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A short video about how the sitcom that Phil and Steve have acting parts in is going.

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So many of you have been asking how filming is going, this video should help you a little.

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A cast photo featuring Phil and Steve in the forthcoming British sitcom 'Morbid'

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Phil Woods and Steve Smith's Comedy Page updated their profile picture.
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Rehearsals are going well for Phil and Steve for the upcoming sitcom 'Morbid'.

As we have already revealed Phil will play the Vicar. Last Tuesday Steve was confirmed as playing the part of Uncle Roy.

Morbid is based in a funeral directors, don't miss it later this year.


As it's an independent sitcom, they are raising money via Go Fund Me. Donate a small amount to be in the credits and come to the premier!

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Hi my name is Michael Dee, I'm the director of Take the Cake Productions, a self funded production company in the north west of england. Our aim is to highlight british, homegrown comedy. by giving people from the local area a chance to be able to perform on social media using our resources and e...

Latest News;

Phil has accepted a part in a new sitcom called Morbid, based in a funeral directors. Phil will play the vicar. Here is a cast photo (Phil 2nd from left). As an independent sitcom it has a small budget and therefore a Go Fund Me page, if you can spare a few pennies to get a mention on the credits then go ahead and help, here is the link

Our live sketch show in Lancaster was an amazing success with around 100 people there and laughs all the way through, next step is to start getting it into the big theatres!

Watch this space.

Our live sketch show is having its first show on 1st April (no joke) in Lancaster. FREE ENTRY - Please share

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It's Pancake Day today.

We have already had Valentines Day and while St Valentine is well known for being a Christian martyr, little is known about St Pancake. Allow us to enlighten you.

Flatterza Pancake was born in 1635 to a Lancashire mother and French father. As a child he was very withdrawn due to his father’s rage, though he was never battered. He left school with no qualifications but didn’t give a toss what people thought, so he set up his own business selling egg wh...isks. The clever advertising slogan for his products was ‘Beat The World’, which fitted his hope to one day ship them worldwide.

After launching the business in Britain, the next step was to move into his father’s homeland, where ‘Beat The World’ was translated for the French market as ‘Battre Le Monde’. Pancake died a successful businessman in 1698, when he was cremated on a low heat until slightly browned on both sides. Sales of his whisks continued and in time ‘Battre le monde’ was anglicised to ‘Batter and lemon’, which is how Pancake Day is still commemorated.

How enlightening!

I hope your education has been boosted by this knowledge.

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From 7pm UK time tonight, you can watch the special online screening of the short film Valentines based on the script by Steve and I.

One night only

a Special showing of the short film Valentines written and Directed by Lee Howard.

We've not said a lot recently but here's a big one for you, on 14th February you will be able to watch Valentines, our theatre script turned into a TV show! Here's the poster, keep an eye out on here for more details.

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Coming tomorrow, an interview with writer Phil Woods on the award winning website, Blazing Minds. Why did The Daily Skid close? What's coming in the future? New comedy, TV, Theatre and more

Blazing Minds is a UK Blog Awards winning blog for entertainment in movie reviews, music, live events, Tech and more. Also listed in the Top 10 UK Film Blogs.

How to do Origami in a few easy steps. This is Phil's exclusive (and somewhat unusual and disturbing) short lesson

Today, on this the most joyful days containing the word fry, I will teach you the art of Origami, the ancient art, be amazed, be impressed and please please ...

Such a sad loss to comedy. Will be sadly missed. RIP Andrew Sachs.

Here he is at his best!

Manuel has been left in charge of the hotel reception, but he's not coping too well. Subscribe to Comedy Greats for more hilarious videos:

As it's December, I thought I'd repost my short video where I am the innkeeper where Jesus was born! I'm busy taking bookings.....well, he would have been, it's Christmas after all!

I think this is exactly what happened back then!

A fly on the wall documentary filmed at The Bethlehem Hotel in the year 0 or to be precise 1 month BC. We managed to film the very first time that the most f...

Apologies that links to Daily Skid stories don't work currently. However, coming soon will be a new book, a collection of every Daily Skid story ever written. Keep your eyes open for that in January 2017