ALL experiences are just $99 for 5 or 6 players for the Holidays! This includes GIFT CARDS! Get your Christmas Shopping done now!
This deal is valid till December 31, 2017 @ 11:59pm
2 rooms available to test your skills!


Margaret's Estate - Can you find the hidden treasure?
Bob's Bunker - Do not enter! But if you dare....make sure you can get out with your wits in tact!

Hamilton, Niagara and St. Catharines are always available for your booking pleasure!

Book now at or call 1-855-374-2789

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Cruxmas 2017 Ad
7 Reviews
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Tawnya Jeavons- Lynch
· February 3, 2018
Friendly, helpful staff. A great way to have fun for an hour
Jenny Martin
· December 23, 2017
So much fun! Incredible staff. I will continue to do 5their rooms as more come.
Cruxmas 2017 Ad

#EscapeRoomProTip Focus on having fun. Don't worry if you don't get out of every room, worry about enjoying the time spent in the room with friends. Disconnect from life, and live the story. Merry Christmas From The Crux! #thecrux #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Be humble! If you are sure you have the right answer, but can't get the lock open, let someone else play with the lock. If you can't solve the puzzle, let someone else at the pieces. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Practice makes perfect. The only way to get better at escape rooms is to play more escape rooms. Google isn't going to help, and neither is sitting on the couch. #getoutthereandplay #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Ask for hints! Thats what they are there for! You aren't cheating, you're paying to have fun so don't allow your group to get frustrated because you're stuck on a puzzle. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip You probably don't have to use items more than once, so listen carefully to your game masters briefing. If items are one and done, discard used items and use whats left to guide you. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Show up ready to play. Be 10 minutes early, there's probably a waiver and you might need a washroom. Be sober, and be excited. This is supposed to be fun, but there are usually rules! #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Bring players with a different background with you. If everyone thinks the same, you'll all get stuck on the same things. Better to argue the differences than the similarities. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

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