My great-grandfather and his father died in the same coal-mining accident in Scotland. The government tried putting me in a cage for seven years for absolutely no good reason (thanks to you they failed). Over the past eight years companies I founded have donated more than $250,000 to non-profits in in-kind services, from the Access Fund to The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, and today I piloted a $3 million Bugatti Chiron. There are absolutely no excuses. This is your life. There are no do overs. Whatever you've been postponing, sit down and work on it now. No one else will do it for you. No one will give it to you. No one owes you a single damn thing. You have to go out and take it.

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I've been watching this unfold over the past few days and am glad the ANJRPC is stepping up to protect the 1st and 2nd Amendment rights of these students. Regardless of where you stand on gun-control, I think we can all agree this is absolutely insane.

The posts claim all these kids did was post a pic at a shooting range ... where they were being supervised and everything was on the up and up.

All of this for a few photographs depicting a completely legal activity but that some people may have been offended by.
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Brian Aitken to Brian Aitken's Pardon Celebration

Love this design my friend Dan at made for the Pardon Celebration on April 14th. What do you think?

Come celebrate with me on April 14th when I come back to New Jersey for the first time since being Pardoned by Governor Chris Christie earlier this year. GlockStore and Spike's Tactical will be there with demos for you to try out. No admission fee. No cost to demo the Spike's AR's. Plus, we're doing a ton of giveaways including a membership to RTSP - Range, Firearms & Training. Come out, have some fun, and help me celebrate our 2nd Amendment.

Sat 1:00 PM EDTRTSP - Range, Firearms & TrainingRandolph, NJ
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A touch disingenuous, no? "Children" are defined as people up to and including 17 years old. These are primarily Young Adults. Among the deaths of these "children" (many of which are months away from being old enough to enlist and vote), 53% were homicides, 38% were suicides, 6% were unintentional, and 3% were related to law enforcement or undetermined. Those 13 to 17, had a rate of fatal firearm injury (emphasis on homicide and suicide) that was more than 12 times higher tha...n the rate for children 12 and younger. These aren't infants and toddlers being murdered or accidentally killing themselves with firearms. We are talking about Young Adults who don't have the ability to cope with their emotions. We need to be talking about how young adults cope with struggle, criticism, disappointment, and pain. The world is not an easy place to live in and coddling them will not make it any easier. Pretending guns are to blame is wildly irresponsible and ignores a real and obvious problem. Young Adults need to learn to control their emotions both when it comes to hurting others and themselves, since that is what these figures truly represent when they're not distorted.

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WLOS ABC 13 was live.

14K empty shoes outside the US Capitol, to represent every child killed with a gun since the Sandy Hook Massacre:

You should never have to ask permission to enter into a relationship with someone you love... and you certainly shouldn't need to get a "license" permitting such a relationship.

Several rural probate judges quit issuing licenses after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. Now the state is considering doing away with marriage licenses.

Somehow I missed this from Dennis Malloy at New Jersey 101.5. It got me all choked up right now reading about what we went through together. There isn't a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Dennis and the hours and hours of airtime he gave my family while I was in prison. I can still hear the sounds of my mom fighting back the tears when she was on his show. I'll never forget, and neither should New Jersey or the rest of America.

As you may recall, Brian Aitken was sentenced to seven years in prison for unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition back in 2009.

Managed to find a Philly sports bar in Jackson Hole! A cheesesteak made with factory processed artificial cheese on an Amoroso roll?!? I’m in Filthadelphia heaven! ✈️ 🦅 ✈️

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Guess whose pardon came in time for SHOT Show? Time to shake off the rust...

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This is all too familiar and has got to stop.

A 28 year old Colorado woman was arrested Wednesday after attempting to check her legally owned handgun with TSA on a flight out of Albany. She was charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

“We’re taking so many law abiding citizens and basically making them criminals,” Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said.


I don't know Haley but I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that this will forever change her life in ways she does not deserve.

I hope New York does the right thing and drops these charges immediately. More than anything, I hope we get rid of these arcane laws that turn good people into criminals for exercising a Constitutionally protected right. #NationalReciprocity #NRA

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A Colorado woman was arrested Wednesday for attempting to bring a handgun on a flight.

While National Reciprocity wouldn’t have helped me (I was already following both Federal and State laws, which allow legal gun owners to transport their firearms from one home to another) it would have helped countless other law abiding citizens ensnared in New Jersey’s seemingly deliberately inconsistent and draconian gun laws. Let’s get this passed in 2018. #NationalReciprocity #NRA

This is manifestly not a states' rights issue. Thanks to McDonald v. Chicago Reciprocity is within the purview of Congress.
Brian Aitken is feeling thankful.
January 12

Just received word that Governor Chris Christie has granted me a Full Pardon.

