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Ralph Hicks
· July 8, 2017
113 degrees on a weekend in your first month and they won't fix your broken AC unit.

Guess they don't want to pay for an AC tech on a weekend and don't care a...bout their tenants when their response is, "we have 70+ hours to get it fixed and our district manager doesn't think it's needed to be fixed".

Stop lying and just state you could care less about us.

Update: AC unit fixed day 2 (hopefully the not so loud people with broken AC got theirs fixed as well).

The lack of "plan" or qualified people on staff during the weekend and support for onsite staff is where the problem started. I just hope the issues this weekend lead to a better resolution for others in the future.....
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Holly Hicks
· July 8, 2017
Horrible! Air conditioning breaks and they won't do anything about it. We have three small kids and one with extreme allergies. Gave us a small portable unit cools off a very small space. Won't spend the money to bring someone in on a weekend to fix it and won't give us multiple units to cool the place down. See More
Teddy Farina
· September 24, 2017
Worst customer service period. Nobody ever calls you back when you leave a message. I have numerous service calls and they have not been here to fix them. Floor...s in bedrooms are warped and peeling up from flood from previous tenants. No response. Lights in garage don’t work. No response. Garage door opener motor response. All safety hazards. No response. See More
Marci Lynn
· October 10, 2017
@Anntoinnette Bergarra
you're a joke and completely rude! The maintenance workers are sloppy aND can't manage to do work order correctly. You have POOR manage...ment skills! I'm not the only complaining about management . You are classless and always remember costumer is always right !!!!!!! people that live here don't get treated right by management for the amount of money they are paying.
This place allows people on SECTION 8 to live here! Not to mention management allowed a child molester to live in this gated community! These are all facts so if you dont mind living around diverse people than this is the place for YOU!
#completely useless management
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Mark Anthony Soto
· March 3, 2015
Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! I'm going on my 5th month here at The Colony. Since I have moved in I have had the pleasure of having my car towed twice since guest parkin...g here might as well be called resident parking. So when you do have a guest come by you have to let your guest park in your garage and you park in front of your garage and pray that your car doesn't get towed. And for your information each towing is $360.00 but in reality it's both my fault and The Colony . I have expressed plenty of times that guest spots should be enforced so that loved ones may visit. Another great thing to know is that they forget to tell you that you have to pay your trash and water here and it is included in your rent. So if you pay $1500 for your place expect to add on anywhere from $30 to $40 on top of that you will never know since your water is split between you and your neighbors since I have moved here my water bill has almost doubled and is still going up ,and it must be all paid the same day your rent is due or a pretty $75 late fee is due. Another great thing about this place is that you make great friends with the maintenance guys here because with in the last five months I have had 3 leaks yes 3 all of these leaks also damaged my belongings that were stored under each faucet two down stairs and one upstairs leak. Every time I have called for maintenance they have been very professional and efficient. If only the management here worked as hard as their maintenance guys this place would be amazing! But that's pretty hard since every month I go into that office new management is there since all of their salespeople quit..... Hmmmm I wonder why. And don't bother to look at the big nice letters that say gated community there is always a broken gate here to let people in. And when it is fixed it breaks in a couple of days. One last thing to mention their pet policy here is a joke pet deposits vary from tenant to tenant even if you have the same floor plan I have talked to my neighbors. Another fee is also added and its pet rent $45 and I have also just learned that if you plan on having two animals you have to pay double pet rent and another deposit. But here is the kicker you will receive a list of dog breeds that are not allowed to be kept here. Now if you take a walk around the property like I like to do with my little fuzz ball you will be greeted by at least 10 huge dogs that are on the banned list here. You will come to just find that no one cares here anymore I think they just wait for a pay check and go home. If you are in the leasing office to lease a new place they treat you like royalty. Once you sign that dotted line you are chopped liver! I hope anyone that reads this will only turn away and be saved from is place.
I will update this post once I have finished my lease and move out since this may be the worst idea I have ever had. I'm sorry for not reading your reviews before signing this lease... Oh well you live and learn.
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Michelle Wilkinson
· July 19, 2014
This is the most disgusting piece of shit place that I've ever stayed in. It's like buying a new car and getting some used piece of shit that you can't do anyt...hing about. We're having to run electricity chords across the room in order to use our toothbrush in the bathroom. The apartment has been flooded and has caught on fire; it's been fixed like some child did it. See More
David Yagen Sr.
· June 17, 2015
Well i used to live up near there just west of the rr tracks, i really loved canyon country, yes there were issues, but u gott to kno how to use the system, mea...ning u got to kno your loopes, well im very glad that I'm back living peacefully in my own lil place back in the varrio, where fireworks go off just about every night, and ranchera n norteñas every Saturday night, like the Dorothy said there's no place like home, and u know what there is no place like home good luck to u all
PS always b4 , when u go see and eye ball your would be new apt, always ask the some of the tenants peace to all
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Edras Grijalva
· June 2, 2015
This place sucks. Don't move to this place. You will regret it. They will try and go for your money, any way then can get to it. Horrible. Hidden charges. They ...are lucky they are getting one start. Don't fall for the nice people in the office. As soon as your in, they don't know you anymore. It's all about sells. See More
Roy Starling
· July 14, 2016
We just signed a lease again. The parking is the worst but looking around parking everywhere sux no matter what apartment complex. I like that they have multiple pools I wish they had heated pool.
Angie Essman Smith
· October 11, 2015
The actual units are nice...Beware the Parking conditions...the worst residents have 2car garages but use fir storage. All streets around are full if parked cars. Could walk up to a mile to get to your unit
Steve Harkavy
· December 26, 2013
Units are nice.
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