God wants to lead us, is leading us in spite of our complacency, and His mercy is new each day. That aside, if we hunger and thirst for righteousness, we will be filled. The battle with flesh and spirit is one that Christ conquered. If we live in God's son, by God's son, we will overcome. Our identity is in Christ. We shake the old man off, we die to that old man, each day. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Die to the flesh and live after the spirit. We speak such a message to ourselves, and we pray for daily bread. Christ is that bread from heaven. Whisper strong, calm things to your brothers and sisters in Christ. Build one another in the faith. Pray. Then, pray some more. The letter kills but the spirit is life.

We are praying for Mark Zuckerberg, that he would receive Christ, God's son, and that Facebook would become honest and unbiased.

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