I saw Bradley Brownell's “Definitive Top Ten Awesome Things I Did in 2017” and decided to make one for myself.

Like his, it’s a touch braggy, but I think it’s good to sit back and reflect on accomplishments from time to time.

When you’re constantly chasing “something” it’s easy to believe that you haven’t achieved much of anything and it wasn’t until I sat down and wrote this list that I realized just how awesome 2017 was.

Definitive Top Ten Awesome Things I Did in 2017 By Brian Aitken briandaitken January 2, 2018 Philosophy 2SHARESShareTweet I saw Bradley Brownell’s “Definitive Top Ten Awesome Things I Did in 2017” and decided to make one for myself. Like his, it’s a touch braggy, but I think it’s good to s...

I am incredibly fortunate to surround myself with inspiring people like Nate, the Co-Founder and CEO of Rhone. His company makes mens casual performance-wear and has a secondary mission to empower men to be the best version of themselves in every decision they make. Jenna and I sat down with him just before the holidays to talk about his entrepreneurial journey and to discuss how we can shift the focus from "horrible men" stories to "great men" stories. We both feel it's time we put more positivity out there and focused on the men who make our lives better by doing the right thing. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. #notsponsored

I know I’m going to catch some heat from Nate for referring to Rhone as “athleisure”, but after taking a close look at the market that’s what I think they do. And they do it incredibly well. Not in…
Brian Aitken added 2 new photosfeeling excited with Jenna Marie Bostock Aitken.

Some extra good news this Christmas! #AVeryPregnantChristmas

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It’s incredible to believe that it’s been seven whole years since Governor Chris Christie signed the Executive Order that released me from an unjust incarceration.

It was so unusual that the prison didn’t even know what to do with me so they moved me into a solitary holding cell in the infirmary away from the “General Population” since I was no longer an inmate. It took another 24 hours before I would actually walk out as a free man.

So much has happened in the past seven y...

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I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Johnstons Toyota. If you haven't been following along, Toyota of Manhattan SOLD me a brand new truck but GAVE me a used truck that had extensive body damage and even had an engine replacement. They knew for months that they gave me a used defective truck, never told me, and tried passing it off as new and getting me to keep it. The team at Johnston's Toyota helped me find out the truth behind the scam and you guys on Facebook helped me get th...e actual truck I legally bought and paid for *THANK YOU*. I still haven't been refunded for the multiple payments I made for a new truck but at least I'm no longer driving around in a junker! I'll be filing a criminal complaint against Toyota of Manhattan with both Eric Schneiderman (NYS Attorney General) and the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. Toyota of Manhattan was incredibly methodical and deliberate in their attempt to defraud me. This was no accident. I'll release the public complaint so everyone can see what really happened but I assure you it was no "honest mistake" like they've said on Facebook. In the meantime, for an honest team and honest service I highly recommend going out of your way to visit Steve and the team at Johnstons Toyota. I'm going to go give them a 5 Star Review right now...

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Man, I can not believe what has happened today. Two months ago I bought a BRAND NEW Toyota Tundra 4x4 from Toyota of Manhattan. They showed me the clean service records and CarFax report and gave me a pretty decent deal. Then, a few weeks later, I received a message saying they accidentally put the wrong VIN on my Title and needed to swap Title’s with me. Weird, I thought, but no big deal. So a Toyota manager comes out to my house, hours away, and picks up the Title. A week l...ater and my truck starts making some violently loud banging sounds. I thought the engine was going to drop out! Seriously, it sounded like a blown engine mount but the truck was brand new so that’s virtually impossible! I did some investigating and found out the physical truck they sold me (THE REAL VIN) had a previous owner, a blown motor, and A COMPLETE ENGINE REPLACEMENT! They’re claiming they “delivered the wrong vehicle” to me but it’s obvious they tried offloading a lemon on me with this whole “wrong VIN” bait and switch. When I brought it to their attention and asked for an immediate resolution they had their attorney send me a thinly veiled threat to shut me up. Well guys, I think it’s time I opened up about my experience with Toyota USA. This photo is a picture of one of the managers from Toyota of Manhattan picking up my Title. They're trying to intimidate the wrong person! Who else has been duped by dirty car salesmen? #staytuned

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