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· January 23, 2014
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Steve Glovsky
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Not a single surprise, except perhaps that the DC area (where Bezos owns the Post) has three finalists, not one. I think Chicago will have a strong proposal for a number of reasons, perhaps one that may also later prove attractive to Apple.

While well intentioned, I’d bet a nickel the Kankakee County proposal was in the bottom five.

The list released Thursday leaned toward cities in the Midwest and on the East Coast, and away from the tech-saturated hubs of the West Coast.

With one last Sunday night email and contract for a client, I can now close out 2017. Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy 2018!


Good news from Springfield for Illinois LLCs.

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Governor Bruce Rauner

Slashed 70% off LLC filing and annual report fees today, a move small businesses have been advocating for years.

Now we are competitive with neighboring states.... No need to go over the border to escape high fees in Illinois. This is a holiday gift that sends a message to the state’s 1.2 million small businesses: Start here. Stay here.

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Ah, co-tenancy clauses. You are no friend of mine! Or are you??

Decades of overbuilding have saddled property markets with too many malls even as online shopping and changing consumer preferences are reshaping the retail sector. Now landlords, tenants and investors are looking to the courts for relief.

I read this piece today, and as a resident of Kankakee County and a former member of the regional planning commission I wish Chairman Wheeler and Representative Parkhurst would have called me first.

Let me say this is a laudable goal. But getting even a distribution center here is an uphill task because of Will County's proximity to Chicago.

And HQ2? If that indeed is their ultimate goal -- I cannot find the proposal online and I have to admit I have doubts -- that will ha...ppen, in my professional opinion, the day after never. Even a cursory read of the RFP tells me this area is almost the polar *opposite* of what Amazon seeks. Maybe they want us to be a wind or solar farm for HQ2?

If Illinois is a finalist, and I believe it will be, there is a terrific site at the former Finkl Steel factory in the Clybourn Corridor that meets most all of Amazon's needs. And millennials will be most eager to work at a site near downtown, Lincoln Park, and Bucktown.

I wish I was wrong; after all, our house would suddenly increase in value. But I'm not. Sorry.

PS: I did not speak to anyone at Amazon about HQ2, nor will I as it is of course inappropriate.

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Kankakee, IL – State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee) and Kankakee County Board Chairman Andy Wheeler met with representatives ...

And the tale continues. In a thoughtfully written article, Travel + Leisure sheds light on our hotel's storied past and exciting present.

The Gold Coast property, previously run by Four Seasons, took 40 years to officially join the Ritz-Carlton portfolio.

Deals in the news: I represented the buyer in this transaction.

The redevelopment of the former Big Deahl Productions studio in Lincoln Park is getting bigger.

Nothing to see here. This is everyday routine in commercial real estate. And nesting any levels of LLCs can be for purposes of different levels, groups, or funds of investments and investors, among other reasons.

Few if any presidential advisers have come to the job with assets and obligations as complex and sprawling as those of Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump.

One of my favorite projects is the redevelopment of the old Jays Potato Chip factory on the south side of Chicago. My client and I have been working on this project for 12 years. You could create about three law school classes just around the legal issues that have arisen at this single facility.

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The joy of self-employment.

IBM, a pioneer of remote work, calls workers back to the office.

IBM is giving thousands of its remote workers in the U.S. a choice this week: Abandon your home workspaces and return to a regional office—or leave the company.

Liquidating years ago could have been a magnificent real estate play. Now it's just sad.

Sears Holdings Corp. acknowledged “substantial doubt” about its ability to keep operating, raising fresh concerns about a company that has lost more than $10 billion in recent years.

No, I have never heard of your product. No, I don't use Outlook. Indeed, I don't use Windows so my system is not compatible with your software. No, I don't do residential real estate. No, my clients tell me where to order title as they have their own relationships. No, I don't need case management software to figure out something as elementary as mere transfer taxes or prorations. But thanks for cold calling me anyway. (Yes, I can't recommend this product, at least in my niche practice.)

Smokeball's Case Management Software is tailored to all practices area that integrates with MS Word and Outlook for easy email and document management.
As mall owners scramble to redevelop aging properties, they are being hamstrung by arcane agreements signed decades ago with department stores that govern how the centers are used.
The cost of insuring Sears Holdings Corp. bonds has reached new highs, signaling fresh concerns about the retailer’s future despite recent moves to raise more than $1.5 billion.

Yup. Will much mall ownership go the way of the limited service hotel?

A surge in store closures is prompting some of the largest U.S. shopping-center owners to walk away from troubled locations rather than restructure their debts.