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Erica Johnson
· January 18, 2018
My husband and I love Elements food. We have enjoyed dining in many times, always a positive experience and the food is always amazing. We tend to do date night at home lately with food ordered for ca...rryout. Unfortunately, both times we have ordered carryout from here has left us completely disappointed. Our order always gets messed up, and when we arrive at the time it's supposed to be ready we still wait for another 30 minutes to get it. The food always ends up spilling out in the bag by the time we get home because it's not packaged well. Obviously carryout isn't a priority here. We just will not order carryout from Elements anymore, it's too much of a hassle and let-down. Other nice restaurants have shown more care and priority to carryout orders. When we can dine in, we will still come. But my advice is to not order carryout from Elements, call somewhere else. See More
Sydney Nielsen
· February 19, 2018
The food here is good, but the service is horrible. Because the food is good my husband and I would still come here to eat when we had plenty of time to kill. However, this weekend was the last straw.... My husband went in to get a take out order. He sat at the bar and ordered a hamburger to go. 30 minutes later he asked where his order was. The waiter told him it should be any minute now. 15 more minutes go by and he asks about his order again. The waiter said he'd go get it right then. Another 15 minutes went by before he finally got his food. When he finally opened the to go box, you could tell the food had been sitting there for some time. The fries and bun were soggy and the hamburger was only some what warm. It's unacceptable that they would serve ruined food, and it would appear that my husband waiting an hour for a to go order when his food was sitting there ready for half that time. I can't believe how inconsiderate they were of his time. You honestly expect your customers to wait an hour for their order and then serve them cold, soggy food? The whole thing was ridiculous. See More
Kelli Ballard
· August 24, 2017
Sad how this place has fallen. Breakfast used to be the best secret in town. That went downhill...then was taken off the menu all together. The next best thing is the pizza power lunch. Went there tod...ay and received my pizza that's crust looked like it had been soaked in water. Super soggy! Sent it back, and got it to go. Drove 5 minutes home and the to go box was already completely soaked. sure enough the crust was the same sogginess I had already sent back. it will be a while before I go back. My Diet Pepsi was good though. See More
Gwen Saltern
· December 1, 2017
My favorite restaurant! Their personal pizza is the best pizza I have ever eaten. I love the chicken, turkey chop, garlic mashed potatoes, & gournet desserts.
Bryan J. Palmer
· October 30, 2017
Last week, our executive team had dinner at Elements. Overall, we were not impressed. Warm food, terrible salad/dressing and they started vacuuming during the middle of our dinner. That wouldn’t have ...been so bad except that it was so loud that we couldn’t hear each other. I’m guessing that we easily spent $700 and overall it was a thumbs down experience. See More
Gina L. Eborn
· August 17, 2017
Beautiful restaurant and the food was done to perfection. It also has one of the best patios, which is situated next to Logan Creek. All in all, it made for a very relaxing and enjoyable lunch.
Jen Aslett
· February 20, 2017
My husband brought me to Elements on Saturday, February 18th for what we hoped would be a romantic belated Valentines Day dinner. He had called ahead, made a reservation, and requested a booth. When w...e arrived, we waited 10-15 minutes to be seated even though we arrived on time, and then we were seated at a table, not a booth. Really!?! We didn't want to have to wait any longer, so we took the table. Once seated, the service was awful. Our server checked on us one time during the hour after we got our food despite there being empty tables and actually seeing him standing around talking to his co-workers. We would have ordered more drinks had he actually done his job. We didn't even get a water refill. He did bring us the dessert menu when we he finally noticed we were done eating. He came back 30 minutes after he dropped it off to see if we wanted to order anything. 30 minutes! By this time we had decided to go elsewhere for dessert, and my husband had already gone to reception and asked them to bring us the check. Long story short, we will not be returning to Elements. The food was good, but the service was very disappointing. See More
Brett Applegate
· December 11, 2016
I used to manage a steak house. I ordered the "Surf & Turf" for my birthday. I like my ribeye medium rare. It came rare and some of it was on the blue side. They cut the steak in strips for presen...tation but that just made it so it couldn't finish cooking and became cold long before I could have finished. My feelings are if the Chef cut it in strips he knew it wasn't cooked right. Not a very good Chef to have even have served it. Shame on the Chef. I was there on Dec 10 th. My waitress was good though. Didn't finish the steak. See More
Jeff Buckman
· October 2, 2016
We heard great things about this restaurant, however our experience was terrible. The food was mediocre at best, my wife ordered the Salmon with sweet potatoes so the "chef" puts the salmon directly o...n the yams and covers both with parmesan. I am not a chef but even I know you don't put cheese on seafood! So we send it back and think fine they will fix it, a couple minutes later the man I assume is the "chef" comes out and glares at my wife we then don't get the "fixed" meal until we are just done and want to leave also my overpriced stake was full of gristle. Not to mention we never saw a manager and not a single person asked if we were celebrating anything (our 1st anniversary) We will not be going back! See More
Katie Butler
· February 19, 2017
Ate here last night for the first time. We loved our server Eric, he was very friendly, funny and attentive. I ordered the filet mignon and my husband ordered the short ribs. We also ordered the BB...Q tiger shrimp appetizer. Everything was delicious and cooked just as we would expect. We would definitely come back to eat here the next time we are in Logan. See More
Mollie Johnson
· June 24, 2017
We had the best meal last night. The Asian Chicken and Margarita Pizza were delicious, and our waiter, Landon, gave above and beyond service!
Alisha Reed
· February 20, 2017
I have loved everything I've eaten at Elements. Their lunch special, with soup and salad and drink, is perfect! The fried calamari is my favorite thing to order here. Our server was excellent. Very ha...ppy with my experience. See More
Scott L Williams
· May 7, 2016
My son made a reservation a week in advance for his college graduation. Upon arrival they lost 7:00 reservation...they did find us a table promptly..drinks took at least a half an hour...appetizer did...n't take too long..
.entrees took 2 HOURS to arrive. Inexcusable...they had a sitting for high school prom night at the same time...didn't hire a separate staff to accommodate the time we got dinner we were basically the only folks left besides the other tables that still hadn't gotten their food. saw several tables leave. ...

