Daily Om suggests the technique for dropping cords into the Earth for cleansing chakras. When you can't get to your local Certified Crystal Practitioner, relying on energetic cords is good to do.…

Just as the physical spaces we inhabit require that we clear them periodically of clutter, the energetic fields that are a vital part of our being must also be cleared of old thoughts, energy, and emotions. Clearing your chakras and your aura restores and strengthens your connection to yourself and....

Thank you, Jane Friedman, author guru, for sharing about EMOJIPEDIA. I did not know that ROFL meant rolling on the floor laughing ... and much more. Check out EMOJIPEDIA for everything you never knew about using emojis in social media writing.🤣

The emoji search engine. A fast emoji search experience with options to browse every emoji by name, category, or platform.

If you enjoy otters, river rocks, stones, or crystals, you'll enjoy this video:

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The Dodo

No one knows exactly why otters do this — but it's completely mesmerizing.

Laughing Waters Way updated their cover photo.
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Nature is a complex subject! Fascinating article about new understanding of plant behavior.…/20170109-plants-can-see-hear-and-smell…

Plants perceive the world without eyes, ears or brains. Understanding how can teach us a lot about them, and potentially a lot about us as well

Just like life itself: seeking the missing puzzle piece! LOL

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So wise:

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Posted by Uplift Connect
Uplift Connect

How to tap into the magic and mystery of water. A powerful story from Pat McCabe, a Navajo and Lakota activist.

People are standing up for the rights of water. ...Join them! Bless the Water on March 22, World Water Day, and watch UPLIFT’s new film 'The Voice of Water'. Register here:

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Starting a new business?
Open a business like a flower. Naturally, easily with the support of the Universe, and they will come.

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2018 YEAR OF THE BIRD. This year is the 100th Anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of the United States in convention with Mexico, Canada, and Russia, protecting migrating birds from harm. Each week this year a bird species is featured at Shenandoah Park ...…/learn/nature/2018-year-of-the-bird.htm

Nature Quote of the Day:
"If it weren't for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song." - Carl Perkins

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Nature Quote of the Day:
And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything. - William Shakespeare

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Laughing Waters Way updated their cover photo.
January 18
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My Guide whispered to me, "You have nowhere to go," and I felt my journey was over--I had come home. Coming home is something we do over and over, returning to center when life is over stimulating and over influential. Read my blog post about the inspiration to remain home as inspired by the mineral stone dolomite.…/

Healing Tools for Finding Balance Point January 17, 2018louisemitchell For a shaman, stones and crystals, which are imbued with their natural, characteristic vibration, are tools that focus the intention of the user, the recipient, and their Spirit Guides for the recipient’s well-being. Followi....

Earth Medicine Tip #2 - People have an electromagnetic field of 5-12 feet out from our bodies, often called an aura. We are constantly interacting with the aura of others. How can I cleanse the exchange of unwanted energy in the aura? Wanding the aura with selenite is one way to remove loose energy that is ready to go ... and before it attaches.

DELIGHTED to share my news: There is now a CCP after my name. Louise M. Mitchell, CCP. It means Certified Crystal Practitioner. Rocks are it, baby! The Earth and its medicine have so much help for us.

I'm now offering one-hour sessions of chakra balancing, Reiki energy, and shamanic insights for a more balanced you! Let's clear out that auric field and let your sun shine through. Let your own personal swoosh carry you through life.

Earth Medicine Tip #1 - Orange Calcite is terrific for strengthening self-confidence. Plus, on gray winter days, holding and beholding orange calcite is like harnessing the warmth of the sun itself.

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Does anyone watch TV still? Check out Monday Nights, New Series, THE HEALER, on TLC. Wonderful!

I will be selling my Rock Cards and Book set along with other local authors of the Blue RIdge Writers Chapter at the Charlottesville Book Fair. Each author has a unique point of view to share through our writing. A stroll through the Book Fair could take you into hearts and minds around the globe. We cover the range of genres: murder, romance, social causes, enlightenment, self-awareness, history, poetry, and more.

Sat 10:00 AM ESTCity Space on the Downtown Mall, Charlottesville