State extends 2018 studded tire removal deadline to April 15

Spring is here but the potential of some late season snow means the deadline to remove studded tires in Washington has been extended for two weeks. The removal deadline is now by the end of the day, Sunday, April 15.

The deadline was last extended in 2012.


This year’s decision was based on long-range forecasts that show the potential for significant weather, including snow that could affect cross-state travel into April.

Starting Monday, April 16, drivers with studded tires on their vehicles face a $136 traffic infraction. Removal services can be crowded as the deadline approaches, so please plan accordingly.

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Don't wait. Do it today.... only five days left.

Nominations for The Daily World's Citizen, Police Officer and Firefighter of the year are due by Tuesday, March 27. You may use the nomination form that was in Wednesday's Daily World or simply write us a letter telling us about the person and what they’ve done to make things better. Make sure to include your name and contact information.

Email your submission to If your prefer, you may drop your letter off or mail it to Karen Barkstrom, 315 S. Michigan, Aberdeen 98520

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Julie Savage
· February 3, 2018
Saturday, February 3rd at approximately 11:35 am I heard a car door close in front of my house so went to look out my window. I saw an older man in a big blue pickup truck with a disabled placard had ...pulled in to my driveway and parked to put a newspaper of yours on my porch.

I live in Grayland. I do not subscribe to your paper.

As he was backing out of my driveway, he hit my mailbox. I ran to my front door in hopes of catching him, as I was standing on the porch trying to wave him down he then pulled forward and backed into my mail box AGAIN before pulling away and driving down the road like nothing had happened.

I would like my mailbox replaced at your company's expense and manpower. That man had no right to be in my driveway delivering an unwanted paper. He had no right to back over my mail box TWICE and pull away with no regard for his actions.

I have emailed you and left a voicemail with your office as well.

Please contact me with a resolution as soon as possible.
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Jacob Iversen
· February 25, 2018
You have pretty cool local story about the Montesano boys team making the state tournament for the first time in 36 years. You'd think that would be the lead story instead it's a story about the Kings... and Warriors playing an exhibition game in Seattle next fall. I know I'm a little biased being that my son is on the team but honestly I would think the same thing if it was any of the other local high school teams. Anyways I just thought it was a poor choice. See More
Nikki Gaddis
· September 13, 2017
When posting criminal activity you should probably include the suffixes such as Jr. And Sr. To avoid the innocent person from being slandered in your paper!!! Dissapointed doesn't begin to cover it. I...t is quite damaging to someone's reputation to have their name falsely reported. I called to demand a retraction!!!! See More
Kasey Pratt
· January 31, 2018
Followed the "ex police officer case" and I must say I'm VERY disappointed to not see you guys make this right by at least a public apology for the very fabricated original article.
Autumn Aileen
· February 1, 2018
I too followed your "ex police officer" story. After the absolute bastardization you made of him with little to no ACTUAL evidence or facts, i am DISGUSTED you failed to make ANY apology after he was ...easily found innocent. Eat shit. You people are slimey and filthy attention whores. See More
Jay Drof
· August 6, 2017
The daily world will not send subscriptions to people in prison.ridiculous. grew up reading daily world...ill find another news source now.acting like people in prison ate not human.the vidette does this too.
Melissa Summers Hovis
· February 28, 2014
I can understand the need for revenue, but to charge people for information that the company freely provides on Facebook, then redirects them to your page and asks for monthly payments to read article...s that are posted. I can get my information free from charge from the many other news informative companies on Facebook for the harbor. To make me buy a newspaper, tell me limited information on said story with a positive note at the end; for full story please purchase a subscription or daily paper. Its all about proper marketing, now this page has become a nuisance and I have unliked, only due to a heading of a story and no further information is given. See More
Shelley Kissner Smith
June 3, 2012
Recomend .... I don't think so...You may want to let people know that The Guest House Inn & Suites in Aberdeen don't clean the rooms very well or care about there guests. My grandaughter this weekend ...while getting into bed at the hotel was stuck by a hypodermic drug needle and had to be taken to the hospital. We had to take her and had to call the Police. After looking futher another needle and drug items were found under the bottom sheet. Police came and a report filed. Our grandaughter now has to have her blood checked for the next year and half to two years to check for HIV or worse. When checking out of the Hotel the front desk employees became rude and upset when the kids refused to pay the room bill. Like it's our fault their employees don't clean the rooms, I wonder how they would feel if it was their child that now may be infected with a disease. Can you even believe this even happened. This could of been handled differently by the Hotel but needless to say this is all about to get ugly for them !!! See More
Lindsay Venable
· February 18, 2014
My thoughts regarding this paper now...No longer a fan! I was born and grew up on the harbor. I called and spoke to the people of this newspaper about having something out in the paper for my daughter.... She entered and won an all natural (no makeup), inner beauty, scholarship pageant. Since Tyler was crowned Miss Washington Princess, I wanted to put this in the paper thanking her Grays Harbor sponsors that supported her, a few include: Quigg Bros Construction, Grays Harbor Radio, Toyroom childcare, Advanced Heating and Air, among many others. I was told that because The pageant is not affiliated "with Donald Trumps we could not do it." All the negativity in the paper, something great happens and they snub me!?! Tyler has feed the homeless meals, outfitted 100+ children with ALL the necessary school supplies for the 2013-14 school year, helped/ worked with children of type I diabetes, donated hundred of children's book and stuffed animals. I'd say, little Miss Washington is doing a pretty fantastic job supporting and improving our communities! Too bad the grays harbor newspaper couldn't recognize such a giving, outstanding member of our society, especially at 5 years old!
Update 9-15-14: Top 2 at Miss America 2014 were previous National American Miss Queens, in which Lauren Kuhn competed with. Ya know, the pageant system my daughter won that your paper does NOT support, per your paper!?! Just sayin...keep it classy Daily World.
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Bobby Meade
April 19, 2013
Boston Bombing - stupidity at work -

In order to force investigators to "work to rule" and not bother Bush and his Devil worshippers, they will dump anthrax, cyanide, or something like that on them and say that that is proof that they have control of everything.

