Since time immemorial, certain men and women have felt called to heal the sick, to safeguard knowledge, to guide the lost, and to commune with the spirit world. These unique individuals, known as shamans, were mystics and seers, repositories of wisdom, and keepers of herbal lore. During those period...

Today's Inspiration from is retreat to a tree house to find a fresh perspective.…

There is no greater way to escape the troubles of daily life than to ascend into the welcoming embrace of a tree house. Like a bird in its nest, we feel held and safe in the branches, cloaked within a curtain of green leaves. Here we can breathe more freely and think more clearly, our hearts and bra...

Open to all writers and poets, this one-day retreat at the serene Sevenoaks Retreat Center in Madison, Virginia, is planned to help authors discover their true essence (esse) and write with inspiration and depth. It is the third annual retreat sponsored by the Blue RIdge Writers Chapter ( Retreat Facilitators Linda M. Layne and Louise M. Mitchell will be joined by other session leaders for a full day of writing and creative opportunities that will conclude with sharing and campfire.

Wed 9:00 AM EDTSevenoaks Retreat CenterMadison
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The 2017 Writers Retreat was a wonderful, transformative day that stimulated participants' writing creativity. Thanks to Blue Ridge Writers Chapter for their support and sponsorship. Participants did a grounding exercise to calm and center, invited a vision in meditation of the future writing life, had a refreshing lunch hour provided by Wegmans Catering, free writing time, and circle-sharing time before closing notebooks for the day and heading home. The group produced new poetry and pages of text and discovered new perspectives for their writing gifts. A historic cabin porch was our retreat location.

Registration is underway for our Writers Retreat at Del Fosse Vineyard in Faber, VA, Wednesday, June 21. Authors desiring a break in routine to refresh and deepen their creativity will have a wonderful day with this gift-to-self experience. "May your search through Nature lead you to yourself."

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My mother ran our family household (two parents and four kids) on a regimen. Thursday was Grocery Shopping day. We went to the Acme, where the cashiers punched in the price of each item and did mental math to figure out the amount of change to take out of the register drawer. My mother would check the receipt and double-check the change. Every Thursday.
Yesterday, Harris-Teeter had a shortage of cashiers and I was "lucky" enough to do self-checkout. Life is one training afte...r another! Maybe I should have done grocery shopping today instead--Thursday--the day grocery cashiers everywhere are just waiting for their customers, I'm sure.
The family archive has no pictures of grocery shopping excursions (imagine that), but I do have Laundry Day pictures. Which day was Laundry Day? Monday, of course! It was exhausting. These days, Thursday is trash day, so I better go get with the routine.

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Spending time in nature fills the empty places within.…

In this modern age, we spend so much time indoors, focused on the busyness of our lives and disconnected from the earth. But much of what we truly need can only be found under the naked sky, alongside tall trees, on open plains, or in the sound of running water. Spending time in nature allows us to…

This Memorial Day weekend, Moe demonstrates gratitude for tall flowers in the garden—his jungle for hiding and napping. Yawn. #Caturday

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Nature quotes to enjoy any day of the year.…

Celebrate Earth Day with these 24 wonderful quotes.|By Jarry Lee

Even a well-chosen screensaver photo can provide the relief needed during long hours of computer work. Beach, mountain, river, meadow, and other nature pix can bring the magic of nature into the senses without leaving the computer. Do you have a favorite screensaver or relaxing photo to share? #HappyFriday

Let my screensaver take you away. View it here:

While researchers are confirming the health benefits of spending time in nature, most of us don’t need this proof. When we can’t get outside, pausing over a screensaver can be a mindful respite. The relief that comes from seeing earth’s natural landscape is spontaneous and palpable.

Whatever your business, it will succeed when infused with heart. #TBT

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Blueberries are in season in Central Virginia. Could there be anything more scrumptious or healthy?…/health-benefits-blueberries-90c…#

Eating blueberries has shown to lower cholesterol, slow the signs of aging and reduce the risk of infection. These small berries hold the highest concentration of antioxidants and are high in fiber...

Are your business meetings stale, combative, predictable? Give Mother Nature a seat front and center at the meeting table to transform the energy. Peonies in full bloom right now are a perfect choice for softening anxious relationships and tense moments. Lavender spikes, sage stalks, a handful of thyme, and wild or cultivated yarrow are all good choices. A tried and true idea from The Contemporary Shaman.

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Laughing Waters Way updated their cover photo.
May 13
Image may contain: outdoor, water and nature
Laughing Waters Way updated their cover photo.
May 13
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Laughing Waters Way updated their cover photo.
May 13
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