manager NEVER came by and offered comps! Leaving her waiter to make excuses.

waiter came finally with entrees..some wrong orders..offered to give us a Mahi Mahi for bad didn't check tab we got charged for it!

Upon leaving manager and waiters joking around at front..singled out manager and told her she had no excuse for this service..what she did to her wait staff and her customers was inexcusable..

The only highlight was that the food was good but we had good company and we still enjoyed ourselves and we can talk about this for a long time.
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Julie Goodsell Monson
· March 25, 2017
What a difference between lunch and dinner. At least I hope that's all it was. We have only been to Elements twice, the first time? 5 stars. This time? 0. What kind of Shepherds pie isn't served with ...mashed potatoes? This watery bowl of frozen vegetables that I have in front of me is way below sub par. I have a cocktail maybe twice a year, this shot of vodka with a skim of cream does not a white Russian make. Next one was better, but for $8 each? Shouldn't have to practice. What a bummer, we enjoyed our dinner so very much last time. We will try again but that will be a deciding factor.

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Leroy Sutliff
· July 2, 2017
I don't usually write reviews but for the cost, they need a new chef. My filet was way overcooked, my friends chops were very dry. Pretty sad really.
Heidi Jensen
· August 10, 2015
I wanted to enjoy a quiet evening to celebrate our 19th anniversary and I had been the year before, so I felt we should go again. The waiting area had some very loud customers and I was afraid that we... would be seated next to them, but it wasn't so. We were in a very quiet spot and were served up with excellent food and conversation. Andre our server was not only polite, but also extremely knowledgeable about the food and other fine topics. Our appetizer was the best calamari we've had since Seattle and the soups were phenomenal. Add to the fact they were doing a special, and it included seafood mix linguine and scallops with dessert, I couldn't have asked for better. We are definitely coming back again. Thank you for the great anniversary dinner. (And, yes, two waiters congratulated us on our anniversary--so nice!) See More
Val Castillo III
· May 17, 2017
The food is Amazing, the Chef / Owner Jay Bustos is more Amazing, he puts his heart and soul into every meal, wanting only the best for his customers.
Blake Romrell
· April 11, 2016
The Mac n' Cheese, Lettuce Wraps, and Napa Salad are not what they once were. Very disappointed in the changes to the quality, recipes, and taste of these items now.

It is sad to see such a good res...taurant going down the same path as the Copper Mill. Changes to the food like this is what ultimately killed the Copper Mill in my opinion. Please, don't continue to make the same mistakes.

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Bryanne Nicole Umbarger
· November 3, 2014
Went for dinner tonight for my best friends birthday. I ordered the filet medium, was served very well done. Server said he would have them make me a new one right away, after about 20 minutes my frie...nd had finished her dish, and I was told it was not quite ready, so I cancelled the order since my friend was all ready to go. You would think the manager would come check to see if there was anything they could do, but no. I was very disappointed that nobody came to the table to make things right. I will say the server Nate was wonderfully polite, and quite frankly the only reason I didn't get up, and walk out. I'm thankful for how pleasant, and apologetic he at least was. Definitely will never go back. Wish I could give 0 stars, but won't let me post if I do. See More
Mark Stevens
· December 31, 2016
The dinners at Elements are average, but the brunch I just experienced was definitely below average. The coffee was barely luke warm, the food came out barely luke warm, and the Elements Skillet had bacon in it, even though the menu said it did. I sent it back to get a warmer one with bacon, and it came out with maybe 1/4 of a strip of bacon crumbled into it. Angie's or Herm's is a much better choice for breakfast. See More

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