and Sustain ~ Madrona

Hello everyone! Happy Summer from all of us here at The Backyard Homesteader. It has been a most exciting year for us, as a community so many have come together to help us in building our home and working the land. We hope to be offering tours by end of the year at our New Location in Western Washington.
So many of exciting projects that are in the works and we can't wait to show you what we are up to. From Planting Fall Gardens, making cold frames, setting up a greenh...ouse, to even building a new Chicken Coop we will share adventures to inspire or entertain all of you. Be looking for our podcasts to start by the End of August as well as a Blog by Madrona. She will be sharing with us her adventure to Norway, The land, the people, and her observations of rural farm life in the far North.
Remember Life is about living so go out there and experience it! Live, Love and Sustain

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The Backyard Homesteader updated their cover photo.
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I like this very much.... Very very much

Greetings all from the Backyard Homesteader, we have been very busy here with building the new farm house and establishing gardens I seem to forget to post. My humble sorry to everyone. So as my promise to you we will be posting weekly for the rest of the growing season.
With puppies and so much fun produce what is there to love? And as always Live, Love, and Sustain! ~Madrona

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