Lots of travelers know riding an elephant is not done (but still it happens, so keep on spreading that too), but visiting an elephant show isn't any better.

The elephants will be forced to perform unnatural activities such as playing football and making drawings. Ofcourse this is not what wild animals do to relax... The worst thing is that to make them perform these ways, lots of training (read: pain and suffer for the elephants) had to be done.

The training of an elephant co...nsist beating them with sticks and sharp hooks to let them perform, and after that being chained up again until the next session.

We're sure you don't want this to continue, so don't visit those animal shows! If you want to interact with elephants without hurting them, visit an animal friendly elephant sanctuary instead!

More about this soon on

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Meet 'Cig the sea turtle', he's completely made of cigarette butts picked up at a beach in one afternoon... . Shocking, right?

So this one is for the smokers: when smoking on the beach, please take a portable ashtray or put your cigarette butts in a empty can or bottle and throw it away when returning to your ho(s)tel.

The damage that one cigarette butt makes is bigger as you may think... Did you know every cigarette butt that ends up in the sea will kill at least 1 sea crea...ture?

By the way: burying them in the sand won't help either cuz' as the tides change, it will end up in the sea anyway or it will be on the beach for 10 years before it dissolves. So anyway: you're leaving a big impact when trashing your cigarette butts around.

Picture by SHELLart

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Please fellow travelers, dress appropriately when out there... .

We can't believe our own eyes sometimes... . A bikini in a city? No pants? No shirt? A mini skirt or see through tanktop to visit religious places? Really? Yes!

Just ask yourself this question: would you walk around in your own city without a pants, a shirt, barefoot or in a bikini? Than why would you do so while traveling?


Although you're on a holiday in a tropical place that looks controlled by tourism, you're still visiting a place where people live and lived for ages, not a themed tropical swimming pool.

It's just a form of showing respect to make sure you're dressed in a appropriate way, and you'll feel better too, trust us! 😊


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When talking with fellow travelers, we noticed there is a lot of doubt about swimming with dolphins.
They’re so adorable and they seem to love people, so who wouldn’t want to get in the water and swim with dolphins?

Unfortunate, whether in captivity or in the great blue sea, swimming with them is so harmful for those beautiful animals (yes, also with the ones in the wild!).


Learn why at

Did you encounter some harmful activities during your travels? Be part of the change and let us know! We'll spread the word!

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Nooo, it really won't look cool!

Learn why elephant riding so harmful at and spread the word with us!

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Like all marine animals, starfish are found in the sea for a simple reason: they do not breath air, so leave them in the water.

Maybe you've heard stories saying that if you take a starfish out of the water for just 1 minute or less it won't die, but that's not really true. However, some will survive, but most of them will die. We're sure you don't want to kill what you love just for a picture.

Still want to take the risk to take them out "just for 10 seconds"? Imagine this: ...Would you like to be part in an underwater photoshoot in which someone pushed you in to the water every time they want, with that person not even seeing how you are doing or knowing you would survive?

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Pictures are the best souvenirs, hands down. They bring back memories that other souvenirs often can't. So it's absolutely normal you walk around armed with your camera to get those perfect shots.

But please think before you click, local people living their daily life can be very photogenic, but remember they are just living their life and doing what they always do, they are not a tourist attraction!

We also wouldn't appreciate it that a big lens would zoom in on us while we...'re just working or having a coffee, right?

More on this at

Want to join the discussion or add information to The Educated Traveler? Be a part of the change & our community: The Educated Traveler - The Community!

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Yes, we're creating a community and we want you & your travel buddies to be a part of it!

Don't hesitate to add them and yourself to The Educated Traveler - The Community and be a part of the change!

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It's about time to stop the monkey business! Cute monkeys like this one are often catched to use them as a photo prop and to perform acts in the streets or in animal shows. It's so sad to see playful and energetic animals like these chained up and trained in very bad and painful ways to entertain tourists and travelers.

Make sure you don't support those activities and be an educated & responsible traveler!

More about this soon on


Have you encountered some wrong or harmful activities while traveling? Reach out to us and other travelers at The Educated Traveler - The Community to get the word out and make the world a better place while exploring the beautiful world!

A big thanks to Travelando for adding this information to The Educated Traveler!

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Meet the 'begpacker'!
While traveling around you'll might find some fellow travelers sitting on the side of streets or squeezed in at a (night)market begging for money in poorer countries than their home country to continue traveling.

That when lots of locals in these countries are struggling to get some food on the table, travel to their families within' the same country or simply to support their families.
Buy from those locals instead and make sure you support the local ...economy too while you're having fun shopping.

Every tourist has a budget and you can spent every Dollar, Baht, Peso, ... only once, so spend it wisely and don't support the begpacker!

We believe that if you can't support your own travel, you need to go home and get a job!


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Exploring the underwater world is a magical thing & we need to make sure we keep it that way. When going snorkling or swimming in our beautiful oceans, avoid stepping on or touching the coral.

Ohh, and add this one to your shopping list before going out there: coral safe sunscreen!
Most of the regular ones contain a chemical called oxybenzone to deflect UV rays. Even in minute doses it rapidly bleaches the coral and slows new growth.


So if we want to keep seein colorful corallike this, make sure you take good care of it when exploring it!


A big thank you to Laurens MA Groen for adding the information about the sunscreen!

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So you want to look cool posing with a tiger or other wild animals? Not cool dudes and dudettes, not cool at all!

That picture where you want to show off your guts
on Instagram, Facebook or in your photo album comes at a very high price for the animals.

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That is to make travel better for all of us, especially for our environment, the local people and all other creatures living on our beautiful planet.

Did you encounter some wrong or harmful things and activities during your travels? Share them with with us or in The Educated Traveler - The Community and we'll get the word out!


To reach as many fellow travelers as possible, we could also use your help! Share The Educated Traveler with your travel buddies, tag them below or invite them to be part of our community group and help us get the word out!

Ohh, and did you already found us on Instagram? We'll help you do so

Thanks for the support & let's make the change happen!

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When activities involve animals, keep your guard up! This one goes up for shark cage diving too!

Shark cage diving raises several concerns, the main one being that feeding any wild animal can affect their behaviour, disturb the natural balance and will attract them out of their natural habitat.

Some may say: "it’s not feeding them so it’s okay" but pouring buckets of blood in to the sea and taunting them with fish on a string to lure and tease these magnificent animals is ac...tually the same (or isn't soup a meal?).

But that's not all,

A big thank you to Tim Fellendorf for reaching out to us and bringing this subject to our attention!

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We're excited to announce that we also created The Educated Traveler - The Community now!

So did you encounter some wrong or harmful things and activities during your travels? Share them, discuss them with fellow travelers and we'll get the word out!
Did you visit an animal sanctuary that really puts the welfare of the animals at the first place or did a tour that really cared about our environment, the local people and all other creatures
living on our beautiful planet, sh...are it with us so fellow travelers know where to go to have beautiful experiences!

Let's make the change happen together and make everyone travel more responsibly!

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Traveling exotic places is an amazing thing to do, but often these places encounter problems we don't even think about... One of them are drought issues.

Water is vital resource for all living creatures and often a scarce one in tourism destinations. So, if you are being asked to monitor your water usage, it's for a good reason. There is very little of it for a lot of us.

However, we noticed some travelers take this advise a bit too seriously. It's allowed to take a shower a...nd to keep your own body odor under control

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