And be careful! If they catch you reading this, they might "thrax" you too: i.e. dumped lots of anthrax on you to convince you that you were sick, stupid, or both.
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Angelina Johnson
· January 21, 2014
My grandchildren raised in California now live in Grayland love the beach and this how they celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. With the help of five children and one dog they managed collect 8- f...ull bags of trash on the beach. They all wanted to clean up the mess adults leave behind. Now others can see the beauty of the ocean that we were all intend to enjoy. See More
Jamie MacKinnon Walsh
· October 1, 2014
I'd like to thank the Daily World editorial staff for sending a great team to cover our "Triple Threat- Drag, Drift and Autocross" event this last weekend at the Southshore Mall. The weather was perf...ect. NWAA who put on the event had a wonderful time and from the papers reports, the local Blood brothers, Gene Baker and Jeremy Jones did well in the drag event. The Mall is thinking seriously about doing this again next year. See More
Angie Smith
June 4, 2012
AVOID the GuestHouse Inn & Suites in Aberdeen!! After my daughter was poked by a hypodermic needle found under the sheets in her bed, this place only offered to clean our room. A little late, don't think? The staff was very rude and wouldn't even pay for our room. Seriously? Is this a daily occurance at this hotel that they are not even the least bit concernced about the wellfare of their guests? Unbelievable! See More
Johni Prinz
· January 19, 2016
Have been on hold with customer service for 48 minutes and 57 seconds , just noticed that it is 5:23 so probably the office is closed and my customer service rep won't be getting back with me.
Ask me ...again what I think trust me fair will not be my answer!! See More
Shirley Wilcox
· July 8, 2014
I pay a hefty fee every month for my online subscription. I can't get the hard copy because I moved to Olympia. When will your newspaper offer a mobile app? When I'm away from home it's almost impo...ssible to read the paper on my phone. Yours is the only paper I subscribe to that doesn't offer this. Or am I missing it? See More
Justina Rae
· July 24, 2016
Your information isn't always up to date and/or your articles have misspellings or grammatical errors. You might consider getting a proofreader before you print...just a suggestion.
Der Kampfhund
· October 10, 2013
With the increases in drug use and violent confrontations in Aberdeen, a friend's group, The WAI (Washington Initiative) - Seattle will be in Aberdeen the weekend of November 9th-10th. She emailed the... Mayor, City Council, Parks & Rec and Police Department with our offer of a 3-part Community Involvement seminar:
1. Forming - and maintaining - a neighborhood watch group with local law enforcement involvement.
2. Self-defense and awareness (1-2 hours)
3. Needles - what to do when you see them (how to pick them up safely and turn them in OR leave them alone.)

All they need is a venue. Everything else is completely free.
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Annaliese Allen Priamos
April 25, 2013
Whatever happened to the "Cool Deals" offers? There hasn't been a new one since December and people really seemed to like them and buy them. Are they gone for good or will they be returning?
Carmen Hammonds
· July 25, 2016
I can't open any of the articles on this facebook and can't access them even through Chrome.
Carrie Roman-Erwin
· January 4, 2014
I am missing my paper again today. It happens on an almost weekly basis and there is always an excuse. I just wish someone would answer the phone at circulation. Not at all happy with the service. ... I guess I will be looking into a different paper. See More
Pouring and windy at North Cove right now.
Coastal Community Action Program's sixth annual Project Homeless Connect was held on Friday at the Aberdeen Eagles, providing dozens of people in need with a number of different services, including haircuts, flu shots, IDs, clothing and a hot meal.
Plenty windy at Grayland.
Two years ago, he stopped wrestling after sustaining concussions
Superintendent search will begin after unanimous decision before large crowd Tuesday night
From 2012 through 2016, Grays Harbor had more overdose deaths per capita than any other county.
ELMA — Aberdeen had trouble getting things rolling against Elma for the first 25 minutes. But when the offense did get flowing, the Bobcats were tough to stop.
Hoquiam easily keeps soccer record perfect
Ocosta girls win multi-school track meet

East County residents should prepare for some rumbling as four helicopters from Joint Base Lewis McChord will be doing multiple evening training exercises Saturday and Sunday at and around the Satsop Business Park.

According to a statement released by the Elma Police Department, the helicopters will be flying in from the southeast in hopes of less disturbance for the residential areas.

The Stevens Elementary Task Force is holding a public meeting tonight at 6 p.m. in the Stevens cafeteria to gather input on site selection criteria for a new school. Those in attendance are welcome to comment and make suggestions about the sites being considered.

According to the district website, the key question is whether to build the new school on property they already own adjacent to the current Stevens, or if it should be elsewhere in South Aberdeen such as near the college or other acreage off Huntley Street.

The task force will make a recommendation to the Aberdeen School Board in May on where a new school should be built, before the board makes a final decision.

Stood accused of aiding and abetting drug trafficking
State Patrol: Driver rammed back and front of vehicle near the Monte-Brady Road exit
State Patrol: Driver rammed back and front of vehicle near the Monte-Brady Road exit
Several racing standouts were inducted into the Elma Auto Racing Hall of Fame over the weekend. From left, they are Dan West Jr, Jim Oien, Robert Criswell, Glenn Borden Jr. and Russ Jenkins (for his late father, Butch Jenkins). Not pictured is Don Warren. Special awards weant to Jim Oien (the Larry....
Four Elma pitchers combine for no-hitter