Hey all -- a few weeks ago, James & I decided to put The Color Group to rest. We've worked on this company for five years -- first we just promoted shows, then we managed and booked tours for some bands, and then we started releasing music from our favorite artists.

Now James is gearing up to move to New York, and I will be working with St Ranger for the foreseeable future -- but I'm sure both of us will have new projects sooner rather than later.

We've had tons of amazing ...experiences working with all of you in Phoenix and across the country. We both went on our first tours with bands we were managing. We booked shows for some of our favorite bands. We even booked a show for Miley Cyrus' sister once.

Thanks to everyone who came to our shows, helped us further the careers of our bands and ourselves, and just helped us out in any way over the last few years. It means a lot and we look forward to working with you in the future.

- Jeff Taylor

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May 10, 2013
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Here's the latest review of Owl & Penny's new record, Milk & Sugar, this one by PHX Literal. Great stuff. 34 stars!

- by Yulunga Baktai Owl & Penny is a band of ghosts who somehow learned how to write and record music while being dead. That’s not easy thing to do, so this is quite an achievement for them. The first...

Take a listen to our pal Tron's latest mixtape, it's sure to get you movin'.

Mix of some of my favorite tunes so far this year. DL that shiiiiiih and enjoy some springtime booty.

If you haven't already, go cop the download of Milk & Sugar from Owl & Penny's Bandcamp!

13 track album

St Ranger is doin that whole tour shabang pretty soon, so if you're in the southwest, check out their upcoming dates and catch them in your town!

Sat 12:00 AM MSTSexy in the City
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"There is something subtly mystical deeply embedded within the music of Owl & Penny, almost as if nature herself is given voice through the songs."

Thanks for the Owl & Penny Milk & Sugar feature, YabYum Music and Arts!

Heard about that Owl & Penny pre-order yet?

Milk & Sugar comes out Friday!

If you've ever heard of a little band called The Maine, you may have heard the familiar name of Ryan Osterman. Ryan was a previous member of The Maine but left to persue other musical endevours after the release of The Way We Talk EP.  Ryan Osterman is now apart of…

Preorder Milk & Sugar now! It'll be released for your ears on April 26th!

13 track album

Good stuff.

EUGENE, OR—The members of local rock band Desert Ashes expect their careers to really take off following a rave write-up in music blog, the musicians said Thursday.
Mon 9:00 PM MSTYucca Tap RoomTempe, AZ
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Record Store Day is coming!

Years ago someone told me that 1,200 high school kids were given a survey. A question was posed to them: Have you ever been to a stand-alone record shop? The number…

The super bowl is over, now you've got time to donate! Only three hours left!

Help me put out my second full length record!

Happy Free Music Friday! Heard those new tunes from Waytansea Point yet?

The Color Group is a young record label based in Tempe, AZ.

Great local comp currently accepting submissions!

Zia Records' "You Heard Us Back When" compilation has a pretty solid history. The comp has been going strong...
The Color Group updated their cover photo.
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Seen Owl & Penny full band yet?

Full band! House Show! Humans! January 12, 2013 Video by Alexandre Le May