I haven't tackled the topic of being creative with kids stuff before but since I am growing and expanding my blog, I thought this would be a great way to introduce some creative and fun ways to make some children snacks. As a mom, I know it can be easy to fall into a snack and lunch rut where you serve the same thing over again because it's easy, or it's their favorite, or whatever reason. [ 160 more words ]…/04/19/make-kids-snacks-fun/

Are you looking for some great ideas for some creative and fun snacks to make for your kids? Here is a treat for you, Twenty-seven awesome cool lunch and snack ideas are here for you.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself when you have a mental illness is to create yourself a toolbox for when you are having a rough time. The toolbox is essential to maintaining good mental health even when depression is trying to suck you in and bring you down. WRAP by Mary Ellen Copeland is a great program for building a toolbox for yourself. [ 1,497 more word ]…/creating-a-toolbox-for-me…/

One of the positives that comes from being creative is our ability to create things that help keep our mental health in check. Here are some great tips on creating a wellness toolbox to help with your mental health.

In the process of losing weight, I have been relying heavily on soups. They can be easily measured and the calories of most vegetable kinds are fairly low. However, nothing compares to creating your own homemade soups. I have a few that I keep up my sleeve but today, I wanted to share with you my butternut squash soup. Actually more it is more of a squash soup since it also uses acorn squash but it has a more butternut squash flavor. [ 572 more words ]…/butternut-squash-soup-not…/

When we thing of Butternut Squash soup we think of fall and cool weather and apples. However, here is my comfort soup recipe for anytime of the year.

When depression comes calling, it can knock us down. And it sucks! Sometimes we know it's coming because we pay attention to the signs and symptoms as they emerge for us. How do we handle ourselves when it shows up on our doorstep? What can we do to ease the inner pain that depression so often leaves us in? Here are ten self-care tips that you can use when your depression makes itself known. [ 854 more words ]…/self-care-tips-when-your-…/

My creativity is often affected by my depression. Sometimes good and sometimes not. Here are some of my self-care tips for when my depression sucks.

When I created The Creating Room, it was with the desire and hope to make creativity more accessible to the everyday person. I wanted to guide people who either felt they weren't creative, or those who might be stuck, or even those who knew they were creative but wanted to creative boost now and then. However, in creating this blog, I didn't realize how much it would create me. [ 822 more words ]…/how-i-am-re-creating-myse…/

The Creating Room has been a place of sharing all my creative thoughts with you and now I am sharing with you how I am about to re-create myself. Come along for the journey.

This is my friend Dan. He is a phenomenal poet. Check out his new book.

My first book, Song of Six Rivers, published by Humboldt State University Press, is available in local bookstores and online. Please share!

(Ingram wholesale is still being adjusted to an equitable rate for bookstores. Check back soon.)

Song of Six Rivers relates one man’s life-changing experiences throughout the Humboldt Bay region of northern California, depicting the area’s geography and history along the way, through both poetry and archival photography. When the muse of this epic poem, Guy Kuttner, died unexpectedly, Zev L...

Easter is just over a week away and the time to plan a lovely Sunday morning brunch is now. Brunches are great because they offer the flexibility of allowing for a sit down meal or an opportunity for people to mingle as they nosh on small bites. You can even host a brunch open house, where people can pop in and out as they desire in order to accommodate visiting other family and friends. [ 150 more words ]…/hosting-lovely-easter-bru…/

Easter is just over a week away and the time to plan a lovely Sunday morning brunch is now. Brunches are great because they offer the flexibility of allowing for a sit down meal or an opportunity for people to mingle as they nosh on small bites. You can even host a brunch open house, Read More

Creative blocks. They can happen to anybody. They are frustrating. Discouraging. Even maddening. Blocks can happen when we are stressed, when we feel disconnected, or even simply unmotivated to be creative. However, creative blocks also hit us out of the blue. We just wake up, sit down to create and realize that there isn't anything there in our heads to create. [ 1,249 more word ]…/ten-tips-to-undo-creative…/

Have you been stopped by creative blocks? We all get them from time to time. Here are Ten fabulous tips on how to undo your creative block.

More embellishments on the wreath I was working on. It took a while but I finally found the right color flowers that matched the look I was going for. How is your crafting going?

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Creating some pendants and magnets today. What are Creating today?

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The First day of Spring is nearly upon us, which mean Easter is just around the corner. Traditionally Easter is a day for brunches and special dinners to celebrate this holiday. Planning events for family and friends can be exciting and fun but maybe a a little bit daunting. From choosing decor to planning the menu, at times the task of planning a fun meal can seem overwhelming. [ 199 more words ]…/creating-an-easter-event-…/

Easter is almost here and many people are planning for some form of celebration. Would you love some tips and tricks to plan yours?

Today’s crafty project. A simple round pendant piece made from air dry clay. It took me a little bit to get the hang of working with this type of clay but not bad for a first attempt. How is your crafting going?

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How is your Craft month going? I haven't been blogging as much with coming back from my trip and jumping full time into appointments and kids but I have been creating daily and sharing them on my Facebook page. Most recently I shared a vision board, a couple of coasters and a wreath that is part of a bigger project. I wanted to give some tips on how I created some of these projects. [ 712 more words ]…/…/creating-my-vision-board/

Have you ever created a vision board? Here are the steps I took to create mine and I hope they help you to create yours.

Today’s simple crafty project. It’s the first piece in a larger project that will be a gift. Normally I would use hot glue to adhere the lace but it has disappeared temporarily so I used my E 6000 that is pretty strong too. What have you been crafting?

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Today’s creative project was creating a Vision board. I had an idea of what I wanted for some time so I sat down today and created it. I actually had more pictures than board so I picked the ones the most represent what I am striving for. Have you made a vision board before? What was the process like for you?

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Today’s crafty project was making some coasters. I found these tiles at Home Depot for 16 cents each. The photos are some of my originals that I use for various projects and with the magic of Mod Podge I have coasters. After the Mod Podge dries I will add a clear coat to protect it and cork to the bottom. I would love to see what you have been creating.

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The body was born to be creative. Think about how it heals itself. Not a single injury or cold will be exactly the same and yet, when called, our body miraculously attempts to heal itself. This is creativity at its most biological form. However for the purpose of this piece I am talking about the varieties of art, music, dance, prayer and meditation that call on our creative soul. [ 950 more words ]…/how-creativity-helped-me-…/

We are born with the ability to be creative. Even in our darkest moments that creativity can be called upon and used to strengthen us.